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The latest news on romance scams

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If you’ve seen the news, ‘romance scammers’ are among the eighty defendants indicted today by the Department of Justice in a scheme that stole millions from Americans.

Check out this video about how to spot and protect yourself from romance scams. Then share it with your friends.

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People reported losing $143 million in romance schemes last year, more than any other type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission. But there are steps you can take – and then tell someone about. So watch the video, learn more, and pass it on.

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I was scammed, by a 51 yr old Oil Rig contracted from NY , but works on rig in Norway. He is 8 yr old son lives with teacher named Merielle. Always has many with $ bcuz his acct was closed. Asked for money for the teacher. Then he needed helicopter $. Then his son broke his back. Still can't get home from the rig. Wanted me to do Home equity loan, then wanted my bank acct #, then wanted me to receive a 45k bank check & deposit in my acct & wire money.
Handsome 51 yr old. Gray & glasses full brief. korean & American
David Yu Kim, Brooklyn, NY son's name Alex. Wife died 5 yrs ago (cancer) never spoke on phone or video. I think he was on a translator.

Has anyone here had contact with a oil rig worker, supposedly on a rig in the Gulf of Mexico, named Benjamin Craig, Craig Benjamin, Greg? Photo incredibly gorgeous, daughter Sonia is student at Cambridge, widower 2012, called me Mom.

I guess I just joined your club of victims. His name is Lawrence (calls himself Louis) Moore, email is: lawrencemoore092@ , phone # 709-260-0066, on an oil rig off coast of Newfoundland. Wife died in car accident, son in boarding school in Ireland. Sent Friend Request on Facebook, then asked to switch over to Hangouts app. I lost $900 sending him gift cards for his son’s computer, before my brother sent me a web message about oil rig scammers.

I am recently talking to Robert Frederick who works on an oil rig and wants me to be a beneficiary to receive money from United Nations consignment box. I told him no I don’t want responsibility for his money

Is anyone chatting with some one called Mark Sinclair? This guy claims he is "the" Vin Diesel. I chatted to him for a while a couple of years ago. Told me all his problems, saying he reckoned his wife was cheating on him with his manager!!! Alarm bells started ringing pretty early on but came to a head when he asked me for £200. Never spoke to him again. So if anyone is chatting to someone fitting that description then end it now.

Hi all, I have lost almost 30,000 euro to a guy named Carl Philip, apparently from Fort Worth, Texas. Working on oil rig in Russia. He contacted me in Poland where I live. I am still in shock from this. I have been really stupid. Oil rig scam is real. Please warn everyone.

I was contacted by oil rig scamer, but after few days when he declared big love I started to check. And at first I discovered they all mostly widower with child in boarding school. I would never to send money or allowed to send anything to me if I don't know in person. You had a very costly lesson.

Hi everyone has been talking about pictures of these scammers but I don’t see them where can I see and add some of the pictures mi have received..

Has any one came across a Jeremy Grayson? I cant tell if he is for real or fake. I have already told him that I will never send money or gifts. I do not give out personal information. He sats he is a is a biomedical engineer looking to retire and relocate to find happiness. Only has mother living. Says hes from Florida. Very romantic and deep. Says around or close to 60 years old.

Reading through these sad tales, I wonder why our government has barely done a thing to protect its citizens?

If the president of the united states or the prime minister of the UK would get up and make a speech about this and actually warn people, then a lot of people would listen and be more informed and could avoid losing their life's savings.

Has anyone talked to a guy called. James Garvey. He is from Texas, widowed left with one daughter called Nancy. He's apparently a great oil rig contractor and is currently stuck in Spain. He's called twice with a heavy accent, even though he was brought up in the USA, but born in Zurich. He has said he is part Jewish. Was very in love from the beginning, which I thought was abit odd. Thankfully my intuition kicked in and I became aware of him, finally he asked for money as he needed to fix pipes, even though he is a well off oil contractor. Ive since tried to get him to own up that he is lying. However now I'm the bad person. Lolol. These guys doing this have mental health issues. Plus he only spoke on hangouts which I never needed. Now if blocked and removed my hangouts app.

I've been talking to this gentleman for 8mths goes by the name Patrick michael claims his wife passed of cancer and he has a 12 year old daughter named lisa one of his pics are on timey when I did a reverse pic lookup but his others aren't. Has anyone encountered him?

Same story.....He is a driller on a oil rig in Gulf of Mexico, has 12 year old daughter that is living with his sister in California, wife died 3 years ago of will not come up in tin eye..cant find anything on him. Goes b the name of Evan Reagan

I've meet Robert Arno Powell from Massachusetts. Works as a scientist, divorced with twins. Photos on Instagram include his kids and coworkers, and his workace. He took a contract in Turkey for 3 months. Then it was extended. Buys oil barrels, and is from South Africa originally. He asked for help with a barrel deal early on. Afterwards, he has asked for cards because he left his credit back in the US. I was aware he was having difficulty w his phone prior to leaving for his trip. Replaced the phone 2x, last time prior to leaving on the trip. So he doesnt have his apps loaded. The url doesnt allow him upload them. He uses WhatsApp, hangsouts and instagram. Have video chatted, spoken on the phone, and the photos match. I am torn... it's been over 4 months... I've checked every possible angle but cant find anything about him on the internet. I'm waiting and seeing but there's always a little nagging thought he could be a scammer. Hoping not but going to place this online just in case. Thank you. say you video was the quality? You can video chat with that person in the picture (you think its the person in the picture) but they have software now that will use their voice on the video chat especially in Hangouts or Whatsapp pay attention if there is delay in the movement of the mouth and talking.....its not him.

Does anyone know anything about United Nations HON organization? There is a girl studying to be a RN in the United States from Dublin, Ireland. They want me to pay a safekeeping fee that will be refunded after 3 days if they know she is safe after posting her in my state??

Beware of Magnus Erickson. Supposedly has a 13 year old daughter in boarding school in Portugal. Her name one day is Daniella and the next day is Becky. She has a nanny when she's in Denmark and his mother lives in a large yellow house. Of course he sent me a picture of it. His wife died 5 years ago but he still can't talk about the loss. Poor guy. He's off shore in Louisiana and has a $750, 000 contract coming up. He'll ask for gift cards for his daughter's school work. Then he'll ask for your I'd with photo, name and address so he can have that $750,000 check and some gold coins delivered from Russia. It's a box with a code and once you receive the box, he'll send you the code. He's charming and polite and speaks Danish and english not so well. He did not get any money from me. Please be careful. He's a smooth one and he'll ask if you're Christian and use God as an attraction.

are you sure its Erickson and not Ericksen?

I have a couple questions about this guy
1. How old is he?
2. What does he do for work if you know?
3. Do you know anything about his income?

Hello is someone chatting with a woman named Mary Johnson from Nigeria?

Clark David is his name. He said he gas 2 kids in boarding school. Wife died 5yrs ago. Working as engineer at a oil company..ask me to send him an Amazon gift card for his daughter birthday. Is any one familiar with him.

Mark Vincent James is his name. He said he is a surgeon working as a peace corp in Sudan. A son in boarding school back in Toronto. Asking to send him money for his exit visa from sudan..please advise

Gorgeous petroleum engineer. Wife died in childbirth. Nineteen year old son who lives with the engineer’s elderly mother. Both need medicine and account has been frozen while awaiting a large payment and friend spent all of his money. I have pictures I’d love to show to others and see if you’ve been contacted by him. Doesn’t matter what his name is because I’m sure it’s not real. Says he lives in Michigan.

Looking for anyone who has been talking to a Thomas Nappa.
I have found 2 other women who have had conversations with him on Google Hangouts. He is very sweet and caring; says he loves you fairly quickly. He was on Plenty of Fish and now he may be back on the site with a different name and location.
Watch out, eventually he asks for money. None of us sent him any but we want him stopped.

Also on POF, I had a guy super charming named Dave Coley says he is a contractor in Tel Aviv for a UN contract and texted him on hangout. Fast mover now loves me and wants marriage!! Asked me to send him a cell phone!!! Total scam


Anyone talking to a guy named James Maxwell who lives in Miami but he’s originally from Sweden? His wife and younger daughter died in an accident but he has an 18-year-old daughter living in Sweden. He is on contract with Exxon Mobile off the Gulf of Alabama on an oil rig until early July. Texts perfect english but has a heavy accent.

What happens to elders who fall prey to this (loosing all of their money) and who reside in assisted living in regards to the 5 years look back for medicaid eligibility?

I have been involved on line with a person, who said originally that he lives in the Washington DC area, also in L A. He had to leave to work on an infrastructure contract deal in Scotland. Right away, he was very romantic, said all the right things. After about a week the requests started coming, for gift cards needed to supposedly update his iphone. $500.00 worth. I said no. He said that's ok. He will figure it out, but he didn't. Now the requests are coming fast & furious, always pleading for me to please help, especially if I truly loved him. Oh, he's good, says all the right things, sometimes I almost convince myself to do it , but then common sense sets in. I must remember the warning. never send money to someone you have never met. He has really touched me emotionally but I know the advice would be to stop this now. All the warning signs are there. I ask myself, could he really be an honest person, and not a scammer? Does anyone else feel this way?

What was this guy's name? Did you ever get photos of him? I am talking to a guy with a VERY similar back story, except he only asked for $100. Met on a dating app, Mingle something. I have reverse image searched all his photos and boom, he's like a ghost. No where found on social media.

Yes, the same M.O his mine is David Yu Kim @ Davidyukim1 on Twitter. He asked for all that and alot more from me. He really was a good talker never spoke to him or vids. I do have pics. David, 51, from Brooklyn,Ny

I’ve been talking with this guy, Carlos Morgan, for about a month now who works on a deep sea oil rig outside Aberdeen, Scotland. He contacted me through a facebook post, and suggested we talk through the hangouts app. He is reluctant to talk about himself by said he was “abandoned by biology” is alone in the world and was looking for a special woman to settle down with and, maybe I was the one of his dreams and prayers. He was quick to say I love you and wanted me to do the same. Writes beautiful poetry and lately been calling me his Juliet. He is charming, Baptist “member” and delightful. Because I am skeptical I kept waiting to hear something “out of the ordinary” and did not until today, a whole month later. He said something that I didn’t understand and then responded with I could write to his company and they would allow him vacation to come “home to me” and you guessed it, I would have to take care of the cost. When I responded I can’t afford that, he said “am I not worth it?” Have you ever looked up what they make working on a oil rig? I did because I was interested in knowing more about a rig and the salary was right there too. Why would he need my money to get to me? It would seem that he makes plenty. If he thinks he can con me into sending him money he’s sadly mistaken. I may enjoy the compliments and the poetry but get serious. I wasn’t born yesterday. Just be careful when getting into anything online. I really enjoyed him but if he seems too good to be true he probably is.

Sounds like same man I was talking to, George Woodman from Atlanta Ga. Working on oil rig in the Atlantic for British petroleum, loved me in 2 weeks, has 2 girls in boarding school, wife died 3 yrs ago car accident, no family, he wanted 3,500 to cm see me and wanted me to write his company.. pics were a beautiful man w beard, short gray hair, lavish pics in some apt.. I feel sooooo stupid... what a smooth talker. Very vulnerable

Same guy but asked for 3,500
My mom sent 900
Is about 55-60
Salt and pepper beard but mostly white
Lavish clothing and apartment

Hello All,
I have a feeling my sister getting scammed she had a guy message her on Instagram then ask her to hangouts they been chatting for like 5 months. She says he is from La is a private electrical contractor went to Turkey just before Covid hit got stuck there with no flights leaving and even sent her the supposive contract without her asking. Then when coming back in finally for flights he asked her to search for he had shown to have a fever at airport then stayed there in London area for 5 weeks for Covid treatment and rehab. Then when they were to meet the second time he had his mom pass away from heart issues in Portugal and had to go there because his 3 yr. old grandson there with the nanny who contacted him about his mother’s death. Also the grandson’s mother died a couple years ago. The guy says he from Portugal is an only child. I told my sister I really think you being scammed try to video with him on hangouts she says I have not had time I’m not worried since he sent me the contract he just had bad luck but he is legit. Tells her he wants to buy her a car and take care of her and her kids. I asked her has he asked for money she says no. I really feel it’s a scam and she is vulnerable because her and my brother in law had issues and are separated. As her sister I can see well from outside but she don’t want to believe it. The guy goes by name of Jerry Foster.

My friend was playing along with a woman that was on pof she wanted him to send information so she could get money from her dads inheritance she wanted him to take a pic of his driver's license and ssn and full name and email it to her she says she is talking to an attorney she is a big time scammer my friend told her to shove it her name she goes by is rose a standley and she says she lives in Colorado springs

All these sound similar. I met a guy dating site Afro Introductions. Claims name is Seith Laing an electrical engineer, widowed 8 years ago, has a grown daughter. I’m usually overly suspicious so I don’t know how I let my guard down on this one. I can’t find him on a Google or some Info sites. I did find out through Social Catfish that the picture he used is someone else. Every time I asked for a recent photo he sends pics from this guys Face Book page.

Not long after meeting him he claimed he had to travel to Poland for business. There he says he was robbed of $1500 ..then he needed money. After that ends up in Dubai trying to win a multimillion dollar contract for his own electrical contracting company. He needs money to secure the contract. He orders phones for his workers he’s hired for the project. I’ve not only been asked for money, but when he finally got funding he wanted to deposit the funds into my account. The funds were unauthorized now I’m in trouble with the bank as well I obtained loans for him.

My family found out about the phones and they are angry with me and have threatened to get guardianship over me. I’m in my 60’s and he’s in his early 50’s. My kids say ma this man is scamming you no way he really loves you and wants to marry you. He just wants your money.

I truly love him and want to be with him and I believe he loves me. I believe that he’s for real and that the people he got the contract from are scamming him. Please help me sort this out.

For 6 weeks (until Yesterday) I wrote with an American man who calls himself Alexander (on Tinder) and Alex Miles in contracts etc. After Tinder we communicated on WhatsApp ad he suggested.
I figured him out very fast but pretended I was interested and did also become so but the whole time I had the feeling something was not right and so I was right. He claims to be an engineer, Living in Helsingborg in Sweden, Wind turbine specialist and suddenly (before our first date) he had to go to Cyprus on a project.
After different problems on Cyprus he suddenly can t get his check for his work before he pays income tax etc ... and now he needed 15000 Euros and asked for my help. I Knew he was fake now, asked to see his passport which took me 1 second to see it was fake. Then I wrote I m out of here and goodbye.Have photos of him if anyone know this guy

I'm talking to an Alex Dominique from Columbia by birth. Lives in Indiana now. General Contractor. Had to go to Dubai for a job and needs 5000.00 to finance job. Im not sending anything but does this sound familiar to anyone? Always contacting me on WhatsApp.

does anyone know philip schmidt who claims to help build hospitals in the uk and is from ohio. needs money for knee operation but has no insurance !!!

Elling Strand. Oil Rig Norway.From Naples. Has 11Yr old daughter Sophia. Appears on Facebook,Instagram,Twitter. Asks for bank account info.Goes by many other names. Lewis Carton, Austin Hamilton, Larry Gregg. Please report.

Did anyone talk to a guy Robert Terry Barton ..own a oil rig company in Maryland USa?

Robert Palmer. Can we swap photos? How do we do that?

Anyone talking to a Mohamed Charlie Khan or Charlie Khan??
He slid in my IG.
Very handsome. Arab. Has a son Ethan 9
Oil rig worker

dr justin williamson in samolia. From ca. 17 yr old son in Australia. Wife died in plne crash. Kid is ivan harry. Now has malaria and needs 1500. Not getting it and is mad. If he is dr with united nations he should have it. Bank won't transfer. His kid is emailing calling me mom.

Chris mcdonald here from Netherlands. Underwater welder in ca. They both wanted to switch from fb to hangout. Both love me and all this fake sweet talk. His wife died of breast cancer. 10 yr old son Alex in Amsterdam. He was always asking for Amazon cards. Anybody know these losers

Yes. Chris McDonald. He didn't get far with me. Would have been nice.

Please be aware that LinkedIn accounts can also be faked.
"Elling Strand" had a very professional LinkedIn account. Unfortunately it wasnt his.
He stole the real Elling Strands account and copy pasted his photo on it. So they scam 2 people

Anyone know a Kendy posing as an Engineer on a ship at an oil rig in the gulf of mexico? Kids live with Nanny. He needs money to pay his nanny because he can't get to his money because he is on the ship.

Does anyone had contact with a Mark watson claiming to work on
Off shore rig in Dublin ireland from Miami Florida and having a 12 year old Son named Scott asking for almost help him get passport to come home on and would need to come home to get bank to release his bank account that been frozen. I almost fell for it being a widow of 79.i thought he was older but discovered he was 31.

Jeremiah Bradley lives in California Works for shipping Company overseas
and Kelvin Aderson says he is 48 live in Maryland and has a 20 year old daughter oil rig independent contractor. First day the wanted me to delete scrabble go. Said he loved me second day. He speaks with a heavy accent you hardly can understand him. I tried to look them both up and neither them exist. Been verified/ Google them . I have pictures. I stop taking to them imediately

Is this man familiar to anyone? He's on an oil rig too. Clark Henderson Gunther. Born in Utah, 47 years old, 1 daughter divorced, has lived in Canada for the past few years. I have several photos, please contact me if anything sounds familiar.


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