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Is that text message about your FedEx package really a scam?

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You may be skeptical when someone you don’t know sends you a text message you didn’t expect and it tells you to click on a link. Maybe that little voice in your head starts talking to you. I know mine does. It says, “Hmm, this could be a scam. Maybe someone wants to steal my personal information. Or get me to pay for something.”

I guess that's why scammers come up with new stories all the time, like a package tracking scam we're hearing about. Here's how it works.

Scammers send a text message with a fake shipment tracking code and a link to update your delivery preferences. In this case, the message says it’s from FedEx.

But they might use the name of another well-known shipping company, or the good old U.S. Postal Service.

Cue that skeptical little voice in your head. Here’s what it might be thinking:

  • “Was I expecting a package delivery?”
  • “Did I send a package to someone?”
  • “Did I ask for text notifications?”

Tip: If you get an unexpected text message, don’t click on any links. If you think it could be legit, contact the company using a website or phone number you know is real. Don’t use the information in the text message.

In this version of the scam the link takes you to a fake Amazon website. There, you're invited to take a customer satisfaction survey. And you might just win a free prize. But to get it, you have to give them your credit card number to pay for shipping.

Hopefully that wise little voice in your head is thinking:

  • “I shouldn't have clicked that link!”
  • “Why would a link to my package delivery preferences take me to an unrelated website?”
  • “You said the prize was free, but now I need to pay. What else am I agreeing to pay for?”
  • “I really shouldn’t have clicked on that link!”

Tip: Some companies offer so-called “free trials” that come with hidden costs. Here’s what you should consider before you sign up for a free trial offer.

Scammers may be turning to text messages as a new tactic. But there’s a lot you can do right now to protect yourself. Read How to Recognize and Report Spam Text Messages to learn what to do about spam text messages and how to report them.

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I got that kind of I know it's a scam thanks for the information

even though your number is in the Don't call registry, those calls can still get through regardless.

I am in a problem.

I received this today. It said I was to get “perquisited” and this link.

Is this a scam?

That text mesaage above i received one just like it and opened the link but never put any information as it took me to a competition first which i found weird. Now that ive opened the link does that a mean ive let them hack me?
Also the other two numbers just messaged things like how many and coming. When i tried to call the number it says caller cant accept the call.
Any information would be applicabled.

I just got one in messages that said my order has been received.

Just got e-mail date today from Fedex with delivery date Feb 20, 2020. Logos look good, but not expecting package. Watch out for scammers!

I received a text from “FedEx “ and did not click on the link. I did however answer “ wrong number “. Am I ok?

Why take the risk of a potential threat. All delivery services first attempt to physically deliver packages and leave a receipt stating their attempt. DO NOT EVER REPLY TO ANY TEXT. Most people don’t know that the initial reply is the gateway to a virus. Simply write down the info, delete the text and contact a valid number to inquire the legitimacy of the offer. Scams are quite clever these days so take all precautions necessary. Hope this is helpfully.

Don’t get greedy for an I-Phone.
I got a messages last night , that I am supposed to click the link to schedule the FEDEX delivery of my “ free I-Phone 11 “ . But have to pay a surcharge of one dollar for the delivery.
I presume clicking on the provided link gets to the “ input your card number for the one dollar fee . “
Closed out and deleted the message.

I got the same text! Definitely a scam! Was expecting a package so clicked the text message and link to see about delivery..... then saw it said free i-phone 11 delivery and I did not click the OK just closed out and deleted message. HOpefully nothing happened to my phone

+1 (917) 753-2738 and +1 (562) 476-9836 these two phone number have sent me these same texts. I immediately blocked the numbers and deleted the texts and never clicked on any link.

Got a text supposedly from FedEx complete with tracking number stating I missed delivery. I went to the real FedEx site and put the tracking number in and it came back with “Invalid”.

Same thing with me. I copied the text message I received and sent it to the FedEx abuse email.

I keep getting messages about u trying to deliver a phone and no one home I am at home all the time and havebtirderfd

I thought it was strange that the message started that it would "dispose" the package if not scheduling delivery or pickup by tomorrow

I get text messages from FedEX every few days saying that I wasn't home and they need to set up a delivery date. I have never opened the link but I do text them back with "Nice try."

I have been receiving these type of text messages for several weeks now each text comes from a different phone number showing on the text. The text message I received today says to contact them at the link in the text message today or the product will be destroyed.
This is definitely a scam and I still wonder how these scammers get your cell phone number.

This is a great site to check! Today I got one from fake FedEx and fake Netflix. Seem to be getting a lot lately. I wish these people would use their energy for something helpful

I have received a few messages with an identical message. The phone number is 9292139765. I do not receive messages like this when I order other items from Amazon or other delivering vendors. BEWARE!

I get this Fed ex text every morning at 6am from a different number each time. How do I stop this????

I keep getting texts from someone who says his name is John. One day he's from Fedex next text he's from UPS. This has been going on for about 2 weeks! Started yesterday at 5:00am! I don't even have anything ordered. Today he claimed he lost my address and wanted me to give it to him, no!

this is great news and information for me. I am, Overwhelmed with text messages.

I just received a weird txt yesterday. What was strange is that I did just have a pkg delivered by fed ex, so they must have gotten my info somehow. The msg said: Hi, This is Todd from fedex, I've tried to deliver your pkg twice, to no avail. Can you please schedule here, with a weird link. I'm here all day working from home, so I know I have not had anyone else trying to deliver a package. Not clicking on the link!

My mother got a text that said this is Ian from FedEx we have tried to deliver a package twice please click this link and unfortunately she clicked it and then it went on to ask her to fill out some stuff like when would you like it to be delivered I eat during the week on weekends and is this a business or a residential address and so forth and then it went on to say that she would need to pay $2 and enter credit card information. Show clearly it is a scam and the link was not to or anything like that it was one of those random letters and number links which makes no sense because is so much simpler to remember... Anyway beware of text like that

I have received the exact same message from Ian at fed ex several times. The first time I did click on the link I read what it said not entering anything. I found out it was an IPhone 11. I knew for sure it wasn't real. I have been a Samsung Galaxy person every since I started using a cell phone. I got out blocked the number and deleted it. Of course there still coming from new #. Now I keep on blocking and deleting. It is so frustrating!

I just received a message from 716-419-2802. It says: "Ive tried to deliever your item twice, but no avail. Can you please schedule here:"

For sure scam

Forward texts like these to Verizon ( if you have a Verizon account) to 7726. Messages sent to 7726 are shared with security providers to help prevent scam. Don't expect them to stop though, they just use a different number. I still report them anyway and then block them every time. It may help.

I continue to receive a text message from Todd with FedEx that he has tried twice for delivery and wanting me to reschedule delivery using the included link. First, I know I am not expecting any delivery and second, feel sure this a scam. Not sure if they monitor this phone for text, but just in case, I sent a text stating "that I will be home all day, please feel free to deliver." Curious to see if I get another message.

I get that message saying this is (Ted) or (James) and others, "we have tried twice to deliver your package #××××××and please contact us at www.******** . I have not ever clicked into it and block them but 5 more times during the day I get another from a different phone #, Really aggravating to say the least!!

I received the same text from Todd today stating he'd tried to deliver a FEDEX package twice, to no avail. I did respond back that I'd be at home after 5 pm. I was there until after 6 pm and no package. After reading through a good many of the comments at this website, I see that the same scammers are still at work!! I hope I haven't opened a can of worms by responding to this criminal. Also, I believe I received an e-mail from this fellow calling himself Todd a while back. I don't believe I clicked on any links at that time and probably just deleted it. It's a shame that there are so many liars these days claiming to be something they're not. I believe it just another sign of the times we live in!!

I received this text also from FedEx. Ian was the name given. It says “ Hey Shannon” to begin with. The “hey” seemed a little too personal. The confirmation number does bring you to another site. There is a pic of the package, opened and the iPhone displayed. Another red flags. Why would FedEx open your package? Don’t get scammed!

I have been receiving txt. Messages from “fedex” stating they have tried to deliver a pkg to me. They want me to click on the link ( I haven’t) They even said the driver’s name is Ted. SCAM!

Here is the text message I received and it looked legit. I clicked on the link and it told me to schedule a date to deliver it but it also said I had to pay a delivery fee which I know is a scam. Also, the phone number is non-working. Here is the message I received

Hey Kathleen, this is Todd from Fedex. I've tried to deliver your item twice, but to no avail. Can you please schedule here:

I keep getting text messages from someone by the name of Ted from FedEx. He keeps stating that he trying to make a delivery attempt and I need to clik on the link. I blocked the number and he turned around and using another number. This is has been on ever since this pandemic started.

I just received a text message from FedEx saying that they had tried to deliver my package twice and if I were to click on the link and confirm all of my information I would receive my package. That led me to this site. I did not click on the link, but I did Google 'Is there currently scam involving Fed Ex?' That led me to this site. Glad I didn't click on it, I will in fact block the number. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be notifying anyone or not as I'm a little leery of clicking on the link in this article regarding how to identify if you're being scammed, lol. So I'll just block the number at this point and if I get more texts, I'll just continue to block them as well. Thank you for the info.

This is what I got and do not have a package coming
You have (1) package waiting in our warehouse, ready to be delivered. Use your tracking number to track and receive your package

received this by tex from this number 1-321-578-6132,This is Ben from Fedex,I've been trying to deliver your items twice, but to no vail,go to this link ,emmixcpa2m

I have submitted more than 50 of these scam texts. Does FTC do anything about them? FTC never seems to report their work or any progress, or if they do, I don't know where to find it.

I’ve submitted a bunch of complaints about these & UPS TEXTS. Seems I get more every day. It’s like playing that game “whack a mole” every day!

I got a text from FedEx saying they tried delivering twice and to click the link. Now, I’ve ordered a few things so my alarm bells didn’t go off until after id replied and clicked the link. I closed the tab immediately but am I at risk now...?

I did click on the link but did not send any info back. They just sent another text trying to set up delivery from FedEx. The logo looks real. They’re good. Will they be able to get into my info since I did click on the link yesterday?

Thank you for verifying and keeping this info out on the web for consumers!!

How do you stop this from happening?. It’s either Ian or Travis !

After ignoring a link in a text about a “FedEx” package delivery, FedEx actually delivered a legit package to my house. I’m still NOT sorry I didn’t click on the link in the original text and I will NEVER click on a link in a text OR email. If it’s important, my business associates and family know how to reach me.

Receiving text messages from unknown senders is a constant problem. It happens at all times of day and night. Your name and phone is all over the web so it’s hard to stop the text and calls. I registered on the do not call list which is supposed to limit, not completely stop, calls and text within 30 days.
Try that .

If you google your phone number there will be all kinds of sites that have your name, address, including past ones . Your age and name of relatives. If you have the time and patience you can request to be removed from the list.

Got a text the other day i just deleted it i knew i wasnt expecting nor had i sent anything

Who can report text scams to? There needs to be some sort of repercussions for these crooks!!!!!

Is there a way to know who is trying to scam me? They are using my real name, which I don’t have linked to my phone number in any way.


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