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The FTC brings lawsuits to stop unfair and deceptive business practices. One way we help right those wrongs is by getting refunds to people who lost money. And from July 2017 to June 2018, people got more than $2.3 billion in refunds from FTC cases.

Earlier this week, the FTC released our annual report announcing these results. A new map shows how much money and how many checks the FTC mailed to each state, so you can see the FTC refunds sent to people in your area. You also can find out how the FTC knows who should get refunds and the steps we take to return as much money as possible.

Getting your money back is important to you — so it’s important to us. We can’t get money back in every case, and we can’t always get every dollar that people lost. But we do our best.

Check out to learn about active FTC refund programs. And help us get the word out about refunds by sharing that link with your family, friends, and community.

If you spot a scam, report it at We use these reports to go after companies who have defrauded consumers and sometimes to identify people who lost money to businesses we sued.

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What about the sale of personal data by Facebook, Twitter & others to Cambridge Analytica? Consumers who were affected should get something.

We are recipients of returned fraud monies, and we are so very thankful for all you do to make such refunds happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Thank you so much for advocating and protecting hardworking people. I appreciate very much your effort to go after these companies and individuals scamming people of their hard-earned money.

Thank you for all you do for us consumers we could not do it with out you Purple sky

I wish the FTC would do an in-depth investigation into the sales practices of time share ownership. I recently had to give my ownership in Wyndham away because there is virtually no resale value in this type of property. Oddly enough, when they were selling me the timeshare, they told me it was a good investment that could be resold to get your money back or to make a profit.

I was thinking about timeshare when I read my email? I agree about an investigation. Who did you give it to? An attorney friend has been looking into how I can get out of it, and he out of his, but no response from my company for several years. He was able to help another couple get out (don't know the company). I cannot afford it & had no idea of long-term implications when it was purchased. I'm afraid that one day they will come after me big time & I cannot afford it. Thank you very much for a response.

Can you please elaborate with some examplesas to - from what type of organisations-pblic sector or also private sector_ the money lost or defrauded by an investor can be redeemed by your organsation and is thre any fee involved by the investor?

You can follow the link in the blog to read the full report.

Yeah ok... and yet all you did to me was send me blog posts... not helpful... lost about 22k and you send me a blog post

If you reported a problem to the FTC, the information you gave was added to a secure database. The FTC and other law enforcement agencies across the country use the information in that database for investigations. There might be other state or federal agencies you could contact, depending on your experience. You can send another blog comment if you want more information.

To anyone who wants to know just how hard the FTC works for us, I urge you to go to this site:.
Admittedly I'm here often as they have helped me in the past. However even I had no idea the volume they handle AND RECTIFY! Thank you!!! Again!!!

We got scammed by sending $500.00 through western union for a puppy and never got the puppy or money back. That was supposed to be cost for transportation.

I was scammed 1000.00 from Western Union. Never received any yet from that lawsuit. Western Union should never be able to have a business ever again and what they got charged with isn't enough for what they have done to hard working people. But I am sure glad they finally caught them. I am sure it is a mess.

I was bilked out of $3000 by web developer located in pheonix arizona. they setup a dummy sight but there was 0 traffic on it and no sales in three months ? then they took the sight down on me and I was unable to recover it because they had set it up with their credit infomation instead of mine.

You can file a complaint with the FTC at The information you give will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

This is amazing!! Congrats!


On May 10, 2018 the FTC announced that Scott Cooper and his companies, World Patent Marketing Inc. and Desa Industries Inc., agreed to a settlement with the FTC that bans them from the invention promotion business. The settlement order imposed a judgment of $25,987,192 that would be partially suspended when $78,670 in frozen funds were transferred to the FTC and Cooper paid $976,330. There is a press release about this at

Nothing has helped me get my money back. No one could confirm the scam, apparently. I even supplied a name and phone number of the scammer. Very disappointed.

I think the FTC does great things to protect the consumer from fraudulent business practices. I hope they will soon go after the timeshare companies. I got sold a contract under fraudulent business practices and it sickens me that they ate getting away with it

Thank you. I am receiving almost daily a phone call with an unexisting number, 32665,. Then it goes to messages telling something, I delete it and don't open the message. I think is a scammer looking to know something. Is it okay what I'm doing ?

Do you know the status of the Western Union lawsuit? They said it would take a year, and the year has passed. Haven't heard anything further and can't find any current information online about it.

I left you a comment a few months ago, & I never heard a word after that. I was scammed for $2450.00 from a company named Customer 1st.

Any action happening with Bower Brothers & FBA scam?

I thank you for opening my eyes. A website was created for me in 2012 , but the merchants using the website for advertisements has never never considered paying me any commission as previously agreed. Can I drag the merchants to FTC?

You can report a problem with a business to the FTC. Go to to give details of what happened. The information you give will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The FTC will not serve as your personal attorney.

Can I drag Social Security Administration to FTC for lying against me and accusing me for having been paid $918 in November and December 2013, and other fraudulent practises committed against me?

My last comment disappeared instantly, why. Was it because I mentioned a government agency in it? The fact is that some of these agencies are seriously very unfair in the discharge of their onerous responsibilities and very insensitive too. They too should be publicly criticized for their lack of compassion. Can you believe that my retirement benefit was paid last in May 2016, and nothing happened after asking many times in writing for the reason(s) for the non-payment.

I came close to losing money to a scammer (fortunately, my husband stopped me) but I truly appreciate how the FTC looks out for "the little guy" by calling our attention to current and past scams. Didn't know they also got some of the lost money reimbursed -- that's AWESOME!

Good information to know...

I were victim of commercial fraude last year . Is it possible to applay for help

What about pursuing the recently implemented data caps from companies such as Cox? They charge excessive overage fees or offer ubsurd additional monthly fees for “true” unlimited. This practice is nothing more than a money grab and anticompetitive since it forces you to either pay way more or buy their cable package that includes things like Netflix for huge monthly fees versus just paying for Netflix directly. Exesive fees for the same product that was truly unlimited just a year or two ago makes this so obvious. There are no additional cost to the providers to substantiate the hikes.

If a business doesn't provide what it advertised, you can tell the FTC about that. Report it to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

Never lost money over a scam I do not answer the phone thanks to caller ID however it never stops and leaving messages on answering machine to how we are getting arrested. We are elderly 90 plus and it is annoying to get up and see who is calling. can anything be done. I get at least 6 to 7 call a day.

I was taken for$ 10,000 in Nov 2016. The company claimed to be a Microsoft company and would take care of all my computer problems Instead they took $10,000 of my had earned money. I am the one at fault, but it made me loose my house and move into an apartment. It change my life in many ways i certainly learned a hard lesson

I lost $3420.00 in Oct. of 2016 to a scammer..Sent money for my "grandson"...The FTC will supposedly refund money I sent through Western Union, which was only $970.00...I guess Moneygram is not included in the lawsuit...Hoping to receive my money back soon.

Hello I bought those Derma roller from Groupons online I got charged 4 times then I emailed them about this but she's saying that they put it back on my groupons account but there's none there. Thanks

If you want to file a complaint with the FTC, go to The information you give at goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

The comments you send to this blog don't go into the secure law enforcement database.

I got involved with someone on line .he scammed me of my money .Now he told me he in Turkey on. Starring for food if I don’t pay his medical bills he will send UN after me beat me and kill me . I am so scared I have tried to kill my self .he said I had better pay help me

He is not telling the truth. The UN means United Nations, and United Nations people will not come and beat you or kill you.

He wants to scare you and take more of your money. He is probably far away from you. If anyone comes to your house and you are scared, you can call the police.

When someone threatens you online or on the phone, you can block him. You can stop texting or emailing. You should get a new bank account number and new credit card so he can't take your money. You can ignore him if he texts you from a new number. 

My name was forged to I know of 2 Federal student loans in 2002, I believe. I have been fighting this for years and recently received the documents where the person signed my name but they have my birthdate wrong. I never went to this school! I'm 56 years old was working at this time. The Fed Gov is taking $150.00 or so each month out of my SS/Disability check for repayment. I'm a single grandmother raising grandchildren with NO help. I tell them I DID NOT SIGN THIS! They say I did. Help.

You can call the Identity Theft Resource Center at 1-888-400-5530. The Center is a non-profit organization that helps victims of identity theft. Someone used your name to get a loan, and that makes you a victim of identity theft.

You can also talk to a Legal Aid lawyer in your state. You can search for a Legal Aid lawyer close to you with at

It's the first time I've heard anything about the FTC it sounds like you guys take care of business. I sure hope so. The people that the scammers take advantage of especially the elderly are the ones that affected by this considering they're only getting a small portion of what they work so hard for all their lives I just hope to see something happen to these people seriously

I was scammed $600 through Money grams. So many of us who are very innocent are struggling in this world for sure.

Hi there,
I was scammed out of $300.00 do you think the FTC will refund me this money? A little about what happened so this guy I sent an email to regarding a job opportunity hired me on. I then get a package on wednesday a fedex overnight package with a check in it for $2,993. The "employer" wants me to deposit the check and once it was deposited he told me I could keep $200.00 of the money for myself for running around and completing the errands he asked me to complete. He then wants me to send him a photo of the deposit, so I do. Then he asks if $300.00 was made available and I responded with yes it was. He then asks me to go to the nearest walgreens to purchase 3 $100.00 itunes gift cards, scratch off the back of the card and once that's done take photos to send to him. So I do, then on Friday March 8th, 2019 he sends me two text messages and I see that the there's a hold placed on the check until March 15, 2019. So I text him and let him know that, as well as that the $300.00 used came out of my personal funds. He doesn't text back so I then send him another text message saying hello? He then responds and says let me look into this. I then check my bank account today and see that the check has been returned and I got charged an additional $12.99 for the returned check. I texted him that the check was returned and I was charged a return fee for the check not only that but the $300.00 that I made the apple iTunes purchase with came out of my funds. No response. I then call him shortly after only to find out he's been reaching out to me using a google voice number. No answer. He then starts to forward my calls to where they go straight to voicemail. So I then send him an email and receive no response back. I have already filed a complaint with the FTC as well as Fedex and the local authorities. The name of the company that was on the check is 4-D CONSTRUCTION, INC. in Louisville, MS. What can be done about this??

lost a lot of money to David Williams, GOVERNMENT GRANT CLAIM AGENT at 926 Princeton St Jacksonville, NC 28540 -address doesn't exist. He texted from this number - 352-448-3128. Actually sent me a United Nations Democracy Funds Application Form, this time. I've blocked the number many times . He's contacting me again today 3-22-19 from a different number.
How do I stop these texts and how do I get my money back. My bank has already said they tried and can't.
I hope someone got good use out of my money.

scammers when getting money from Western Union, use IDs whether forged or correct,there CCTV,and many system to identify these scammers.once MTCN is given ,securit agents can track these scammers. communicating with these scammers is either by phone ,email and we replies through say alibaba,i'm sure these scammers can not hide fore ever.thank you FTC keep it up.I never loose hope

go on FTC your help is appreciated,thanks ftc.

When will we see money for the Western Union lawsuit? This is going on a year and a half now and nothing.

$1,700 was taken from me. I Didn't even know the man was a scam. He claimed to have an Apartment in St.Croix USVI
#Please Help


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