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Scams telling you to pay with Bitcoin on the rise

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At first, scammers tried to get you to wire them money. Then, they demanded payment with gift cards. Now, scammers are luring people into paying them with Bitcoin – a type of digital money or cryptocurrency. Read on to learn how to spot and avoid some of the top ways scammers are trying to get you to pay with Bitcoin.

1. Blackmail Scam. Someone says they know about an alleged affair, or something else embarrassing to you, and demands payments with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency in exchange for keeping quiet. This scammers might use threats, intimidation, and high-pressure tactics to get you to pay right away. But, as we wrote in this blog post, that’s not only a scam, but also a criminal extortion attempt. Report it to the local police, the FBI, and the FTC at

2. Online Chain Referral Schemes. This type of scam works like a chain letter: someone promises that you’ll make money if you pay into the scheme. But, in a twist, these scammers say you have to use cryptocurrency to pay for the right to recruit other people into the chain…so that you’ll then be rewarded with more cryptocurrency. Except you won’t. Instead, you’re guaranteed to lose money.

3. Bogus Investment and Business Opportunities. Someone might offer you investment and business opportunities that promise to make you big money, or give you financial freedom. But remember, only a scammer will guarantee that you will make money — in dollars or in cryptocurrency.

For more tips on avoiding scams, check out How to Avoid a Scam. Spot a cryptocurrency scam? Tell us at


Unfortunately the only way that we can protect ourselves and our families is to take one short step at a time and follow it up with the next nail in the "Scammers" coffin. Don't let them get away with it!

one scammer put one of my passwords in the subject threatening to send everyone of my contacts allegedly sordid information. fortunately the password was for a newspaper on line account which I didn't use for anything else. one good reason to NOT the same password for multiple accounts

I just had the exact same thing. I just reported it.

Got an email from Charrin Boggs today from an outlook email address threatening to send videos of me to 7 people from my contact list if I didn’t send $1000 in btc within 24 hrs... this person threatened to “make my life hell and shake my world”. I mean can it get any worse then this?! no job no money no family no friends no hope!!! Nah! Go ahead do what you gotta do boy/girl because we are already at end times sigh! Internet!

I got the exact same email from a Suzy Fedora

I just got on like that today as well.

I received the same kind of email. Did they send any information to your contacts? Thanks

I got a similar Email from an Annmari Mccarvill. Glad I found this site. I will soon be reporting to the FTC

I got one today! I reported them to the FTC, let's see if they will follow through and do something about it!!

I just got tge exact text but they said 6 instead of 7 people.

This happened to me today. A txt saying they were going to "shame me" if I didn't pay 1000 in bitcoin in 24 hours. If I didn't believe them I was to send the word "proof" back and they would show three of my contacts. Glad I read this blog. Going to ignore it.

I got a text message on 5/25. It was similar I was more concerned since it was a text and not an email. I reported it to the FTC, FBI and local police.

I got the same thing today, did anything ever happen to you? They told me to enter “proof” but I’m just going to ignore it.

I received same text message today 5/27. I reported also.

I just got the exact same one right now. It’s all a scam.

I,m so glad I read your comment bc I was being threatened and this had never happened before. Then I read that you had signed up for an online newspaper and I had recently done the same with The NY Times. Too much of a coincidence.

I had recently done the same online subscription with The NY Times, and today I got same email requesting $2000 in bitcoins. What a coincidence!

Yes I received the exact same thing about porn and a video of me on my pc which I never use a computer telling me I have one day to send 2000 usd bitcoins or the video will be shared through Facebook

Literally the exact same thing happened to me today. I don't have a web cam nor do I use my computer for anything than gaming. Lol these idiots.

The exact same thing has happened to me this morning, I know they have nothing like that on me as if never done anything pornographic haha still stressing about it, glad I’m not the only one

This guys are crazy, they once told me to pay in 5000usd bitcoin

Really?. Hope you didn't pay. I was also scammed in similar situation

you need to not reply and block the person its a complete scam whatever you do not reply to that email .i recieved one the other day i sent that person an email threatening legal action these people are scum

Got the exact same email today. The password they showed was for Netflix which got hacked about 3 weeks ago. Please people: create unique passwords for every account, write them all down in a safe place

Did anything become of it?

Same... got one today with My password in memo line

i got the same did they send anything to your f.b/ people?

Ditto...from Brig Hameed with a password in subject line.. I am to pay 2k or disgusting video will be released to 10 contacts on FB and cell and they will make my life hell. Just reported to FTC

same exact email from olav rosenbloom almost identical language how did you block this person

Yep, got the email threatening to place porn on my facebook page if I did not send large dollar amount in bitcoins. Reported to FTC.

This is the exact email I got from "Eduardo Hlinka" today--terrible threats if I don't send $2000 in bitcoin within 24 hours of reading the email. I reported it to the FTC and FBI (Internet Crime Complaint Center)

I received the same email on April 23, 2020 from thisisaheealn@ same threats as others have reported. I reported to abuse@ outlook, Cox Communications, FBI IC3 and FTC. 24 hours passed and then a new email from Sinclair Pledger <bnfolympiaof@ >. it is the exact same letter however the bitcom address is different. then a caller from Uganda tried to call 256-700-041-517 blocked called. Hackers with time on hand that have old information from dark web.
just ignore and report. Do not let these types of individuals take your spirit away. These are very difficult times and they feed on despair. Stay safe and strong we have hope they cannot hurt you. Just FYI I was hacked via instagram then Facebook. They changed email address and profile photos.

I just had that sent to me, I don't know how. but they had an old password of mine. Scary stuff!! Should I report it?

They got my old password too the sender was sales@

I just got the same email from Jonathan Surette listing an old password saying they got into my PC and have a sex tape of me and will send it to 8 people if I don’t pay them $2k in bitcoin. HA, the only camera I have on my laptop has a post it note covering it and it’s my home office.... nice try scammer!

Got that same one today.

We received the Exact same blackmail scam on the 27th of April. We did not respond, and reported it!

Got same thing today

I received the same exact message today from a “Viole”. I had never received something like this before, so it really freaked me out at first. Fortunately, I decided to research scams related to this which finally put my mind at ease. There are some seriously selfish/immoral people out there who only care about their personal gain! Be aware of what’s going on and don’t give into your fears. These scams exist because some people actually give in and pay. I just hope that some of these people are being caught and put behind bars!

I got a similar email with a password I don't even remember. Like it had to have been from almost twenty years ago. I don't use my camera or record jack so they lost me with those threats.

I received the same exact email today!! This is really crazy!! People have nothing else better to do.

Inflation must be rampant - I just got the same sort of email from some non-entity calling itself "Todd Mitchell", with a reply going to some zulamin12 dude, asking for $5000 dollars in bitcoin. Something about a lurid video captured on my non-existent webcam. I was tempted to try a reverse scam by claiming to be a porn star and demanding $1000 for each scene he publishes, but didn't want to risk getting even more garbage from these characters.

Who do
I report this to?

I too want to know where to report this

Your local police dept, the FBI, the FTC.

me too

Just got email that they had password and wanted 2000 in bitcoin in 24 hrs who do i report this too. Local police have full plate with covid 19 just want to register complaint and block this scammer

I got two of the same, asking for $2000 in bitcoin, about 2 days apart form different people. This is extortion! Report to : FBI, local police or FTC.

Someone also asked me to send money and bitcoin and promised me will get profit in 24 hrs is that true?

I have received two such emails over the last 6 days.
I deleted and blocked and ignored.
Today I received a very angry email about my deliberate ignore of the previous emails.
Lots of swearing & much anger and insults directed at me.
The Bitcon fee is now higher so they say, but no mention of what it’s gone up to and I have been given 17 hours and some minutes to make Payment.
This followed a whole bunch of threats if I go to the media with it, inform anyone else about or not pay.

I again blocked & deleted.
I have never visited any such sites so am not really concerned, but am highly irritated because it’s an invasion of my privacy and also because I have received numerous warning of hacking threats on my device during the last couple of months.

Pls can someone give me advice?


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