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Checks from the government

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As the Coronavirus takes a growing toll on people’s pocketbooks, there are reports that the government will soon be sending money by check or direct deposit to each of us. The details are still being worked out, but there are a few really important things to know, no matter what this looks like.

1. The government will not ask you to pay anything up front to get this money. No fees. No charges. No nothing.

2. The government will not call to ask for your Social Security number, bank account, or credit card number. Anyone who does is a scammer.

3. These reports of checks aren’t yet a reality. Anyone who tells you they can get you the money now is a scammer.

Look, normally we’d wait to know what the payment plan looks like before we put out a message like this. But these aren’t normal times. And we predict that the scammers are gearing up to take advantage of this.

So, remember: no matter what this payment winds up being, only scammers will ask you to pay to get it. If you spot one of these scams, please tell the Federal Trade Commission: We’re doing our best to stop these scammers in their tracks, and your report will help.

Keep up to date with the latest Coronavirus-related scams at or by signing up to get these consumer alerts.


The homeless are the people that need the money the most. Or people who have been out of work for a very long time. This stimulus check should be for everybody who needs it, just not the people who are laid off temporarily.

Iam on social security will I receive a stimulus check

People that are on Social Security Disability do we get a stimulus check as well

Will people on social security disability receive a check?

Am on social security disability. Will I get a stimulus check

I'm 56 yrs old, I've been on disability approximately three years, I currently get $857.00 a month and my grandson carries me as a dependent 2 years now. If coronavirus checks are given will I get one? Thanks in advance

I have been on disability for 2 year i would to know if I will get a stimulus check.

Do we have to file a tax return even if we haven’t in a while

I this is what think if they go by taxes foled and you are a dependent on another person taxes you may not get one directly but the person who has you as a dependent possibly could get it so in long way you would get it indirectly, (does that make since)

Im in the same boat. Sir my daughter claims me now if your grandson filed taxes in 2018 and claimed you dont quote me ? But i think he will get 1200$ and dependants? Get a extra 500$ for each dependant but i dont know ? If this is just for dependant children or parents? Grandparents ect... But really i paid into the system i started working at 15 yrs old and took care of my mom and brother my was in a wheelchair i worked very hard in steel toes all my working life so

Yes I live off of disability had a stroke last year practice my speech and then I had a major heart attack and I am on disability will I be getting a check if I'm getting disability I don't get enough as it is for my bills so I was just wondering if I would be getting one to help my family my wife and my grandson was with me thank you

If you are on a medical retirement and social security will you be receive a stimulus package.

I am on Social Security, will I get a stimulus?

Will seniors on social security receive stimulus check?No one mentions people on social security only workers and businesses. Thank you

I am retired, but I work almost full time as a substitute teacher, I need this because my retirement doesn't give enough to pay my wifes's cronic illness costs of living.

We should but we not paying taxes the ones on SSDI

ive been on ssi since 2012 also will i get a check...i get $801 a month......

the 202o stimulas if any at vall must include service connected disabled veterans and social security seniors at the same money amount or nothing at all

Can you tell me if you are on disability will I get any money and if so how much

If you on disability is you qualified

I am on ssi and retired this year at 62

Will people who receive SSDI receive a stimulus check.

If I’m on unemployment now am I eligible for the stimulus check?

How will the people that’s on ssi get their coronaviris check Will they get it through their ssi direct deposit

I'm concerned about people on Social Security Disability being omitted from the stimulus benefits

Me too. I am paralyzed and one on SSDI

I am on ssdiand i have in home care do i recieve any stimulos money?

Do people on disability SSI going to get the stimulus check also

Will somebody plz answer the question of ur on disability do we get checks

As of today, there are no confirmed details about any stimulus money. Watch for updates from trusted news sources to find the latest.

They have stated many times they don't know anything yet

Im on disability and have not payed taxes for 28 years will i get the the check due to this virus.

Do people on ssi get a stimulus check

I’m wondering myself too

I only get $783 a month. I'm on SSI and barely making it from month to month. Will I get help with a stimulus check if the bill passes?

I was shocked when I heard

I also received same amount $700 for Social Security disability and retirement I'm not old enough to get my full retirement and I don't make enough to get file taxes will I get a check


Will people on ssi get an extra check this month because of the Coronavirus?

I am on ssdi. Will I get the check that the government is giving out?

Will people on disability get a stimulus check

I am on disability would I qualify for a stimulus check.

Will people on disability get a stimulus check

I'm on SSI will I get a check

I'm on SSI. Will I get a stimulus check also or because I'm on SSI I won't get anything. I will come check the check anyway and now when my SSI check comes in next day I'm broke. Well I get help if the bill passes?

Will I get a check when the government if I'm not working right now

Are you going to help people on disability

I have read that the government will be using 2018 income tax return information. So if you don't file tax returns, you are not eligible as a "tax payer" and will not receive a check. That is of course subject to change.

I'm on disability I dont file tax return. Will they deposit my stimulus check in my SSDI direct deposit account?

Do people on ssi get a stimulus check


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