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Getting bombarded by scam calls? You’re not alone.

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) scam is the number one scam reported to the FTC right now.

As soon as a caller threatens you, or demands you pay them with a gift card or by wiring money, it’s a scam. Even if the caller ID tells you otherwise.

If you get a call from someone claiming to be from the Social Security Administration, hang up the phone and remember:

  • Your Social Security number is not about to be suspended.
  • The real Social Security Administration will never call to threaten your benefits.
  • The real SSA will never tell you to wire money, send cash, or put money on a gift card.

Watch this video to see how scammers use threats and high-pressure tactics to try to con you. Learning about scams makes them much easier to avoid.  If you’ve received a call like this, tell your friends, family and neighbors about it. Tell them to hang up the phone and to report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

Social Security Administration Seal with Imposter Scam text


Those idiots calls everyday,they really need a life.

Getting calls: 832-572-3609. Robocall claiming Social Security....
‘Tis the season!

Yesterday I received calls, on the hour, from Apple, Inc. After Number 6, I answered and entered the number to speak with a representative and firmly told them I do not have any Apple products. That was just to blow off steam. They continued for some time after that. It is so annoying. I have caller ID, and didn't answer the first few times.

My modem from Spectrum allowed robo-calls & scammers to use my phone number to make outgoing calls...which meant that people receiving scam/robo-calls from the scammers thought the calls came from me because it would shown my name & phone number on their Caller ID. Spectrum told me it has been a problem for a very long time and that there isn't anything they can do about it. I swapped out my modem for a new one and then for every new call I received from a scammer or robo-caller that came in I signed-in to my Spectrum acct, checked if the new incoming call had made an outgoing call from my number and when they did I blocked the scammer/robo-call number making it impossible for them to make an outgoing call from my phone. I don't have have any illegitimate outgoing numbers now after having done that. We shouldn't have to do that though. I feel it is up to the phone companies to take care of the scam/robo-call problems and that the government should make them have to fix the problem of what was happening to me so it won't be happening to everyone else. I don't think many people are aware of this happening to them.

I have gotten calls saying that my Social Security number has been compromised. I know that is not true and seems to be the same person on the recording.

How do u kown it true

I received a ton of calls from everywhere around the world saying they wanted to buy my house for cash. One, the HOA management company told her investor friends she was putting a lien on my house. They were actually driving by. Then my mortgage was transferred and they sold my number. I changed my message to say "Message line. I am not selling my house and I have insurance" Suddenly, 99% of the calls stopped. We need better protection than we are getting from Congress.

All my phone numbers are on the do not call list. And all numbers receive calls 3-5 every day.
Robo calls, never a person. I never answer, If they leave no message I dont worry about it.
I do however worry about my aging parents and fear they will answer the wrong call.
My latest series is that the IRS has issued warrents for my arrest and they are coming for me. Each message leaves a different number to call back. LOL - where do I report this stuff??

I have to put my phone on vibrate because I get so many robocalls for disability or social security. I have a blocker on my phone but I get so many different numbers calling it’s not funny. I apply for jobs also and I don’t answer my cellphone at all because I am afraid it’s going to be a spam or robocaller. I got a cellphone to get away from telemarketers and spam callers. Now they call so much it’s not funny. I also have elderly family members that depend upon me to run errands for them and to call me in case of a emergency. This is annoying and bothersome some because I never get any peace or relaxation from it.

I get this one at least once a week. It is very sad that some actually believe this could occur. They threatened me and i told them I would let my husband the sheriff know who is sitting right next to me. They hang up. It stops them for a bit.

Both our phone line AND my mother's phone line (both VOIP via Spectrum) are simply bombarded with calls sporting "names" that begin with a "V" and are followed by a long string of numbers encoding the day and time of the call and some other info along with a "phone number" that is spoofed (and that usually belongs to an innocent third party.) They are ALWAYS not only spam, but scam calls. Both lines are protected with Nomorobo.

It seems like it ought to be completely simple to notice and block these calls based on the "name." Spectrum tells us there is no way to do that. How can that POSSIBLY be true? Can't SOMETHING be done?

I just got a call in Spanish from someone crying saying that they had been in an accident. I realized at once it was a scam. I told them I can call the police if they are in trouble.

Today I received weird caller id number (v10212523700156). I did not answer the call. Did a search on google for the call id, but no hit. Posting here to see encase others get a call from similar numbers.

It's not a matter of if you will be scammed, only a matter of time before you get senile enough to be scammed.
Register a complaint with the FTC and they want your SSN. Another data base to be hacked and your ID gone. Why on earth give a SSN to complain about a robo call requesting your SSN. No Thanks, Sounds like a scam to me.

The real FTC does not ask for your SSN. If you went to a website that asked for your SSN, that was not the real FTC.

Report unwanted calls to the FTC a You are required to report two things: (1) your phone number (2) the date you got the call. That's it.

Of course, when you add information - like the number that called you,  the business name, and comments about the call - it can help investigators. You can choose to add information, or not.

I recently found out I can block all calls on my Iphone that are not in my contacts list. It will even let a call come through from a number I just recently called. I made a voice message that tells them to leave a message or text and I will look at it. No more spam calls here.

I have just had a call from this number they are now claiming they are from the inland revenue and a tax fraud investigation has been started against me.


I was contacted by this number 1(571) 367-9301, a man called Ivan he said was contacting me from social security office and wanted to know the last 4 of my social and my date of birth. This was on Jac 07, 2020. he said after I stupedly did so, he said that he wanted for me to talk to a DEA agent, and he introduce himself as Patrick, after talking and yelling at him what was his badge number , which is supposed to be 8922416, he mention that an abandoned care was found in Maryland and had being blood inside and had being connected with my social and my ID, and also mention that with my identification was found that I was trafficking marijuana iligaly into the United States. I yelled at him that First of all when a Real Agent or Any Officer of the Law introduce himself to me or anyone they give their last name and that He did NOT do such thing,.
He said because I was yelling so much I did not hear it but it was Choy, Patrick Choy and I said I am driving and even though I pulled over to write all these things down to inform the official authorities. He continued that the next day which was suppossed to be today, there was an agent from the SSA to come to my home at 11 am this morning, and deliver a Clearance letter and a new Social Security number to me and a Form named SS15. after that I hang up the phone.
What idiots, and idiot me for giving away my last 4 and date of birth.

Another SSN Call Scam Alert. I've received several robo calls from a NY number (917)382-9118 and a CA number (619)274-8165 stating to enter the last four digits of my SSN or a search warrant will be issued for my arrest.

I have received over 150 calls from SPAMMERS, as much as I delete and block them they continue and continue. This is preposterous. This continues everyday. The telephone numbers appear like they are from USA i.e. 7 + 18 446-1010., that exchange is from Queens, NY. How are they are able to pipe into USA Exchange numbers? This is a bit much!!

I have blocked all the scams numbers on my phone when they call and it doesn’t work. They still call from the same number!!!!!

The title of this is about getting bombarded with scam calls yet the only one discussed is the SSA. I am so sick and tired of these calls and no one in the government/FTC/FCC seems to be doing anything to stop them!

6108591141 - please include this number in the Scammer list

I have a call screening app from Google where the caller has to say their name and the reason for their call. If they hang up I block the number, otherwise I can answer if it's legit. Works wonderfully.

I received a call from 800-967-9922 falsely claiming to be Soc Sec Ad and telling me to call because of a problem with my SSN

We pay for a telephone but a large part of it is rendered useless because of scammers. I miss calls from important sources often because I don't believe it's a real call ever. I will NEVER buy anything from a telemarketer and moreover I will never buy anything from them in any other manner.

I live in Canada. And i got this call from the UNITED STATES and i was like what person from the US call me? So i responded and said my social security thing was about to get suspended so in like what are you saying and i hung up

So I received a phone call today and it was a recorded message stating that your social security number is about to be suspended for it has Burn Notice in criminal activity please get back to us and the phone number was 2093588909 I was tempted to call it back but did not

The spoofed phone numbers, the numbers that show up on your phone as looking 'local' because the area code is the same as yours are really irritating. I got one of those today with a call back number out of state. It was a robo call that I did not pick up but it left a voice mail message demanding that I call back immediately or they would start legal action. The call was really strongly assertive and I can see how people might get sucked in, but I don't owe anyone any money, own my own house, own my car, no legitimate company demands that I call back but they don't leave the name of a person or the company and just threaten 'legal action' without indicating what the case is about. The FTC needs to do more about these scammers ability to make a fake number show up as the dailing number when the fact is it is some vastly different number. I am also on the Do Not Call list so they don't respect that at all. My phone used to be a landline, now it is a prepaid cell phone (transferred my original number) so every call, every message costs me money. I want this to stop! I am so sick of it and frankly a call demanding I call back immediately or face legal action goes way beyond being merely a nuisance call.

my parents received a call from an unknown number and a computer said that I was making harassing calls and for them to press one (1) to find out more information. They didn't and hung up as they know I don't do nonsense like that. I don't even live at home as I'm 49 and have my own residence and telephone number as well. This is obviously a scam to get personal information from them and wanted make others aware of this new scam.

The recording said my name and I have no idea how whoever it was even got my name and why they are doing this.

Yes I have received 4 phone calls from this number 501-806-1014.
4 robotic messages calling to tell me my Social Security number is in jeopardy and it is a bone chilling compromise of my financial information.
I called back only gave my first name and he stated one moment while I pull your files.
I said what files. He said again, your social security number has been compromised. He then asked me to verify my number! I laughed out load in his ear and he hung up!

They have bombarded my cell I block call but it still rings

We get so many robocalls, 'unknown person' and 'not assigned' calls that I could not count how many each day if I tried. We NEVER answer them. I received a call this morning from toll free number 800-308-1975 stating my SS# was suspended for "suspected fraudulent activity". Yea, right! Did the reverse look up as well and of course, 'no such number'. Really tired of these types of calls. We only answer if caller ID shows name or number we know. Everything else goes to voice mail and if something we know, we can return call.

Numbers 778-282-718 Richmond BC, 343-551-5237 Ottawa ON both are frauds

Been getting calls from 855-338-5095 threatening me

Even though I’m on the do not call registry, I keep getting calls from spoofed numbers which is extremely annoying. What has been done to deal with this issue?

My husband's phone goes off at 730a showing caller id as our 8 year old son's phone number. His phone is setup with parental controls and his phone was locked at the time. Checked his phone and he didn't make any calls at all. Checked my service provider for call logs and the call doesn't even show up as being received by my husband's phone.

I get phone calls without complete numbers...63289528 just now and one yesterday with only 3 numbers! I am so sick of it.

Over the last week now, I have received repeated robocalls from a women (robo voice) calling herself Marie Gomez regarding my social security # having been suspended due to "some reasons." The call then tells you to call (844) 222-6317 to resolve this. My called ID shows this number as the caller, and sometimes lists it as SPAM? 800 Service. Some calls show the caller ID as 800 Service (same number).

I received 10 Medicare Insurance calls yesterday on 10 different phone numbers, I don't answer and after they leave a Voice Mail I Block them, BUT, 10 in one Day!

I check my voice mail daily, but when I check it this morning it had a call from 2/6/2020 saying a lawsuit is being formed against my social security number and to call back at 6072038032. Have anyone else received a call like that? What can I do?

A individual claiming to be a Melissa Weaver from Carrier 1 Services stated a civil judgement against my mother was made and something to the effect of a federal mandated signature? She stated she would come to my mothers residence and if my mom was not home would be forced to come in my mothers residence? She stated you "have to contact me today". She gave a reference number to a complaint? Then she stated "failure to respond or will be missing a court appearance on your behalf" words to that effect.

Hi, by mistake, trying to block the number i called back, what can i do?

It is sad the government cannot get a handle on this but if you owe the government, they most assuredly will be diligent about securing what they think is owed.

Absolutely pathetic.

+1-844-270-3293 this number emailed me for my Debit card number offering me a iphone for $2

Asian voice woman called stating there is a suspicion of fraud use with my social security number and to call them at 407-867-6549. they left a voice mail...i did not call back! Be aware!!!

I received a call from +7 048617088 and it said, Russia. I picked up the call since my uncle passed away today in Russia and I though that relatives called me. I received a message that my social security benefits are suspended. I hung up immediately.

telephone # 1-818-279-2678 La Crescenta Ca tried to say my ss checks are being stopped

My call said, we are suspending your. S. S. C. Number for criminal activatity. To call (765-274-4503) to speak to someone about this matter. Yes its a scam,the ssc,never calls anyone about your ssc number.These scammer are so desprate now days.

800-474-9397 "Apple" called to inform me about a breach on my icloud account... then asked me to volunteer sensative information over the phone. I hung up.


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