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The latest news on romance scams

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If you’ve seen the news, ‘romance scammers’ are among the eighty defendants indicted today by the Department of Justice in a scheme that stole millions from Americans.

Check out this video about how to spot and protect yourself from romance scams. Then share it with your friends.

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People reported losing $143 million in romance schemes last year, more than any other type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission. But there are steps you can take – and then tell someone about. So watch the video, learn more, and pass it on.

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good luck! I lost $75,000 to one...Yet authorities won’t bother trying to prosecute because of the whole “relationship“ element

Message to Rosie
what is his name, age & possible photo
I think I might be chatting with same man

I've been writing to a guy for two months. He said he had to go South Africa for five weeks. I have a friend that investigated this guy from his hair to his toes. He was clean totally. He even has a twitter account and his photo is all over it. Every photo he sends is him. He said he lives in Fresno from Long Beach. He's said divorced. He does have a small accent because he's from Italy. But now asked me for some money I'm skeptical but after two months talking on the phone I tend to believe him. any suggestions

I hope you didn't give him anything. RUN!!!

I am talking with a guy name Benjamin Westfield
Same history South Africa to cold asking for money for electrical jackets

this sounds very similar to the guy i'm talking to. is his name Alexander?

I am also talking with a man name Alexander , what’s his last name? Do you have any pictures?
Thank you

Alexander Clifford
Two children ??
Beard ?

I have one with a beard.

how long does it take to get a reply?
I asked about the man's name ...a possible
photo, how old is this man?

still waiting on a response

Rosie, do not send money to anyone you do not know in person!! If this guy is legit, he will have plenty of other people who can loan him money, people he knows in person, family. Not you.

Is his name Collins Scott?

Please post pic? I 've been chatting with a similar man, Collins Hughes. He's on a oil rig on North Sea in Denmark. Has a daughter in Germany whos staying with his mother. Hes 51 who suppose to live in Jacksonville FL or Los Angeles.

Ladies I was just on here 4 hours ago racking my brain. Please don’t be me. Kennedy Stones. Super sweet My Love Queen. Super rich real photos Kennedy too blessed kik. Stuck in Dubai needs 20000. I just talk to him and lost my mind he was definitely a African. Refused to send me anything with my name on it. Please ladies he is FAKE I knew it and I am a single mother who will suffer the consequences please stand up for yourself. That little feeling is right Because even if he is the person he say he is ........a real man would never ask you to compromise yourself. You can’t save your heart ache but you can save your money Don’t do it!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve lost close to $10,000 to a man who calls himself Chris Gregor, an only child of Italian parents and whose wife died four years ago. I’ve actually had a brief video call with him and he looked like his pictures. He also told me he loved me, called me his queen, and is supposedly trying to pay me back. I just discovered that the two lovely emails he sent me were copied, one from a romance scam blog. He also wanted to use Hangouts. He is a govt contractor working in Dubai. He’s supposedly finished his job there and is going to leave the company he’s been working for and start his own business.

do you have a picture of him? sounds like someone i am chatting with who says he is building a bridge. a widower whose wife passed away 4 years ago and has 2 kids. sends me tons of photos of himself and his family and is super sweet.

EXACTLY what is happening to me!! The guy said he is building a bridge, that he will receive a large amount of money at the end, that it should be in a month. Wife passed 4 yrs ago, he has one daughter, who is living with her godmother. Now, he said his cellphone was damaged. And he needed a new one. And since his daughter is far from him and without a phone, If I could buy them 2 phones. But would be easier if I just transfer the ammount to a guy he knows in the US that could buy the phones and send to him. He says he is italian american, lost his parents when he was 17 yrs old and moved to the US. I said I couldnt send money to anyone. And, if he wants, I could send a spare used phone for him directly, on his name, at the bridge sworking site. He says the type of job he is doing requires a better type of phone, it has to be the new samsung galaxy. I managed to say I would send only the phone if he gives me an specif address to deliver it. He did. In a city 6 hours distant from where he said he is. He says a person he knows through some contact will receive it for him. The person is a nigerian guy whose first name is Ugheighele. So i am just wasting his time as much as I can.

Am now in an online romance with a man from Malta, Andy Dean George. He is 50, a very devout Christian, loves football, a building contractor, lives alone, only has a sister with own family, never been married, no kids. He says he is now in Malaysia on a building project commissioned by the Malaysian government but he didnt know there is a bond require. Now needs EUR 18k. Anyone knows anything?

All I know is that this very thing happened to me. Please discontinue all correspondence with this man, he is a con man. I'm sure none of the details of his life are true. If you do not have any mutual friends on facebook delete all contact.

This happen to me everytime I get a new phone and I don't know why

Photos of him? I think he texted to me, too.

i come across this when i search this name. this was posted long ago but i do hope, i could get a look of the photo if this is the same person i have search.

Hi. I stopped talking to that when i saw your post. His Name is Andy Dean George. Everything you’ve had said is the same exact information he told me. But he just told me this coming Monday he will be ack to the embassy to get his traveling documents. So please be very careful. Wr never used video calls yet. So that’s why I’m a bit skeptical about him. Anyway i stoped ralking to that guy. And his last message to me was yesterday. He told me um
The one who is acting weird and the one who is fake. I didn’t told him
That i read something on the net about him. So please be careful.

Hi. Really want to share photos with you so we can compare and have closure. Still communicating with him. Can you please tell me how we communicate further? Thanks

I have the same thing except he says he’s bill Newman . Said he was unaware that he needed Malta insurance for him and his workers to do this job in Malta. It was going to cost $5000.00.
I told him I didn’t have it Then hours later he had some of it and could I just send $1000.00. He would pay me back as soon as he gets here. I said I couldn’t do $1000.00 so he asked for an iTunes card so he could contact his others resources but he still needed me to work on getting at least $1000.00

It sounds like the same people I got scammed. You will never get money back. You not texting just one person they take turns texting you I don't know how many of them texted me. some of them are not very good English. I wish we can do something about romance scam fro online dating site or waring all the women in the world about this.

I’m talking with a guy now with name David Neumann and vest friend is William. Wife and parents died, has a daughter and now in Scotland doing construction contract. “My iPhone is in the blink can u help me?” Says he lives in San Francisco- anything familiar?? Gave me an email and chats w me on Hangout.

Mine also wants to chat on hangouts. After 4 weeks of romantic chats today he needed 6500 to get oil rig drill repaired so he can fly here to marry me. I met him on words with friends. Where do I report him?

I met a guy on words with friends. Working on an oil rig in the North Sea. Very sweet sounding. Just hit me up for $82400. Of course I refused. I think he is working with at least one other who does not have his command of English. He is using the name Graham Starr. Where do people report this con?

Iv had exact same.word with friends says he's a general from US army.needed his plane fixed so he can come meet me and get married.says he's out in Syria on a rig.that he desperately needs to be with me can I send £15,000 to fix his plane

Talking with almost the same issue. Can we connect?

Does he use Thomas Bruno photo ( on twitter) photo. Nobody should ask you for money online .

He contact me too

what picture did he share...sounds like my scam with a malta man

I was speaking with a man from Malta. He used the name as Jack Spencer. Then changed his name to James. He said he lived in Richmond Virginia.

I am speaking with anJeff George 50, contractor, in Italy now on a job, boy 7yrs old. He wants to send me money for safe keeping and jewels.

I am chatting with a Jeff George, says age 53, on oil rig off Canadian shore. Has an 11 yr old daughter, so he put me in touch with on Telegram. I sent $200 in Steam cards to assist with online classes. Smooth, smooth talker. Professed love very early.

My mother has been dealing with something extremely familiar but she just sent 900$ in gift cards and now want me her to connect her bank to his since he’s over seas and can’t access his bank account, claims to be an engineer with BP (British Petroleum)

Don't let him ship any thing to you.. That will try any make you pay overweight charge and shipping to the tune of $1200.00. Don't pay it have the package returned to the sender. No guarantee that what is in it is same as the photo he shows you.

I recently started talking to a couple of men on the chat on a facebook yahtzee dice game. their stories were very similar, widowed, single teen child living with a nanny, and they worked on an oil rig. Contract based and be back in the states in a few months, etc. Lots of sweet words and then they asked for gift cards, itunes, amazon. So sad they friend you and then scam you.

Anyone named Ian Allen Johnson?

Anyone named Silas ? French accent,, left for south africa, capetown...oil rig engineer..oil rig blew up...wanting itunes., kind words, calls me his Wife..losers

Will Silas? Engineer with Exxon Mobil provided an obviously fake contractor certificate...LOL! never getting my dough!

Anyone knows Samantha white she has area code 917 She lives outside of buffalo ny she says attends buffalo university. I thought she was real but guess not chatting with her on hangouts send her gift card like steam and amazon she says she has no money she’s broke well I just lost 500 dollars cause she don’t talk to me no more

Was his name Alexander oscar? Was his daughter's name Olivia?

Im talking to David Smith. He works on an oil rig. He dont want money but he wants to send me money. He wants me then to send his son stuff. I think this is a scam.

This sounds like the guy I was talking to. Mike Lucas lives in San Francisco from Finland. Widowed with a 9 year old daughter who i believe has a Nanny. He is an engineer on an old rig. Needs money for correct pipes.

I have been talking with a guy who says he's from Finland currently living in Miami. Just got a contract to install an oil pipeline and maintain an oil rig in Indonesia. Bought some machinery to expedite the job but didn't anticipate the fees/taxes to get it through customs. Needs $65K. Goes by James Robertson.

Flavio Giuseppe oil rig Sicily
Wife died
Daughter 12 living in France
Need money $30.000 to finish contract


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