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Amazing Wealth System Settlement Update

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In 2018, the FTC settled claims against the companies and individuals responsible for the Amazing Wealth System — also known as Amazon Wealth Systems, FBA Stores, AWS, Insider Online Secrets, Online Auction Learning Center, and Online Seller. The defendants ran ads and held live workshops promoting a business opportunity scheme, and claimed people could use their system to “Get started on Amazon and Make $5,000-$10,000 in the next 30 days . . . even if you have never sold anything online before.”

The settlements ban the defendants from selling business opportunities and business coaching services and require them to surrender money they took from consumers. The FTC and a court-appointed receiver have been working to collect as much money as possible with the aim of returning it to people affected by the scheme.

Here is information for people who paid Amazing Wealth System or a related company:

I paid for an Amazing Wealth System workshop. How can I make sure the FTC knows?

Report your experience to the FTC at Include as much personal information as you choose. Your information will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. When you go to, click on:

  • Education, Jobs, and Making Money, then
  • Business Opportunities, Work-at-Home-Plans, Franchise or Distributorships, then
  • Business Opportunity or Work-at-Home Plan.

I saved my receipts and other paperwork. What should I do with them?

Keep the originals and copies of:

  • payment records, including invoices, bank statements, credit card statements and cancelled checks;
  • postal mail, email and material that you received from the defendants, including messages about your account, marketing material and handouts you received at workshops; and
  • other documents, postal mail or email that refers to your Amazon account or business with Amazing Wealth System or the related companies.

Will I get my money back?

The FTC is working to return as much money as possible to each person affected by this scheme. The amount the FTC is likely to return to affected consumers depends on various factors, including how much the defendants are able to pay, how many people were affected, and the amount each person paid to the defendants. Sometimes the FTC can't return any money.

How long will it take to get my money back?

The FTC and the receiver must complete their collection efforts before the FTC can determine whether it will be able to give refunds and to whom. It could take the FTC and the receiver several more months to collect the assets that may be used for consumer refunds.

I saw another business that looked like Amazing Wealth System.

Please report what you saw to the FTC at

Where can I get more information about the case?

You can read the press release or related case documents. When there is new information, we will publish another blog post or press release, and list it with the case documents.

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I hope FTC gets money to refund victims

Yes I hope so too as I am paying off my debts as I got a loan for this.

We attended a "2 hour Amazon Workshop" and got a "Limited Time Offer" certificate for an iPod Touch and a Step-by-Step Starter Manual. We decided TODAY (May 14, 2019) to take advantage of what was learned in the workshop and start the program, except that we couldn't find the web page "TBAStores. com/ thankyou"; but instead found this report. What a relief!

I hope you reported this just in case it is the same group and they have started up again, because they were ordered to stop operating by the FTC on June 18th 2018.

We have been patiently waiting for at least a partial refund of funds lost in this scheme. That will be a good day. Thank you for your diligent work.

I also have been waiting for over a year now hoping for some sort of refund. I filed my claim last year. I'm keeping fingers crossed for something soon!!

I have been patiently waiting for the refund because I am in debt because of this. Hopefully, we all get our money back.

Waiting for my money . Thank you FTC for taking action.

It has been several months since the FTC took action against FBA Stores and their affiliates. After attending the last FBA Stores training in Las Vegas we all could clearly see the motives behind FBA Stores -it was all about getting more money from their targeted audiences (people who bought previous packages) pushing them to upgrade to new platinum package . According to all the documents revealing the FBA Stores assets there should be plenty of money to pay everyone back. I know we are all eager to get our money back. How close are we to getting our money?

Waiting patiently for resolution from this mega scam!! Hope all that paid in get relief !! I almost went all in. Thank you FTC for your work!

I make an effort to look on this site every month hoping some promising news for my refund shows up. And it will!

Please keep us informed FTC. We are paying off a mountain of debt.

I paid my entire life savings to FBA Stores, then used credit cards to purchase inventory. When sales flattened and I wasn't making money, I ended up with $35,000 in credit card debt. As a retiree with only Social Security income, this was almost a death blow. Hope to get a little of the money back, and soon.

I too, filed a claim with the FTC, and am hoping to at least get some money back. The FTC attorney I spoke with said it would take awhile. I check for updates on this every month and see we haven't had one since May...

I, too, have been patiently waiting for this matter to be resolved in hopes of receiving a refund. Thank you FTC for all your hard work.

I hope that we get a refund soon. I went all in for the biggest package and also flew to their dump of a warehouse in Nevada. I can't believe it.

I also hope to get some of our hard earned money back from these scammers. Anything would help

I've filed my complaint, hopefully these crooks give up our money. I can't believe I fell for this...

I purchased the Diamond Package for $35k plus inventory, all in for about $40k, which I financed through the credit card system they provided and now I can't afford to pay. The end result is that I was left with no income, since the system doesn't work, my credit was destroyed because I couldn't pay the credit cards with the "guaranteed" system promised, I lost my job due to taking off to try and solve this credit issues and now it's almost impossible to get a job because the background check will bring back my credit card payment defaults. this people destroyed my financial life and I really need to get the funds to cover their fraud and try to fix my credit score.

Thanks FTC for taking action. I wish you the best in solving this as quickly as possible. Im about to go bankrupt in the next few months cause i have to borrow a lot of money i dint have and i cant pay it anymore.Let this comment be an example. Never buy something you cant afford or understand. Like i did.

Has anyone heard anything lately? It has been a while since anything has been updated.

This whole ordeal hurt me ALOT! I am disabled and legally blind. I did this whole thing because I wanted to help out my family since I no longer am able to work as a vet tech anymore due to my health and eyesight. I have been struggling a lot on the verge of Bankruptcy Which may be my last resort. This whole thing has taken a toll on me... Hope something good comes from it all :-(

We have lost thousands of dollars to these guys, and we hope to see most if not all of our money come back to us. It's been a long wait for sure. Please keep us posted, we are in business and really could use our working capital back! Thank you

My partner and I invested $35k+ into FBA Stores and their affiliates this was a huge loss for us along with many others. The FTC hasn't provided any updates since May 2019. When can we expect to see another update? As a small business owner its really hard to see your savings gone with nothing to show for it.

Just filed my complaint. I hope we get our money back too.

I received a bankruptcy notice, Chap 7 in the mail from their lawyer(s) on Monday.

Is this website valid? Still waiting on information and outcome.

I am wondering how many of you received notice about the bankruptcy through the mail? or email. Mark B heard Jan 2020. I haven't received anything.

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