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Checks from the government

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As the Coronavirus takes a growing toll on people’s pocketbooks, there are reports that the government will soon be sending money by check or direct deposit to each of us. The details are still being worked out, but there are a few really important things to know, no matter what this looks like.

1. The government will not ask you to pay anything up front to get this money. No fees. No charges. No nothing.

2. The government will not call to ask for your Social Security number, bank account, or credit card number. Anyone who does is a scammer.

3. These reports of checks aren’t yet a reality. Anyone who tells you they can get you the money now is a scammer.

Look, normally we’d wait to know what the payment plan looks like before we put out a message like this. But these aren’t normal times. And we predict that the scammers are gearing up to take advantage of this.

So, remember: no matter what this payment winds up being, only scammers will ask you to pay to get it. If you spot one of these scams, please tell the Federal Trade Commission: We’re doing our best to stop these scammers in their tracks, and your report will help.

Keep up to date with the latest Coronavirus-related scams at or by signing up to get these consumer alerts.


Yes or no...will ssi recipients get a check?

Does SSI get a stimulus check also and if not why that's not fair especially if homless

I received social security and VA disability, will I receive from COVID -19 Stimulus . I am 68 and married.

im on SSI and Vet bennies... how do i get this?

Will people unemployed receive a check

I get social security and V A disability will I get a stimulus check

Will people on disability or Social Security who don't file taxes receive a check

I don't think there are any trusted news sources left these days.

How about a list of supposedly "trusted news sources"

There are no trusted news services anymore. Can You Point me the Way When You find One????

I'm a home owner that's married, I also have 2 of my grandchildren for the past year. I have my own lawn and tree service. But since the virus begin. I have been out of work completely. And all my bills are due. How am I to servive. And take care of my responsibility. With No income. When my monthly bills are$2400

People on SSI have been effected by the pandemic to.
Some have had to put off rent and gone without food to keep disinfectant's to stay safe.

I agree!! We didn't ask for this viruses..and once again they leave to poor in the hole..

Thanks for being nice to the poor. God will protect us like he always had!!

Will I get a check

Will I get a check I’m on ssi

Are people on disability getting a stimulus check and how much

They aren't saying yet. We have to wait and see what the House decides. Was told it should be voted on before Monday.

I receive disability payments which is not very much. This is all I have to survive on! I do not feel that it would be fair to exclude "us", as we are people that are struggling to get by as it is. We are the "needy", we are the "poor"! Every american that falls under this status should rightfully get the help as well. It would be inhumane and unjust to exclude us. Quit squabbling over who gets what and just HELP US NOW!!! WE NEED MONEY NOW!!!!

I totally agree, I make less then 800 a month, we should NOT BE LEFT OUT....

I agree but can't get a stinker answer. You pay taxes all your life to get you disability from Social Security. Wouldn't that be discrimination we are the poorest

Hopefully they will include us on SSI were strugiling to get my to

I agree 100% on what your saying. We on SSI & SSDI matter also. If they forget about us in our time of need we may forget about them when the voting comes around too. We are the poorest ones out there . Month to month on the lowest income possible & should NEVER BE OVERLOOKED.

Yes we do matter and I hope. We get that money.. it’s not fair if we don’t.. I paid taxes my whole life. And I can’t work anymore. I hope the government does the right thing

The poor of the poorest don't file taxes, I believe if you make under 25 000.00 your not required, the people who need it the most sound like they will not receive checks
All senior need to band together if Congress pass this we will vote for the other party they will not win the election if they forget about us please pass on

I certainly hope they Old Boys of Washington DC, are not forgetting about the old boys and girls that paid their dues. I hope seniors will be getting a check. We vote you know. This would be quite a mistake if you discriminate against your own Americans.

Will I get a stimulous check from the government because I am waiting for a decision from SSI. I have not been awarded permanent disability yet and therefore can not work either. I need help. This money from the government would really help me at this time. I hope they make the right decision and give people like me a check too. We need help as bad as the next person

Do wet all get checks who are on ssi disability.

Will SSI get disability relief

Will people on SSI disability get the $1,200 soon ?

Yes I believe everyone is getting the check. But why people who didn't work to begin with aren't out of work so why should they get it.

What about the baby boomers on ss checks do we get a checks?

will i get stimulus check

Are people on Disability getting stimulus checks and how much

Are SSDI getting help with a check.

Will people on disability get a stimulus check?

Are people on social security getting checks

are people on ss getting cks

I receive social security and IRA, will I get a check?

Don't think so

I don't file taxes anymore. Social Security checks . But I have 2 grandkids living with ud. Would we get a check?

My husband and I are living on social security. Will we get a stimulus check?

pay my rent with my social security check and I would use a stimulus check.

As of today, there are no confirmed details about any stimulus money. Watch for updates from trusted news sources to find the latest.

Will I get a check im on SSI hopefully we all can

I hope the disabled get a check. Ive had to buy all kinds of cleaning supplies, masks, gloves etc. It would be nice especially if they want our vote.

If I am signed up for auto payments from ssi will this process be used for the stimulus payment or is there some other way we need to sign up for autopayment

Will I receive a check for

Will I receive a coroner virus check

i hope we do seniors could use it

Will people's on disability get a check too

Yes I wants to know if people on disability and the homeless people will be getting a check to


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