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Get a one-ring call? Don’t call back.

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A while back, we warned you about the “one ring” scam. That’s when you get a phone call from a number you don’t know, and the call stops after just one ring. The scammer is hoping you’ll call back, because it’s really an international toll number and will appear as a charge on your phone bill — with most of the money going to the scammer. Well, the scam is back with a vengeance, and the FCC just issued a new advisory about it. Read the FCC’s advisory for more detail, but the advice from both agencies remains the same if you get one of these calls:

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Most of us have prepaid cell phone plans, which this information does not apply to.

Who is this “most of us” about whom you speak? This info is very useful for those who still use <<gasp>> landline phones OR who choose not to have a data plan on their cell phones.

Call comes in claiming I am owed refund. leaves call back number to claim refund. no answer. Scam???



YES, big scam. The IRS does not make phone calls. If you were due a refund, they would send you a letter with a check enclosed. Do not call them back.

I have both my cell and my landline on the DO NOT CALL LIST but I continue to get phone calls, what else can be done. I have tried blocking them but some of these places have more than 4 numbers.

I added a call-blocker App to my mobile, and my phone will only ring if I have the person's number listed in the contact list on my phone. It's too bad it has come to this, but I get approximately 8 calls per day from solicitors, and I don't have time to file a complaint for every single call or instance. I wish there were stiffer penalties, or more we could do as consumers to stop this.

What is the call blocker app called

One such app is robokiller.

Hiya is a similar app. I recommend it.

I'm with you 100%. I'm all for what you're doing. I owe nothing to these creeps. Friends and family are already listed. My phone also has a new 'screening app' built into the phone. It answers the call asking what the caller wants. Has stopped 100% of robocalls which just hangup. Perfect!

Scammers don't care about the no call list, they either are calling from a foreign country, of "spoof" the caller ID, that is, the number shown in caller ID is not really the number to their phone.

They can't be found that way.

On my phone settings it gives an option to block calls using a filter. Let's say the number is 213-555-0000, you can use the filter 213-555 to stop any calls that come from any iterations of that number. T-Mobile is my carrier, so I'm not sure if your carrier has this option. Hope it helps.

And remember Microsoft and Windows do not call you,hang up it is a scam

re the 2nd bullet "Report the robocall": In your own life, be sure of making your calls. I have seen (and done it myself) caller get "interrupted" and hang up before a call is answered. That may now cause your intended(aborted) callee to put your number on a scammers list.

It seems to me that government support of phone company shutting down the WHOLE robocall racket would be better than all the blocked numbers and call lists that are NOT WORKING.

How do you propose to accomplish that? Most of these calls aren't actually from the number on your caller ID, and most also aren't in the country which puts them well beyond the reach of the FTC.

Then how do they know who to bill on a collect call

June 12, 2019, 9:24am central. Phone rang, 4 rings, no voicemail. Phone shows
wireless caller (as name), no phone #.

there is a new scam going on. the person says they are from the U.S. tresuary dept. they say a $9,000.00 grant is being sent to walmart or western union to the persons name. just have to pay $250.00 to get it. for one thing, the gov does NOT send grants through western union,or walmart.

The grant calls are still out there. They will give you a number to call when you get to Walamart and a confirmation number to give the person you call. They never say how much just a "substantial" amount you don't have to repay. The one I keep getting is on a private number and I can't block it. They also have never asked for money but it is still a scam and they know how to get your information. If anyone you know has a private number come up when they call ask them to text you first so you know you can answer the call.

It would help if you told how to identify such a number.

They use phone spoofing apps and software. You can block all you want but they'll just use a different one each time.

I put every person, business or what ever that I do business with or carry on a conversation in my phone so the name will show up. If you call me and your name does not show up I will not answer. Not saying sooner or later they might get me but this has kept me safe so far....Just don't let your curiosity get you in trouble. I assume that if your name does not show up, it is a scam!

Bigdog -- I do the same thing. I figure if it's someone that knows me and I don't have them in my contacts, they'll leave a message.

Well that’s not an option for the parents out there. My son loses his cell phone all of the time and will borrow one of his buddies phones to get ahold of me. He has even borrowed a teachers cell before. Either way.. in my opinion it is dangerous to only allow numbers programmed in your phone to call! There is always a possibility that your child could need you but is unable to get ahold of you! I just couldn’t live like that.

Thats exactly right> I feel the same way. I answer every call because I never know when my girls phone's are dead...if they are in trouble....anything can happen out there. I totally agree with you.

That's why they should leave a voicemail or text. Letting the person know who is calling from an unknown number.

You can advise child to call two times or text you to call him back

I have received several of those calls from country code 232 in the past few days. I also received at least 2 calls from country code 370-Lithuania in the past week or so. All part of the same scam?

How would that fraudulent scam number appear on Caller ID? Would it show as an international calling number, or spoofing a "local" number?

You don't know. It's pretty hard nowadays. They even have a way now to where their number shows up as a gov't number or a legitimate company. My recommendation is if you don't recognize the number, let it go to voicemail. Listen to the message and if they say they're from a certain company, Google the company and the number and call that number to confirm if the call is legitimate.

I actually had a call come up on my caller ID once as "Scam"... I didn't answer because I was busy, but I love answering and reporting these criminals. But usually it just comes up as a number and no name or anonymous.

This happens to me all day every day and had done for years. From my understanding only cell phones have any protections from govt agencies and stopping services such as nomorobo I have up answering my phones 10 years ago. Verizon raises rates annually, cuts services monthly and I can't answer my 2 lines.

Thanks John. These info-messages are valuable, especially on the scams! Deloris

This scams appears easy to police. The phone provider obviously isn't incentivized not to be complicit.

I get 3 to 4 calls on my cell phone, everyday!! With numbers that I don't recognize? So I block them??

i do and it has cut down the calls alot! but beware if you block one number they will use a different one

We have NoMoRobo set up on our phones. When a call comes in that is in their database, the phone rings once. But we never call the number to verify it. If it is in their database, it is a scam.

Thank you for this info. I get these one ring calls often. They usually have the same area code and prefix of the area I live in. I've never called one of them back. Now I know I need to report these calls as well as blocking them.

If you don't recognize the number, if they don't leave a voicemail, it's a junk call. If it WAS important, they would have left a message. Sign up ( for free on landlines ) at Nomorobo. I did and it cut out at least 90% of spam calls.

Thanks again. These one-ring calls were a curiosity but seemed unimportant. At least the thieves behind them are revealed. Is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) a toothless paper tiger?

The past two days have had robocalls from Focus on the Family. Is this organization soliciting funds by phone?

Don't think they call you, if you have not contacted them for some reason. Ignore the call. It is not like them to robocall.

I don't answer any calls from a number I don't know. If they leave a msg, maybe I will, just depends.

I just got a cell message from a robo call said that there are legal enforcement actions filed against me and my social security number was suspected for fraudulent activities. Call 806-319-7162. Social security department agent was waiting for my call back.
SCAM and liars!

Or cell phones are prvately paid. So we are paying for private numbers. Why is our government allowing these calls to be made. Answer: simple greed
So another right down the drain

The latest one is calls coming in with your name and phone number shown, I guess they hope you will answer it just out of curiosity or just see the name thinking your spouse is calling without looking at the phone number. I am getting at least 6-8 every day in the last 3 days.

What really irritates me is that the phone companies have the technology to prevent all of these issues. Now they want to charge us additional money if we don’t want these fraudulent and annoying calls. Why doesn’t the FTC/GOV mandate this as a part of consumer protection?

Thanks to the FTC for bringing this important matter to the Consumers attention. A ounce of prevention is a pound of knowledge.


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