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Refunds for Global Access Technical Support customers

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If you paid for technical support services from Global Access Technical Support (GATS), you’ll be getting a letter or an email from the Federal Trade Commission about a refund. You might have known the company as Global SConnect, Global sMind, Yubdata Tech, or Technolive.

The FTC sued GATS, alleging that the company lied about partnering with well-known tech companies and tricked people into paying for unnecessary computer repairs. GATS has now paid $860,000 to settle the lawsuit. 

The FTC is sending refunds to people who paid money to GATS. If you get a check from us, cash it within 60 days. We will send refunds via PayPal to customers for whom we do not have a mailing address.

Here’s how the PayPal refunds work: the FTC will send the customer an email from Then, within 24 hours, that customer will also get an email directly from PayPal about the refund. If you get those emails, all you have to do is type into your browser, log in to your account (or create one), and review and accept the payment. Or accept payment by logging into the PayPal app.

To avoid scammers who might pretend to be from the FTC or PayPal, follow these simple steps:

  • If you get a refund email that claims to be from the FTC or PayPal, don’t click on any links in the email. Instead, visit the website by typing the right URL into your browser: and
  • Check out FTC refunds at Each case on that page has a phone number you can call to check on refund payments.
  • Know that the FTC never asks people to pay money or give sensitive financial information to get a refund. People who say they are with the FTC and ask for money are scammers.

For more information about this refund program, or to get a check instead of a PayPal payment, visit or call 844-881-1379.

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I keep getting calls from a technical support company telling me if I don't respond $299. will automatically be deducted from my account. So far there havn been no deductions. Unfortunately, the caller starts talking before my outgoing message is finished so I don't get the beginning part. I suspect it's a robocall.

This is a common scam, and there are many variations. Please don’t talk with them, press a key to be removed from their list, or call back. It is helpful to report such calls to the FTC.

Thanks for all the safety tips

Thank you!

That did happen to me.some time around mid 2018.&2019.i do not remember the exact date but I guess I could research bank statements.

You can get information about this refund program at or by calling 844-881-1379.

Why would these people call you and pretend that they will send refund to your bank account. Is this another scam?

That sounds like a scam. If you tell someone your bank account number, they can take money out of your account - even if they say they will give you money.

GAT called me yesterday and said they were offering a refund by Pay Pal ?They were wanting to remove all that they had down loaded into the computer...?
And that would send the refund.But my bank would not let them.
They are supposed to call me this afternoon again.
Do I refuse to talk with them. And carry my lap top to my repair center. And change all pass words.?

That sounds like a scam. That is not how the FTC refunds work.

 If you paid for technical support services from Global Access Technical Support (GATS), you will get a letter or an email from the Federal Trade Commission about a refund. You will not get a phone call. The FTC will not ask for access to your computer.

If they call again, hang up. Don't give them any information. And please send us another comment.

I am one of the unfortunate people that have fallen for the tech scam. It has been a few years but I fell twice. Now they tell me that I have a credit due to me from one of these companies and they need my Bank Acct. No. saying there unable to mail a check. They never say the name of the companies and I can't remember the names , just don't fall for this.

a real mess you created instead of helping!!I hate PayPal they are scam artists they just TOOK money out of my account.
I am giving up on this "refund " i spend 2 hours on this and now have a unwanted PayPal account, my advice NEVER USE PAYPAL

If you don't want to get your refund through PayPal, or if you have other questions, please call the company that is managing the refunds for the FTC at 1-844-881-1379.

This page explains how an FTC refund by PayPal works:

  1. The FTC sends you an email from
  2. Within 24 hours after you get the FTC email, PayPal sends an email that says how to claim your refund.  
  3. To accept the payment, you log in, or create a PayPal account at, or use the PayPal app.

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