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FTC videos: Rated “P” for People

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Videos from the Federal Trade Commission offer practical, useful, and memorable messages that can save you money, time, and aggravation. And they’re free.

We have videos that tell you how to protect your identity, avoid student loan debt relief scams, and how to spot scams against your small business. Other videos are about how to stay ahead of scammers, such as by signing up for free email updates from the FTC.

And now, for your viewing pleasure... a selection of the FTC’s top releases:

Best new release:


First-person stories:







Feature documentary:


Best short:

Check out our complete line-up of consumer videos. Share your favorites with family, friends and colleagues. Post our videos on social media, your blog, or website. You’ll find embed code in our media center.


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Thank you for these features.

I received an envelope with another name but my address. I handed it back to the postal employee as I could tell there was a credit card inside but I took a picture of the envelope which had the false name attached to my address. I felt this was a safety measure should this name pop up on anything else attached to my address.

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