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AT&T Unlimited Data Customers Getting Refunds

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You might have heard that AT&T agreed to return $60 million to customers for allegedly reducing the data speed on their unlimited data plans without telling them.

In its 2014 complaint, the FTC said that AT&T’s practice of data throttling – slowing down the data speed for unlimited customers who used large amounts of data – was unfair and deceptive. It was unfair because AT&T promised unlimited data, but didn’t give customers the data they paid for. And it was deceptive because AT&T didn’t tell customers it was reducing their data speed, says the FTC.

Customers who pay for unlimited mobile data have a right to expect to get unlimited data. If the company will slow down the data speed for users who exceed a data cap, it must tell customers it’s going to do that.

After the court approves the settlement, the money will be distributed to AT&T customers who signed up for an unlimited data plan before 2011 and were affected by the data throttling. Customers do not have to do anything to get their portion of the settlement: current customers will get a credit on a future bill and former customers will get a check in the mail.

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After the court approves the settlement, the money will be distributed to AT&T customers who signed up for an unlimited data plan before 2011 and were affected by the data throttling.

Does this settlement provide for me facts that they are using. I just received notice that they changed my data plan and increased the cost without my consent.

After the court approves the settlement, the money will be distributed to AT&T customers who signed up for an unlimited data plan before 2011 and were affected by the data throttling.

Do the number of phones one may have enter into the amount received? Family add on lines equally considered or limited to 1 customer?

How do I sign up for the class att payout

I have been a customer since 2001 and I am very disappointed

Show me the money!

add us to the refund list

I've been an AT&T customer for about 15 years and how do I get my refund

AT&T since 1974 in WPB FL

I dropped AT&T recently after being with them for years and went with another company. Would I still qualify for the refund?

When will we see the credit applied?

I have been with A.T.& T. for many many years and have never in all those years ever got anything from them. I will believe it when I see it. We have also had all the bells and whistles they offered and now they say they will help. ha ha ! !

I will believe it when I see the check.


I used to have AT & T could not afford it so now I brought my number to safelink. How will they know to re-emburse me? (I had a plan with 5 lines.) had it for ever?

After the court approves the settlement, the money will be distributed to AT&T customers who signed up for an unlimited data plan before 2011 and were affected by the data throttling.

Customers do not have to do anything to get their portion of the settlement. Current customers will get a credit on a future bill. Former customers will get a check in the mail.

Is there an option to get a check if I am still a current customer. Seems a little unjust to give checks to some and not for all. What happens if I don't plan to stay with At&T, would they issue me a check for any unused credit?

How much can we expect to get back? $60M paid/ 3.5M Customers Affected = $17.00 payback??? It better be proportional to the length my service was listed, as I have remained a customer since 2002. That's over a decade of services paid for but not rendered. And worth well over $17.00. But you guys felt 60M would suffice. Do they supply you guys with calculators? Did your calculators run out of batteries? Disgusting.


add me to the list ! I have been charged countless times for money I did not owe !

I'd like to know a rough estimate of how much the funds to each customer should total up to. How much are we talkin?

It probably will not be enough money out of that 60 million to actually make any kind of difference or make it right for any customers that’s not even a fraction of what they should be paying the customers back .

32 cents lol

I definitely experienced this fraud and deceptive practice, I demanded them to quit saying I was using the data when I wasn't, they acted like I didn't know how to use my iphone . I first noticed this when a month of data would last me, I seemed to be using the fair amount, within the next month, all of a sudden I wasn't using as much and was running out in the middle of the month not able to even get online for it was taking so long as my unlimited hi speed data was all gone, hogwash I knew something was up, Att for shame on you bad bad bad to treat us that way.

What about those of us who signed up after 2011. What do we get. AT&T is still doing this to us to date.

They changed their terms in 2011. That when it became "grandfathered."

Add me to the list. I was affected of this very thing beginning in 2008 Thanks FTC

REAL TIME CUSTOMERS (NOT BEFORE "2011") should be distributed accordingly. A check in the mail with detailed information and a document stating they will no longer THROTTLE OUR DATA. Not to mention their insurance company I a disgrace the APPLE STORE wouldn't help me under the 1 year warranty with them. They told me to go to ATT. I could've paid off my phone balance with the amount of money ATT has overcharged with their customer services' fake promises to reimburse/credit AND adjust our plan "on the future bill" EVERY MONTH THE BILL INCREASES. WHEN YOUR ON WIFI UR USING DATA. SHOULD HAVE STAYED WITH VERIZON

Thank you FTC for proving ATT was throttling when they denied this over and over. Why do businesses lie to consumers? It just ruins their reputation and builds mistrust. They set false expectations and wonder why we get angry. Just received this from ATT: Our customers can save with AT&T Unlimited Starter℠ $65/mo.
After AutoPay and paperless bill. Taxes & fees extra.
******AT&T may slow speeds when the network is busy.

AT&T customers that had 3 lines of unlimited data going to get three checks?

It truly was not fair they had been trying to get me to get off the unlimited plan for years and they slow down my service so slow that I finally just had to cancel them and I was with them for over 15 years I will really be surprised if they refund anybody any money .

When is the refund?

I have had a 2GB account on my iPhone for years. AT&T just raised my data to 4GB with a price increase. Why would they do that, when I don’t need it? On the same bill/notice, my unused or rollover GBs were 1.96 out of 2GBs. Which is normal for me.
Also, Why can’t loyal customers get a check verses a credit?!

My AT&T account continunes to run slow even after I was advised that it should not be with Unlimited Data on My Account! Why!

I have technical support with ATT, and the tech also noticed about the data speed and updated. The bill is too high. I live by myself and paying for TV(most of the channels are Spanish), tel, internet. I believe it a refund check when I received it. I have been their customer for the past 14 years.

Can I cancel my current contract with AT&T based on this claim? AT&T keeps advertising fake 5G networks in some areas and in every single one of those are I have no Internet access at all. Also, even though I pay for unlimited I get low speeds all the time.

I have been with ATT for Years and I was grandfathered for unlimited data until 2 months ago. I lived in Michigan and the bill was in my husband's name, changed to my name when he passed. I moved home to Arkansas and changed my number and added my phone to my boyfriend's acct. My grandfathered unlimited data followed me thru the whole process. Here's my question...Should I watch for 2 checks and a credit? (1 check for the acct under my late husband's name and 1 check when it was in my name and a credit to our current account). I have read the paragraph that has been repeatedly applied to answer questions previously, and it does not address my situation adequately.

It's ashame they were fined only so little. By fining them so little, they are told that it's ok to throttle.

I have moved after changed service do I need to contact them to give address

I wonder if this will also reimburse Cricket customers that paid for unlimited and then unlimited unlimited for $10 more a month. Granted in the fine print it said that after 22gb it would be throttle down during times of peak congestion but regardless that is not unlimited at least not in the dictionary that I own

They sure have over charge me so many times I had to change plans often.

I've been a customer sence 2007 with 3 to 5 lines will I get only credit or will I get both credit and cash refund ? Also with in last year my cell was working at home but now does not I've call they stated they lost use a a local tower ?

Please contact AT&T.

I have been a customer of AT&T since 2007. At one point, my cellphone was in my grandmother's name. I had the unlimited plan for several years. We eventually switched the account information to my husband's name (grandmother became ill). I have always had the same telephone. Since the account has been in his name for a few years, would the credit be applied to our account? My grandmother passed last May. Who would we need to speak to?

Please contact AT&T.

I had unlimited in 2009 but have since dropped the unlimited plan because it was so slow, “they were throttling,” and went to a gig capped plan later on. Will I receive any reimbursement for any of those years before or do I still have to be on the same unlimited plan from the beginning?

The $60 million AT&T paid will provide partial refunds to current and former customers who had originally signed up for unlimited plans prior to 2011 but were throttled by AT&T. Affected consumers will not be required to submit a claim for the refunds. Current AT&T customers will automatically receive a credit to their bills while former customers will receive checks for the refund amount they are owed.

I was throttled by AT&T during this time. I’ve since changed my phone number AND my mailing address. Who can I contact at AT&T and give my new info (and verify my identity) to? So that I receive the refund.

When will the accounts be credited by AT&T and will they notify customers.


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