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The latest news on romance scams

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If you’ve seen the news, ‘romance scammers’ are among the eighty defendants indicted today by the Department of Justice in a scheme that stole millions from Americans.

Check out this video about how to spot and protect yourself from romance scams. Then share it with your friends.

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People reported losing $143 million in romance schemes last year, more than any other type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission. But there are steps you can take – and then tell someone about. So watch the video, learn more, and pass it on.

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Along with many other scams that have been circulating over the past few years - I have several that would curl your hair. The one mentioned here - romance schemes - was perpetrated on my 89 year old dad. He was contacted and told to send $30,000 and a lady would come live with him and take care of him (this was in Dec 2017) He wired the money western union (of which we have a report filed for the western union scam) in (3) $10,000 increments - we kept asking dad where she was when she didn't show up - he shrugged his shoulders and said I guess it must have been a scam. To date he was scammed out of 2 million dollars - and now - God rest his soul - he passed on August 6 - his whole estate gone.

ok so i want to knw how can i get my money have all the proof knw where tht person lives in international country just tht im not there can i get it thru other family member whos there its 40 thousand dollar

Unfortunately recovering money sent in these schemes is usually impossible to recover. Much may depend on the method it was transferred by.

I was scammed 2 times by people in Lagos Nigeria, sent money by Western Union and am supposed to be getting money back but only God knows when~~Sent money by Money-Gram and am due a refund but then again only God knows when~~Was notified by Western Union and Money Gram many moons ago~~are they going to issue the refunds or keep the money for themselves~~

I need to See a pick of Antoino Zapata Born in Italy mom from us. Son in college in italy. Divorced lives in LA. Over in Cyprus

Mine is living in Connecticut has a daughter in Italy and he is now working in Cyprus

i am currently chatting with the name bradley william, david william, and gorell.. i have doubts with them if it for real or scammer, how will i know that all of them are for real? one is doctor the other serve in u.s military.. Please help me i don't want to waste my time..!

When he asks you for money! You’ll know he’s a scammer!

Hi. Anyone chatting with James Watson from Louisanna now in Spain? He said that he is an estate manager and a contractor . We exchanged photos and asked me to send 200. I think I got scammed.

Yes! It’s a scam. Usually start with small amount, then more and more! Stop now!

Do you have a pic of him so we could compare? I will really appreciate if you'd send me one.

Hi. Did y9u get a photo? How do I do that? Thanks!!

Do you also have same experience with name Pedro Mirac? Oil Rig based on Germany but lives in Wisconsin

Please advise race, height and weight. I believe he is attempting this scam again in FL.

Please let me know the height, features, race of this Pedro. I believe he’s doing this in Maryland now, except he’s currently working in Alaska and needs money for shipping his materials. How can we see photos of these guys?

Is there any significance with asking for pictures? I met a guy on a language exchange app and the first thing he asked was to exchange pictures and he had a bogus story to explain why he did not want to video chat. I did not send my pic though because that was suspicious and I didn’t know if he could extract exif data from it. He had not asked for any money but was very upset to find out that I was talking to another person similar to him. I’m now wondering if there is some type of scam with these guys

Hey, can you share the photo of him? I know this is from 2019 but my mom thinks she’s talking to someone real who is James working as an oil contractor in Norway.

I'd love to see a picture of this guy, also. I think we've all got the same guy

Even if they ask you for a Google Play gift card for them to get access to a video call for Google hangouts to video call me?

This David William is a real sweet talker. Wants money to move barrels of oil! Stop all correspondence now! It’s a fake ! Look for obvious signs - bad grammar, fake email address ( the military will not have .org email address ) nor would a person in the military be involved in any get rich quick scheme.

I been talking to a guy, Maxcon , has barrels of oil to sell. I sent money to him to come home. Sent to Nigeria..ugg

Do you have a photo of David William?...I think it's the same guy I've been chatting with. I have photos if you want to talk.

Anyone have a picture of William david. Been getting pictures and messages. A skn in Italy in school. Needing money. Dr. From LA

I have lots of pictures of dr david Williams and other name but same pictures

Honey, he is a scammer. Do NOT send him anything

I think I too am have the same David william he just sent me a present yesterday talks about his oil but hasn’t ask for anything from me. Do you have a picture want to compare notes I really want to just him out


David William.. Posing as Military personnel. Have been chatting with him and it seems that we all have the Oil thing in common! He got way to personal way to quick! Has been professing love and wanting to send packages. I have photos as well if anyone wants to chat and confirm info!

Hello. . I think I am being scammed right now too .. he's a 35 year old man who looks very cute in his photos, also is processing love. I am an Idiot he Asked me to buy a $25 dollar Card from the store and I did. Then he just

I was scammed by a guy named David William too. Said he is working as a sub contractor on a oil rig in the Mediterranean. Has a boy and a girl in a boarding school. I have pictures but I don’t know how to add them to this comment. Does anybody knows how to do that?

Was he french ? I have just got into conversation with a David William. Hire out his drilling equipment for crude oil. Boy and girl with him in photos. Said he from Paris and lives in Edinburgh ? Not asked for money but have just started chatting tonight

I texted with David William for 2 years sent him money to fix a pipe on an oil rig in the UK. Said he was from Texas widowed & has a daughter. DO NOT BELIEVE HIM! on May 28th 2021 he disappeared will not respond to me texts on hangouts! Met him on WWF sound familiar? Spoke with him heavy accent claimed to be German.

Can you share a picture??? I think my aunt is being catfish by the same person...

Anyone know John Yagish or a similar . Has a sick daughter in India for a transplant He had several pictures on the scammer do I send pictures ?

Try Louis Hamilton. On oil rig 6, widowed drilling engineer. He has a daughter in boarding school. Claims to have grown up in Germany, lived in NC. However, now has house in DC. Heavy Nigerian accent.

I have also been talking to a david willuam who says he from France, but was raised in Detroit, Michigan.

Hi, I have been talking to a guy by the name of Dave Miller, claimed he is a contract supervisor on an oil rig in the Northern Ocean in UK. Wish I could post his pic. Says he has a daughter...says he is from Madrid Spain. Wonder if they are the same. Said his wife and ery young son were killed in a car. wreck

I have another oil rig worker, Polish in the gulf of Mexico on Down water Horizon. Rig isn't listed but I'm sure his sweet talk is. 7k request in 5 days, moody after response of 'NO', We must be the only sweet talkers ladies. Michal is his name with +1 872, photos of a happy small famz, I wonder where he got them, speaks of Burundi, staff needed, will payback, but he won't phone his bank.. regulations he says.. platform rules, no video calls permitted... shameful

He’s a scammer. I had the same one. Oil rig, North UK sea. Always asking for bitcoin. Wife cheated and son in boarding school in Canada. Goes by James William Pablo. Send him nothing . Be careful

Hi. I have been talking to a guy by the name Jun Tyler. He confess his love to me immediately and he said his from New york and has a daughter in boarding school in UK and his wife was killed because of accident. He already asked me 2000$ Just to get his salary because he used my bank account number to get his salary but his salary did not reflect in my bank account because he need SSN and need to pay 5000$. Do you think I’m being scammed?

Same story. Different name. Jim Robert. Wants to seal on Hangout.
Don’t trust him. Block him!!!

I would love to see photos. Sounds like my William

Sounds like my willian too from Uk 9 year old daughter in boarding school and wife died.

Yeah his name is John Williams, also George, oh don't forget Howard they will take what ever you give them he wanted me too sale my car he needs 4,000 so he can fix his Machine selfie can come home It's laking

Do you have a picture of him

Hi all, just found out my Wife has the same experience right now... after 10 years our Relationship is in bad times... but just found you she is writting whole this year with Oliver Williams and his 13 yo son in Italy... already sent him over 1000 eur and asking from her friends more and more... she completely felt in love with this scammer... she do not believe me when I am telling her this is all fraud. Unfortunately do not have pictures but all money are sent to some Nigerian name Maxwell Eguavoen Otamere - first transaction to account in Germany and second in Italy... do you have experiance with the same guy? Need to help her but how if she do not believe me? We have 3yo daughter and the whole situation is freaking me out...

David miller is a scammer , he's also a little off in the head. Always a son. Always in military.

Do you have a picture of David Miller...I am talking to someone named Dave Miller. Would like to compare pics This one is not in military, claims he's on an oil rig

I’m talking to a guy on an oil rig too . Let’s chat !

We’re same. He’s on offshore platform. Ask for help coz his machine broke down.

There's a guy by name aleksander Hamilton,at an offshore rig in Scotland ,as a doctor in the rig


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