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Checks from the government

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Please visit Coronavirus stimulus payment scams: What you need to know for the most recent information.

As the Coronavirus takes a growing toll on people’s pocketbooks, there are reports that the government will soon be sending money by check or direct deposit to each of us. The details are still being worked out, but there are a few really important things to know, no matter what this looks like.

1. The government will not ask you to pay anything up front to get this money. No fees. No charges. No nothing.

2. The government will not call to ask for your Social Security number, bank account, or credit card number. Anyone who does is a scammer.

3. These reports of checks aren’t yet a reality. Anyone who tells you they can get you the money now is a scammer.

Look, normally we’d wait to know what the payment plan looks like before we put out a message like this. But these aren’t normal times. And we predict that the scammers are gearing up to take advantage of this.

So, remember: no matter what this payment winds up being, only scammers will ask you to pay to get it. If you spot one of these scams, please tell the Federal Trade Commission: We’re doing our best to stop these scammers in their tracks, and your report will help.

Keep up to date with the latest Coronavirus-related scams at or by signing up to get these consumer alerts. 

Updated link added on April 21, 2020.


I'm on disability will I get the stimulus money.

Yes or no...will ssi recipients get a check?

I’m on so and soc sec my boyfriend claimed me last year 2018 but this year I filed and so did he not claming me will I get a stimulus check

if a person unemployed, not on public assistant and no bank account will they still be eligible for the stimulus check and if so how will the get it? Thank you.

Does SSI get a stimulus check also and if not why that's not fair especially if homless

I received social security and VA disability, will I receive from COVID -19 Stimulus . I am 68 and married.

im on SSI and Vet bennies... how do i get this?

Dear Mr I'm 68 and married you should receive $2,400.00 ifim understanding correct. Single adult 1,200.00 married couples $2,400 family of 2 adults 2 children $3,400.00 each child after that $500.00 was my understanding of it. Hope this helps.

I get SSDA Will I get a stimulus Check


Will people unemployed receive a check

I get social security and V A disability will I get a stimulus check

Yes you are included in the distribution of.


DTG HYHAND, I’m in the same boat as ya. I’m also curious, to see what if anything would we have to fill out or do to receive our stimulus checks.

Do people getting SSA and SSI have fill out a form stimu chech

I am all SSI been on that 20 years almost 33 of it but I'm I'm living on the landlord paying $550 a month that's the only income I got coming in right now I'm also running back and forth to the doctors and stuff like that I have a primary care doctor but in the best of dad needs like clown been food enough personal needs and stuff like that I was just wanting to know when I get my stimulus check

Me too can't find answer

On on SSD will I get a check

Hi Barry Have you gotten an answer to your question yet? Or did you find out some other way? I have the exact same question!

Will people on disability or Social Security who don't file taxes receive a check

Don’t understand why I haven’t received stimulus checks yet. On social security if paper when are they coming

Will I get a check I get a va com check

I don't think there are any trusted news sources left these days.

How about a list of supposedly "trusted news sources"

There are no trusted news services anymore. Can You Point me the Way When You find One????

I'm a home owner that's married, I also have 2 of my grandchildren for the past year. I have my own lawn and tree service. But since the virus begin. I have been out of work completely. And all my bills are due. How am I to servive. And take care of my responsibility. With No income. When my monthly bills are$2400

People on SSI have been effected by the pandemic to.
Some have had to put off rent and gone without food to keep disinfectant's to stay safe.

I agree!! We didn't ask for this viruses..and once again they leave to poor in the hole..

Thanks for being nice to the poor. God will protect us like he always had!!

I am on SSD and SSI i only make 800.00 a month my landlord made me get out to pay my rent. I told her i have heart problems and lung disease. But told me i had to go and pay my rent. I would like to know do i qualifies me for the stimulus package.
I could really use it my rent i had to pay 675.00 a month every month. So please can someone get back to me and let me know something. I would appreciate it. Thank you cathy Woodward

Please go to for updates and information about who is eligible for a payment.  The website says 

The IRS website says if you get Social Security retirement, disability (SSDI), or survivor benefits, it has your information and you will receive $1,200. 

I think it's awful if we dont recieve benefits as well. I'm also on ssi and I recieve 783.00 a month. Not gonna make it i will lose everything.

Will I get a check

Will I get a check I’m on ssi

What do I have to do to get a coronavirus check if I was on SSI

Hi, I’m on SSDI. Will I also get a government relief check from the effects on me from this virus?

Finding a “Trusted news source” is like saying Saying “tie your shoes with you hands behind your back”... that’s just not possible..

Please go to the IRS page about economic impact payments for official updates and more information.

I am in NY State. I am self-employed. I applied for NY State unemployment 5 weeks ago, knowing I would be denied. This is what I was told to do for the PUA process. Any word on when the PUA will be available for the self-employed?

Are people on disability getting a stimulus check and how much

They aren't saying yet. We have to wait and see what the House decides. Was told it should be voted on before Monday.

I receive disability payments which is not very much. This is all I have to survive on! I do not feel that it would be fair to exclude "us", as we are people that are struggling to get by as it is. We are the "needy", we are the "poor"! Every american that falls under this status should rightfully get the help as well. It would be inhumane and unjust to exclude us. Quit squabbling over who gets what and just HELP US NOW!!! WE NEED MONEY NOW!!!!

I totally agree, I make less then 800 a month, we should NOT BE LEFT OUT....

I agree but can't get a stinker answer. You pay taxes all your life to get you disability from Social Security. Wouldn't that be discrimination we are the poorest

Hopefully they will include us on SSI were strugiling to get my to

I keep being denied for ssi and ssd go to 3 and 4 doctors ..worked all my life ..had no choice had to get on welfare but C ant get stimulus check..what are they saying for people like forced me to d ss help

I totally agree with you!!! I know this sounds stupid but I sent an email to the White House if they even read it.
I am on disability as well and I explained we need money too. Just cuz we have less money we shouldn't be excluded.
I spent the last little money on extra cleaning supplies, food etc..

It is NOT fair for us to be be excluded. We need it more then some people. Weather anyone agrees or not. We need to survive too. This is not our fault the viruses came. We are trying to get past us too..

So the government needs to please step up and recognize us that are on benefits and have health problems and are disabled.
Just because we dont make enough to file taxes doesnt mean we have to suffer. We always suffer do to us being on benefits. It is so unfair.


I’m just as anxious to get this answer too. I put n over 30 years working about 70 hours per week on salary. ( if only it had been hourly) The amount I receive in SSDI, after paying my rent , (I live alone)the medicare mandatory 144.60 and my medicare supplement policy 157.00 I’m left with $79 dollars for food and utilities. I’m always in the red raking up credit cards. Just to survive I don’t eat more than once very other day. We are the needy and also affected by this. I’ve had to Uber several times to get medications where my elderly father has always done. I lied and say they are delivering during this crisis just to keep him home safe. I’m with you! I need to know now!

I agree 100% on what your saying. We on SSI & SSDI matter also. If they forget about us in our time of need we may forget about them when the voting comes around too. We are the poorest ones out there . Month to month on the lowest income possible & should NEVER BE OVERLOOKED.

I'm with yal I'm 72 and I need it just like everyone else. It would not be fair to us. It has made me feel really bad that I dont count


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