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Romance scams will cost you

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It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. You may think you spend a lot on flowers or chocolate, but losing money in a romance scam would cost you even more. Last year, people reported losing $143 million to romance scams – a higher total than for any other type of scam reported to the FTC. And, according to a new FTC Data Spotlight, reports of romance scams are on the rise.

What do we mean by romance scams? We’re not talking about the person you thought was “the one” but ended up being a dud. We’re talking about people you meet online, who lavish you with attention … and then ask for money. Usually they want the money by wire transfer or gift card. They might claim they need it for a medical emergency or to come visit you. Then they take your money, but there’s no surgery and no trip.

Romance scammers are hard at work wooing people on dating apps and social media. They may lift photos to create an attractive profile or even steal the identity of a real person. Just like with real romances, it may take them some time to gain your trust, but the scammer’s payoff can be big. Last year, people reported a median loss of $2,600 from romance scams.

How can you avoid romance scams?

  • Never send money or gifts to a sweetheart you haven’t met in person.
  • Take it slowly. Ask questions and look for inconsistent answers. Check the person’s photo using your search engine’s “search by image” feature. If the same picture shows up with a different name, that’s a red flag.
  • Talk to someone about this new love interest. And pay attention if your friends or family are concerned.
  • If you suspect a romance scam, cut off contact right away. Then, report to the scam to the FTC at Notify the dating site where you met the scammer, too.

For more information, read Online Dating Scams or watch this video:


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Does not look like we can send photo links of these (or the same) men/man...

I have tried to resize it and change the format but no can do.

He liked to drink Dead Rabbit Irish whiskey...

Hey Jessica, how can we exchange pictures? Just tell me..

Can you send me pictures I think we have the same story this guy send me photos and we just made video calls and it’s the same person and he has a son named Owen, do yo have pictures of him?

I think it's the same one.
My daughter told me he is not real.
I have many photos.

Anyone ever had doctor in yemem want to send me larhe sum of money to hold till his contract was fone in a year?

Yes , he said he wants to send money necklace ring and apple computer and iPhone , can I send you picture he said his name is James & has a son named ben

I would love to see the photos. Speaks 2/3 languages.

How can I get in touch with you ladies I think I have the same man

I have been talking to someone it's sounds like the same man you have been talking to and the same date.would love to compare pictures how can we get in touch

I met him too! Around the same time as you.
I would love to see the pic of him that you got vs what I got

I really want to see the pictures of this man

Do you mind sharing a photo of this person? Sounds like somebody I’m talking to

I met a Ortho doctor on line. Stated he was on a Peace Keeping mission in Yemen. He is a widower and has a son. Gorgeous with gray hair, asked for ITunes cards. Wanted to marry me. Lol. Said he needed money for an airline ticket.

Omg, same guy. How do I get to look at pictures on this site? He says that he is a neurosurgeon. He has a son named Jeremy. He told how his wife cheated on him in his (marriage bed). I was involved with a man from Egypt and (Kevin) told me how I was wrong to go out with this man. He helped me with another issue I had too. A problem I had had for about 20 years. He had a Grey beard. I know that he was in one of the Muslim countries bc it showed people there in the picture with him. I don't know how to not talk to him. I loved him so much and I was supposed to meet up with him this last Friday. I told my children that I needed a ride to Chicago and they found this site for me. My suitcase has still got clothes in it.

I would like to send pictures that I have. Talking to someone with very similar story

I have also been talking to a handsome grey haired man working in Yemen as a doctor. He has a son Eden. His wife died of cancer 5 years ago. Met him on Instagram. He wants me to chat to him on Hangouts. He has set his account to private so I can't see his pictures anymore. He had pictures with 2 dogs. His name is Rowland Philips. He is from Santa And but originally from Spain.

I'm talking to same guy. Mathew Connie. He spells bulk a flight. And call me babe & Queen.
Also spells so do.

I’m talking to similar guy, Can we exchange pictures of the guy you’re talking to?

I met a guy In MLdating he is 39 years old surgeon in yemen he had pictures but he started to ask me to send money to a parcel agency to retrieve his luggage and he said he would marry me , can we exchange photos

sounds familiar with the gray hair

Can I send you a picture of similar guy I’m talking to

I’ve been talking to a guy I met on Instagram. He goes by the name Kelly Roberts. He claims to be an Engineer work in Canada on an oil rig. He is trying to get money for his Weimreiner, Bruno to have back surgery He also want’s me to receive some boxes from Dubai but needs me to pay $47,000 to get the boxes released. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I met a man on instagram, from Spain , us stuck in turkey working in with computers . But he lives in Texas . He’s supposedly in his mid 30’s and works out a lot . He sent me a package but it’s going to take 1,500 to get it out of customs in Brazil . He always asking about sending money through gift cards

It sounds very familiar.
His name is Victor Filip now works on oil rig in Scotland. Son's name is Kelly who is in boarding school in TX. Been speaking for one week literally just telling me about his consignment box. Gave me an email for his son so i can communicate with him. Ive been suspicious because they both ask me the same questions and write the same way. Called me 3 times no video calls says video is not allowed on rig but sends me pictures.

Can someone share a picture with me of this UN surgeon with gray hair!!

Curious Georgia. Could u send me pictures or picture of this man. I'm getting the exactly same story. But he has a daughter. She needs playstation cards. Nice looking with silver / white hair. Wants to get married.

This sounds like a guy my friend met on a positive website. He said he is a orthopedic surgeon in Somalia. His son Derick is in boarding school. And he wants to marry her

Any chance you would be able to send me a picture of this man? What organization did he tell you he works with? I've been contacted in much the same way... really handsome, but something is just slightly off.

Sounds like the same scammer trying to collect $2700.00 yo get him home he says. When i refuse, he tries to give me a guilt trip about how i may hear that he's dead. He goes by the name Dickey Johnathon Notts.

The guy I met on Instagram sounds similar. He asked me to switch to What’s App, He also was an orthopedic surgeon in Jordan. He was a widow and his fake name was Karl David Ogeda. He said he was deeply in love after our third chat online! He told me his son Jerry was turning 13 and he asked me to buy a $50 Itune card, because his bank assets were frozen, he became angry when I didn’t buy it. He told me he had a home in Barcelona Spain and Paris France , but he wanted to buy a home in the US. Beware of men sending an Instagram direct message to you and they only have a few posts(all posted on the same date) and less than 5 followers and if they ask you to switch to another social media platform... They are a romance scammer!

Is there some way to swap pictures. So we can see if the same guy is chatting with several women.

I might have the same person
He said he was working in Kabul
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Divorced with two kids
Used to call me Honey Sweetheart Baby.. he’s and American but originally from Madrid
Said his bank was frozen his hotel room was robbed and can’t access his money he’s in the Philippines at the moment
Can you please send me a photo
Oh he’s fit into fitness and has a body of a bodybuilder

Nancy, I to was contacted on FB by a orthopedic surgeon who yes was very handsome . He was on assignment in Yemem. Promised me all kinds of things. Said he was widowed. Wife died 5yrs ago in accident and wont talk about it. Has 15 yr old son in living & in school in china . He goes by the name Lukas Daniels and wants to mainly chat on Hangouts. Does any of this sound familiar? I have several pics of "him".

Photo please

The same story ortopedic surgeon fromUk living in Iraq with a 13 Year s old son. Contact by whatsapp hangout he doesn’t want talk to me only chat and 2 second of video call by skype because I press to see his face in real. We can share picture Gray hair

Post the pic!
Someone with those credentials just messaged me too

hey nancy..i met him before 3 weeks..HE found me in tweeter..same surgeon in Yemen under the UN..he uses different names..Mark derrick in tweeter he gave me..there you can find me..because he retweeted a message i send him that i thought was private ..cause im new in tweeter..
He has already told me to come at 7 months at my country and marry sure he knows somebody from inside the Un ..cause he send me photos of the camp that arent allowed to..or maby their from a reporter..i didnt search it so much..
he has grey eyes ..but with photoshop they could be whatever..extremely handsome..i told him i wanna meet him to see if hes real and telling the truth and he finds 1000 excuses of course..i will report him..please send me a photo

Oh god,as if we met the same one!

Could you please send me a photo of the guy? I'll send my email address to you. I have someone on to me for the last 7 weeks who has just asked for money for work purposes. Saying his bank in America has a problem be ause of skeletal crew during covid and due to ank restrictions he needs to appear in person.
Yes, I've set him money and he has asked for more to pay his workers in Cyprus

Hello! I am afraid this story is way too familiar to me too. I am here on behalf of my grandmother. I heard that she has been messaging with a man (Mike Roberts or something like that) who is a head surgeon on an UN peacekeeping process in Yemen. This couldn't look more like a scam to me, but my grandmother is completely oblivious and easily fooled.

The man is a handsome, older man whose wife died of cancer some years ago. The man also has a son, apparently called Alex. I am trying to prove my grandmother this is a scam, but the man seems to be a professional scammer and I cannot find him on any of my grandmother's social medias. My grandmother seems to be keen on keeping this a secret too and I suspect the man has told her to keep it so. My grandmother has apparently signed a paper to the UN for him to be freed from his service before scheduled time, but I know for a fact this is not how it works... I am planning to go visit my grandmother next week and try to get a hold of the source where he is talking with my grandmother and stop this scam before my grandmother sends him money.

hello Luka
I am encounter the same so u mean people just cant retired early from his service in UN is it?

My friend has the same story. He has a son in boarding school. She can't be convinced and is out of alot of money already

I have hsd similar experience. 57 year old, gray hair, black rim glasses. 16 yo daughter, on an oil rig in china, wife died 5 years ago. Cant pay workers due to finance fallung through because of covid. Though has spoken to me on phone many times. Foriegn accent. Wont send pics as says phone wasnt allowed on rig.

What kind of work was he doing Dubai?

I am talking to a man who says he is a petroleum engineer woking in Dubai. Sent me 3 pictures. One with a small dog next to a table. Sound familiar to anyone? He has not asked for money yet. He called me and had a strong nigerian accent.

Sounds familiar but this petroleum engineer is working at the North Sea in Norway. One of his pictures has a small dog with himself wearing sunglasses and a cap. He also called and is quite soft spoken. He asked for money not long after he “went” to the North Sea. Be careful.

That sounds like a guy that is talking to me. He is a very handsome 50 yrs old white man from Pa. with a 18 yrs old son and he calls me his Queen and Baby a lot and he got mad at me when I questioned his profiles on facebook. He said that I was an idiot because people steal his image all of the time. he goes by Garry J Harrison, or Garry Harrison.

I’d like to ‘compare notes’
I think I’ve been caught by the same guy...

OMG. This is my story. His name is James Brooklyn. Damnit!!!!

There is this Richard Nicole from Auburn Indiana along with several others with same name place of birth and state. He found me on fb which alerted me from some dating app which I wasn't on. All dearie, honey love, trust trust. Was a petroleum engineer with bp. Fake contract in Nova Scotia =50 million. Wanted to get married. Lost his wallet and wanted me to buy 2 ebay cards copy code on back and down load it to him. Which I refused kept asking if I trust him please do it from your heart. I just how utterly stupid. He used this very good looking guy from a christian singles vip app. That guy has a romance pitch out on Facebook. This guy sounds African his language use make him so. I feel bad for the guy he used. I've several pictures of him that he down loaded. Well I've told him he is a scammer. He this I'm influenced by my friends . Whatevever but he keeps trying.


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