It’s National Consumer Protection Week 2019

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Welcome to National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) 2019. This marks 21 years of commemorating the important work that the FTC, state attorneys general offices and many community partner organizations do to protect consumers across the country.

NCPW is a time to help people understand their consumer rights and make well-informed decisions about their money. Our team at the FTC works hard to shut down scams and sue those who break the law. But one of our best tools to protect consumers is education.

You are a vital part of this effort. We need people like you, talking to those in your community about the issues that are affecting you. Whether it’s imposter scams, dealing with debt collection, or recovering from identity theft, the FTC has resources to help you start those conversations, and share important tips with your friends and family.

Looking to get even more involved? Find out how at Here, you’ll find tools to promote NCPW in your own community, as well as links to our partners’ websites with information about their initiatives and events.

Speaking of events, I’d like to remind you that we have some exciting social media events planned this week. I hope you’ll join us.

Wednesday, March 6th at 3pm EST: Twitter chat with The Department of Education’s office of Federal Student Aid

Join @FTC and @FAFSA on Twitter for a chat about how to avoid student loan repayment scams. Be part of the conversation using the hashtag #NCPW2019.

Thursday, March 7th at 12pm EST: Facebook Live with Social Security Administration

We’ll join our colleagues from the Social Security Administration (SSA) to discuss scams that involve people pretending to be SSA officials. Learn about these imposter scams and how to avoid them.

Friday, March 8th at 11am EST: Twitter chat with Identity Theft Resource Center

Join @FTC and @ITRCSD on Twitter for a chat about how you can protect yourself against tax identity theft this tax season. Follow along using the #NCPW2019 hashtag.

Last but certainly not least, check out this video of some Bureau of Consumer Protection staff celebrating NCPW. Please watch, enjoy and share with friends and family.



I’ve filed multiple complaints for identity thefts, physical thefts, Mail thefts, fraudulent documents, documented fraud using my identity to open credit cards and register cars to my address, and medical record thefts with the FTC and attorney general’s office without ever getting a reply.

I am disabled have not been able to work in over decade, it really sucks. I get calls daily from employment specialists..rubbing salt in wound !! Whst good is do not call if they ignore..not to mention if I try to explain they are rude and hang this a scam or screw up

I have been a victim of a scam for many years. Some idiots have taken all of my life savings and now when I get my pension or Social Security check they manage to acquire the only money that we have to live on. What a wonderful life to have before you die. There are many people involved and I hope they suffer for a long time.

Social media such as facebook is also saturated with thieves, fraudsters, and scammers and FTC rules and regs apply to these types as well including filing complaints against those who prey upon the gullible and desperate. If anyone has been scammed by those on social media, save the information and any interaction and file a complaint with FTC, Consumer Affairs, BB, and any other governing agencies.

every monday a.m, the phone rings. #1 is about your credit card account. #2 is about your soc. security number has been hacked. # 3 is microsoft windows, offering a refund and /or they are going to debit your bank acct.$299. they wont stop, their ph. numbers are bogus.

Thank you FTC for 21 years of valuable service!!

Been getting these a lot eggs to pick from and open Amazon getting emails saying I won a lot of money from google just open never did saved some deleted some tired of this what can I do to stop it or help stop it?

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