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Getting bombarded by scam calls? You’re not alone.

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) scam is the number one scam reported to the FTC right now.

As soon as a caller threatens you, or demands you pay them with a gift card or by wiring money, it’s a scam. Even if the caller ID tells you otherwise.

If you get a call from someone claiming to be from the Social Security Administration, hang up the phone and remember:

  • Your Social Security number is not about to be suspended.
  • The real Social Security Administration will never call to threaten your benefits.
  • The real SSA will never tell you to wire money, send cash, or put money on a gift card.

Watch this video to see how scammers use threats and high-pressure tactics to try to con you. Learning about scams makes them much easier to avoid.  If you’ve received a call like this, tell your friends, family and neighbors about it. Tell them to hang up the phone and to report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

Social Security Administration Seal with Imposter Scam text


These callers are getting slick they block their numbers , I have just had a scam call from "amazon" stating they are auto charging my credit cared 149dollars and press 1 for refund , Today poorly recorded message on my cell states fraud activity on Soc .Security and call them to stop further action. Hiya already listed this as scam,do they ever stop .

"Credit Services" has been calling our number for 14 years even tho we are on the Do not call registry and have also transferred to speak to live person multiple times to request we be taken off their call list. They have called multiple times weekly on a regular basis and originally for years it was multiple times daily. They change their number regularly to keep you from being able to block them and they also spoof their number to look like it's family cell numbers and local numbers. Their name has changed along the years but always able to identify it's the same company. Once the Robo call went into effect, I called and reported them. But the calls continue. I also called AT&T since the company was spoofing numbers. I'm assuming the laws aren't actually set up to really do anything to prevent this

This ph number is a missing phone number that calls me. I searchef the number and find it is a missing number which leads me to a scam number. I do not answer number i am unaware .

I am receiving calls from this (346)2374971. They said that my social will be suspended for suspicious activities. Call this number. I called, the person who answer even gave a batch #.

just received a call from 206-366-7862 asking for the last four of my ss number. I am so sick of these calls.Blocking the numbers don't help and if you don't answer they leave a message and continue to call from other numbers. I have received calls from Japan, New Mexico, New York, Texas, Zimbabwe , etc. I think it's ridiculous.

I received a voicemail to call this number and it is a scam. Says they are SS and then when you get on the phone, they ask you your ss no. but I told the person with an accent that this was fraud and they hung up on me.

Received call from 410-927-3848. Left message for us to call them immediately to reinstate SS payments because SSA terminated them. Beware. Don't call back, it's a fraud. Good to remind older parents about this fraud.

So , what I am doing now is to call the number I am getting the calls from-from my office instead of my cell or home number. And guess what , the call goes to a vip,vip,vip and I block the number from my phone.

Calls on my cell about the IRS now. Complete scam. Message says to call 877 968 3413 immediately regarding the IRS

WHAT is being done regarding all these SS, SSDI, Gov't, and IRS scam and SPAM calls!!??

You can block numbers all you frustration is that scammers contiually spoof numbers. I've had the same scam come in on several different numbers. The carriers could do something about this, but that would hit them in the $$ pockets!

Today a call stating to avoid arrest by the "Feds" or the "Grand Jury," I need to call them back at 844-286-8160 immediately. Sounded like a synthetic voice, not a real person. They called twice within 30 minutes, using this number first, 332-219-7191. An obvious scam, robocall too.

Now the callers are getting more savvy and spoofing an actual local business name on the caller ID as well as the local number!
I had Lee Supply call me about my credit card of course, American health network selling car warranties, Executive Management, wanting my credit card numbers. Why can't this be stopped?? Are the scammers smarter than the phone companies??

I got a threatening call today from this number. Said he was officer somebody. Could not really understand because of his accent.
PSA: the Social Security Administration will always contact you in writing via the USPS. The only exception is if you call them and request a callback.
If anyone initiated a call to you claiming to be from the SSA demanding payment to avoid legal action, they are lying scammers! No exceptions!

I really think we need to start considering a closed loop system for cell phones. If the caller is not in your address book it does not make it through. This would cut the calls out period! However, it would also make it so you have to enter in someones phone number to do business with them. Could be more of a pain in the end.

Boy oh boy Programmer you've got that right. I try not to answer calls that don't show a name on the phone but I am hoping to hear from my son who maybe calling from other numbers. I like your idea about the callers not making it through if they are not on your phone book.

Every day I get several calls, all from different numbers. After the phone rings, the caller, who doesn't identify who or what company they represent, just says: "leave a message after the beep". Seems totally pointless as I always ignore it, but can't stop the calls due to the variety of tel numbers used. One day, it even had my phone number as the company, and my phone number as the caller. Weird!!

Fraudulent call from 323-431-8899. Saying that they are from Geek Squad and want to return the money to us because they are going out of business. They also wanted access to the computer. I have blocked them because this is not true here in California. Only some Best Buy stores and geek squad closed not all.

This number calls when I'm late paying mortgage. 647-475-1397. They have different number and sound like young asians

The most common robocall I get is concerning a vehicle extended warranty. The ones that say if you'd like to be removed from their list hit two. And press 1 if you want to talk to an associate about extending your vehicle warranty.
I ask them what care? When they say the one they're have on record, I then tell them that I don't own a car. They hang up every time. And usually a month goes by before they cold call me again. Lately I've be blocking their numbers after the hang up on me.

for the 1 that stated his phone provider only allows u to block 5 numbers at a time.....well,ur phone should also have its OWN blocking settings,and "IF NOT",ALLS ya NEED to do is download 1 of the apps that reveals and/or ignores spam calls,robo calls,any calls that are private/unknown name/number,from ur playstore,there all free,but of course like ALL apps,theres upgrade to get more services,even track the numbers current location,owner,and ya can even access their txt msgs,photos,call logs,contacts,and MUCH MORE INFO,on the numbers calling u.....but the basic app still provides blocking services.....the 1s i use,have used,are:phone reveal,should i answer,and 1 more i cant remember name of,but as i said,theres ALL KINDSA apps for this,and u WILL BE FULLY ABLE,as long as its a smart phone,to get around ur providers policy for blocking and U WILL BE ABLE TO BLOCK ANY_EVERY_ALL NUMBERS OF UR CHOICE,AS WELL AS,FOR BOTH 1S I LISTED,THEY BOTH TELL U ON UR CALL DISPLAY IF ITS A PREVIOUSLY REPORTED SPAM/SCAM/ROBO/UNKNOWN/COLLECTION AGENCY/AND OBV MORE LABELLED CALL WARNINGS I HAVENT SEEN,NOR NEEDED TO USE,YET!......SO I HOPE THIS HELPS YA OUT A BIT....UNLESS BY NOW U CHANGED UR PROVIDER OR FIGURED THIS ALL OUT ALREADY,(WHAT I EXPLAINED)ANYWAYS,HOPE THIS HELPS

so as everyone else I am receiving a lot of scam calls , today after I politely said I will not provide information they asking for ,the guy on other side said he is hacker and he will get me and my family . he threatens to destroy my life . So my question is, is there anything that can be done to protect people from being terrorized this way over the phone?

I geep getting calls frmo 417-586-7143 and 417-231-0896 Both of the are claiming my SS number are suspended this is definately a scam call. Just wanted to post in case others are getting this.

I have received hundreds of calls from US Life, selling final expense life insurance. I have asked them every time to remove my number and not call again. However, I get more calls. I have had at least 4 calls this week. This has gone one for over a year. How to stop them? The phone number is always different and never identifies the company as US Life. Today it was 404-621-1622.

i've always gotten these calls over the years but it has gotten to an insane level in the past month. they will call many times each day. i'm not understanding how they can do this & why no one at the federal level is doing anything to stop it or even acknowledge it

getting apple support scam calls all day today: constantly:


Since I called my cable company to cutoff my home phone number and gave them my mobile number, I have been inundated with scam calls on my mobile phone. There is noone to trust. Luckily my phone says “scam Call”. I quickly block it. Have been receiving calls from 2065084104. Guy with heavy Indian accent. It’s so heavy my voicemail can’t transcribe it. Now who would answer or return that call.

I registered for the do not call with the FTC in Dec2020 or Jan 2021 (cannot remember exactly the timeline)...
But I am STILL getting Multiple of 10-20 unknown and unwanted phone calls from ROBO or Actual people. Stating they are fromWith varying companies..
They are spam
I don't know how to stop them..
I'm disappointed at the moment with FTC . Because I thought that by registering. Those calls would stop. But infact it INCREASED. PLZ HELP ME

I had a phone appointment with Social Security. They didn't call until a week after the appointment was scheduled.. But a scammer called instead when my original appointment was suppose to be set.


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