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Who’s reporting robocalls?

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Have you ever reported an unwanted call to the FTC, whether it’s a robocall (where you hear a recorded message) or call from a live person? If so, thank you. Reporting, I’m sorry to say, won’t end these annoying calls, but it helps the FTC and other law enforcement agencies investigate and bring cases against scammers and businesses that aren’t following the law. In fact, the FTC’s recent actions against robocallers show what your report can do.

While you won’t always know how your report made a difference, you can find out more about calls people like you are reporting to the FTC, across the U.S. or in your community. The FTC’s Do Not Call data is now available in an interactive format, which you can find at, and is updated quarterly.

Among other things, you can find out:

  • the topics of the calls people reported

  • where your state or county ranks in number of calls reported

  • how many calls were robocalls vs. calls from a live person

  • the most-reported topics and trends over time

At, you’ll also find interactive data on the other types of reports the FTC gets — like scam reports — that we told you about last year.

Please keep reporting those calls. You can report unwanted calls at The FTC also takes the phone numbers you report and releases them each business day to help companies working on call-blocking solutions.

Learn more about unwanted calls at


We canceled our home phone service because of the robo calls. Now “they” have our cell number. This has got to END. I WILL NOT buy anything from a robo caller .

Thank you, FTC for your many efforts on consumers' behalf!

I have tired but it is almost impossible because FTC has a very lengthy questionnaire which would require you be on the phone a long time for these calls. To answer the FTC questions.

The online report on is very quick and short.

Most robocalls I received are of the hang-up type as soon as the answering machine kicks in. They've also "spoofed" the name that appears above the number on the caller-ID screen: quite a few times I've "called myself on my phone", sometimes with a different number, sometimes same number. ;-)

The calls I am receiving are coming from unknown numbers and in the body of the voice message it gives the number 8664133663 with a reference number of 070033

Great information resource. I always report robocalls. I also use a call blocker app to block future calls.
Thank you for what you do to combat these scams.

I don't know if this has changed, but the last time I went to report a robo-call (maybe 2 years ago), the form I had to fill out was long and arduous. It really discouraged me from reporting again. It seems to me that if I report my phone number, the number of the caller (if I have it), the date and time, and what kind of call it was (robo, scam, simple advertising, political, etc), then that should be enough. Make it simple and easy and you'd get more reports.

Please make it less time consuming to report robo callers!

re robocalls, I have 50+ numbers blocked on my cell phone. The FTC form allows for only one number at a time. Is there a way for consumers to forward all the robocalls numbers on one form. I have been on the DO NOT CALL list since inception. Did not help one iota.

The National Do Not Call Registry was created to stop sales calls from real companies. Scammers can use the internet to make calls from all over the world, and they don't care if people are on the National Do Not Call Registry.

Have you actually tried to use your system to report a robocall. After going thru multiple links, trying to fill out the form and having it reject because I didn't give complete data, I gave up. Understand not everyone who is reporting is "monetarily harmed" some of us just want to report the annoyance.

If the FTC were serious about this, they would make it much easier to report these calls. There should be a way to direct these calls to a site that can reverse lookup the phone calls and chase down spoofed phone numbers.

I dutifully reported all my unwanted, scam & spoofed calls for about a week. I get about 30 a day. I found that this was becoming almost a full-time job. I'm elderly and disabled. Jumping up to answer all these calls is not just inconvenient, but painful. Why can't the government put a stop to these calls? Why don't phone service providers put a stop to these calls? I think we all know. Money. Sad.

I'd have to report 12 robocalls a day. I don't have time to do that. It's bad enough that I have to waste my time answering bogus calls, but to put the onus on me to report every one of them is compounding the problem.

FTC doesn't make it easy to report the calls. Also, you have to actually answer the phone whether you want to or not.

What can you do about text messages that are selling something or offering loans? Can't block them because there is never a number-just a web address.

Thank you for the information

I am now receiving a lot of spoofed Number calls. Calls from myself. I had 4 in one day. Thank you

Robo callers are changing tactics. If you don't answer your phone they change the number and call back

I get robo calls about 4 times each day from this number in Duxbury MA 339-217-0434 Its been going on since June and I am sick of them.It always starts in the middle about some tests I am entitled too. I don't listen to it all - maybe you can and put a stop to them

I have do not call numbers for years.
In the last 3 years I've had more than 500 solitations and robo calls I don't even list those anymore. The volume has increased to 7 per day. Unless a name comes up I don't answer. People that want me need to leave a message for me to call.

I'm on the do not call list and NoMoRoBo through my iinternet orovider, but I get as many robocalls as I used to.

I used to get upwards of 5 calls a day from a person with and Indiana accent. I changed my phone to "Do Not Disturb". Only calls that come through are ones from my Contact list. Granted, I still occasionally get calls, but cell phone does not ring. Just add to Block list. Since I live in Texas, there's a Do Not Call for Texans. I get maybe 3 a week now. Congress needs to work harder on getting this rectified. Google

I canceled my landline bc of robocalls and now they have my cell number. I think it would help if we could have the option of "unlisted" numbers. When I block the numbers they call from a different number; a viscous cycle that never ends. I always update on the national registry but since 2017 I began getting calls, lots of calls. Hotels & cruise line companies always as if the national do not call list no longer exists. Thank u for giving me the opportunity to vent, it's became a real issue.

I was reporting all the unwanted calls and robocalls on my landline and cell. Got rid of landline and now more and more unwanted spam calls on my cell. Was reporting as many as possible but got ridiculous! Now I am getting spam TEXT with not even full numbers! You guys need to be in support with AT&T and all phone companies and add a spot on our phone where we can report spam directly to YOU! Just blocking these nuimbers and texted numbers are not working and it is way too many steps to find your website AND the area to report AND way too many steps writing in ALL our contact info each time!!

I reported over 200 scam and robocalls to the FTC and FCC. I get 4-5 calls a day on my landline and cell phones (all on the DNC registry, which is a cruel joke). I stopped wasting my time reporting the calls, when, after an inquiry by my Congressman, it was apparent that neither agency was going after these organized criminal enterprises that steal from literally millions of Americans.

we have a home phone and cell phones. The home phone has all phone numbers blocked except for a few dozen we know. The rest will get a message and have the option to leave a message. Most robo callers hang up. We now know when the phone rings to answer it because it is a number we recognize and accept calls. The cell phone still gets robo calls. But fewer than before.

Along with using the call block feature with my VoIP provider and using Nomorobo, I still average 3 - 5 solicitor/telemarketer/lower your interest rate scam calls on a daily basis. It seems the more effort I put into thwarting the calls, the worse it gets. My landline & cell is registered on your DNC list. To no avail, I might add. The reporting process needs to be streamlined and be more user friendly. It almost acts as deterrent. Other than creating a record, my experience with reporting dozens of calls over that few years yields absolutely nothing. None of these people play by the rules and check the DNC registry. That in itself suggests that each and every one these calls are shady to some degree. It's too bad the FTC is apparently helpless to stop people from receiving harassing phone calls. There need to be laws and extensive fines for caller ID spoofing.

I had to change my phone number. ROBO SS calls, housing scams. It was too much.
But, did report calls to FTC before doing so.
Thank u

5-13 to 8-21-2019 I have received 362 phone call. 62 were legitimate, 301 were robo calls. This figure does not include all of the numbers I have blocked, nor my cell phone. I pay for a phone that I cannot answer. Recently I get calls from my own name and number! This is harassment plan and simple. DNC certainly doesn’t work. Ridiculous!!!

I'm female and old. I'm on do not call for landline and mobile. Most calls get automatically cut off. I never answer the phone, I wait for the answering machine and I listen. But 2 times this week a call came, the machine answered and a voice said my name, repeated it and said "are you there?" it almost sounded like a real person who knew me. I didn't pick up and it got cut off. The second time was exactly the same as the first, so I sure it was a recording, not a person. They seem to have technology to find first names associated with phone numbers. This one, caller ID says Albany and the area code that shows is Albany. The number is 518-730-1211. It's probably all fake. I just want to warn everyone about this call that sounds like it knows you.

Robo calls are becoming obscene when you request to please have your number removed. That’s illegal too! This has to be stopped.

Unfortunately this process does not work. Solicitors change numbers so blocking does nothing. When you call to ask them to put you on there do not call list they hang up on you so it’s fruitless. I’d like to report Cash America!!!

I am now receiving calls from my mother and myself!! Seriously my number came up including my number. Saying it was microsoft cancelling my account. My own number with my name how cleaver.

Robocall spoof called me over and over and over again as Walmart customer service ‭+1 (800) 966-6546‬ this is getting ridiculous

I’d like to report a number that has sent out horrible text messages. Number, 262-425-4939. In the text message it states if you do not send so much $$$ then a video of your loved one watching porn will go virtual...ASAP. I’m sure you can picture the rest of this awful nasty text message. Has anyone else heard of this scam?
Thank you,
Becky B

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