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FTC Refunds: The real deal or not?

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Sometimes the FTC is able to return money to people who were ripped off in a con artist’s scheme. But scammers try to cause confusion and take advantage at every step.

If you lost money in a scam, you might get a call or email from someone claiming that they can help you recover your funds – if you pay them, hand over personal information, or allow them remote access to your computer. Don’t do it! Recent complaints to the FTC show that scammers are:

  • targeting people who lost money to tech support scams
  • claiming to be from the FTC’s Refund Department or Refund Division
  • using the name of real FTC employees.

So how can you tell whether an FTC refund is real?

  • If the FTC contacts you about a refund, you’ll find information about the case at can be sure the phone numbers and links on this page are legit.
  • The FTC never requires you to pay fees or asks you for sensitive information, like your Social Security number or bank account information. The FTC also never asks for remote access to your computer. If someone claims to be from the FTC and does, it’s a scam.

If you get a call from someone who says they’re from the FTC but asks you for money or sensitive information, please tell the real FTC at


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Will we ever get compensated for our loses on romance schemes? Others have been compensated by the FTC for far less loses.

I appreciate the information from FTc and find it very useful

Sounds like the one I reported awhile back. Michael Collins and Investment Recovery Service.

Thank you so much for these tips!

HI, Scammer took control of my computer saying that they were mirosoft-security Am i entitled to a refund?

I got a automated call from Micro soft saying that I was entitled to a refund from some court case the call came from a Washington, DC number, but I would have to call the same number back, I never did, if I'm due a refund they can mail it to me.

Keep up the good work. All your tips are very useful and help many people stay informed of scams. Thank you.

Will the FTC ever compensat me for the money I have lost??

I was scammed out of 125.00 by Diamond his number is 2522942330. He said he needed the money so he told me to get eBay card he first said buy 25.00 e bay card I got that he told me to give him the number on back of card I did then he said he told me 125.00 go back and get another card he said I had won the prize by being a good customer paying my bills on time and I was being rewarded . I would get 850,000.00 class. And 50,000 cash and new merdes car. I told him I wanted prove he gave me a number to call said this was the one giving the money . John Goodman 724 223 6654. He also said he had his Lawyer with him he was 20 minutes from my house he would follow me to the Bank

I just got a small ck from FTC v Lifelock. The check states that there is an artificial watermark on the back of the document and to hold at an angle to view. I have held it at all kinds of angles under different lights and am not seeing anything. Am I being too suspicious or am I just too "blind" and don't know what to look for? Anyone else having this problem?

If you have questions, please call Rust Consulting, Inc. at 1-866-898-5106. They are managing LifeLock refunds for the FTC.

I received a check from FTC vs. EZ Doc Prep for a mere $100.00 dollars. Is this legitimate? and also if so, why am I not getting all of my money back? Thank you,

Was there a letter with the check that explained the refund? The letter should say you can call the refund administrator at 1-877-270-9672 if you have questions.

Read more about the refunds: The FTC sent more than $5.4 million to nearly 40,000 people who paid EZ Doc Preps and related defendants for help dealing with student loan debts but received nothing.


Just received a phone call that saidbmicrsofts was closing down and to call,888-885-0025 .I called and I automatically hung up phone when the man said not to ask stupid questions and than proceeded to ask how old I was. ...When and how do we stop these thieves?. How do they continue to get away with this this?

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