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Summer Film Series: Family emergency scams

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Welcome to the Summer Film Series! Each week, we’ll highlight one of the FTC’s many videos on topics such as avoiding scams, recovering from fraud, and managing your money. Grab a blanket and some popcorn and enjoy.

Today’s feature is Fraud Affects Every Community: Family Emergency Scams. This video introduces you to Pablo Colόn, who manages a Bridgeport, Connecticut radio station. Scammers called members of Pablo’s family saying they were a nephew or grandson, and asking for money. Pablo helped his family spot the scam – and then he did a wonderful thing. He shared his family’s story on the radio so others knew how to spot and avoid the scam, too. Watch the video to learn more.

Radio announcer for hispanic station radio cumbre

Thanks to Pablo, thousands of people in his community found out about these scammers. Telling your friends and family about scams is a great way to help others avoid them. So share this video with your family and friends, and ask them to pass it on.

Learn more information about family emergency scams.

Tune in next time for more videos brought to you by the FTC.

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they arent just targeting hispanic communities. They target ANYONE who has been on FaceBook, Google or Amazon. Thats how they get YOUR information.

Thank you.

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