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Checks from the government

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Please visit Coronavirus stimulus payment scams: What you need to know for the most recent information.

As the Coronavirus takes a growing toll on people’s pocketbooks, there are reports that the government will soon be sending money by check or direct deposit to each of us. The details are still being worked out, but there are a few really important things to know, no matter what this looks like.

1. The government will not ask you to pay anything up front to get this money. No fees. No charges. No nothing.

2. The government will not call to ask for your Social Security number, bank account, or credit card number. Anyone who does is a scammer.

3. These reports of checks aren’t yet a reality. Anyone who tells you they can get you the money now is a scammer.

Look, normally we’d wait to know what the payment plan looks like before we put out a message like this. But these aren’t normal times. And we predict that the scammers are gearing up to take advantage of this.

So, remember: no matter what this payment winds up being, only scammers will ask you to pay to get it. If you spot one of these scams, please tell the Federal Trade Commission: We’re doing our best to stop these scammers in their tracks, and your report will help.

Keep up to date with the latest Coronavirus-related scams at or by signing up to get these consumer alerts. 

Watch these videos for more tips on how to avoid ecomonic impact payment scams:

FTC tips to avoid economic impact payment scams

Updated link added on April 21, 2020.


I’m a citizen who filed joint return with a Non resident alien and I, to,d I won’t even get the $1200 for myself- Now that’s real bad-

If my tax refund checks get printed at Liberty Tax Service is this how I will receive the stimulus check?

Okay my husband and I filed taxes electronically last year, but we ended up paying some federal taxes. Since we didn't get a return from the federal government last year, does this effect us getting stimulus check? Together we make under 140,000. We are both over 65.

I just turned 18 in February and I've never filed taxes so my question is do people who just turned 18 in 2020 get a check and if so how

I filed my taxes 1/28/2020 and I still haven’t received my check or my taxes. My bank account information hasn’t changed and I’ve always filed every year. Is my tax return stopped my stimulus check from coming???

Will I get help I live off of link card for food and stay at home with my kids I don't work does that mean I cant get help

What form do you fill out to get your check into your bank account

Please go to the IRS page about economic impact payments for official updates and information about how to give the IRS your bank account information.

I'm am on social security but my filed my tax under his name will I still get check that everyone else is getting

We received 1,200.00 I thought married couples would receive 2,400.00. If we met the required which we do. How do I find out why did we only receive 1,200.00 or will we receive another payment at a later date?

Please go to the IRS page about economic impact payments for official updates and information about eligibility.


I receive sad and have not needed to file for 2019 or2020. Will they send me a check? That’s sad that I get

Why didn't we get our stimulus check on our direct express card yet

Will L&I people be getting stimulus checks?

I didn't get mine yet 04/16/2020

Will get check

will i get a check a stimulus check .i am 78 and on ss with direct deposit.and have a bank acc.

The Social Security Administration website says people who get Social Security retirement, survivors, or disability beneficiaries and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients, and who do not have qualifying children under age 17 do not need to take any action with the IRS. You will automatically receive your $1,200 economic impact payment directly from the IRS. You should receive the automatic payments by direct deposit, Direct Express debit card, or by paper check, just as you would normally receive your Social Security benefits.

How does a retired couple who did not file income tax report for 2019 receive their $1200 checks automatically ?

Please go to the IRS page about economic impact payments for official updates and information about eligibility.

But it dont state that if you were claim as a dependent you get nothing.But the irs states it clearly..Old adults on ssa or SSI that was claimed as a dependent even for half a year you don't get nothing and my daughter didn't get any extra refund for claiming me ..

I have not worked since 2014 due to severe health issues and my doctor putting me on medical leave of absence from work. Meanwhile, I am helping take care of my disabled mother while waiting for my disability to come through. I filed for the Stimulus payment on TurboTax yet still have yet to receive a payment and the IRS website keeps crashing. Am I eligible for a stimulus payment?

I have a 19 years old who is a student and he applies for taxes and I add him as an independent .does he still can receive stimulus package or No?

I am on SSDI and on that take care of my husband and myself. I misunderstood they said I didn't have to do anything but had to do a paper for my husband. I didn't do a joint filing how do I fix this

I am on disability and received only $289 on my account the 10th of April. Am I getting the rest or just that.

I am on SSDI using the ssi card, I have a child that also has her SSDI money coming on my card. Do I need to do anything to make sure the $500 shows up for her also? And of course; how soon will this take place. Ty

It shows my stimulus check got deposited on Wednesday the 15th but NOT to my account!!! What should I do or what can I do, Im a single mom & really NEED this money like everybody else!! :( Please help!!

I would like to know when I am going to get my Stimulus check on my Direct express card I keep checking and nothing

We paid in the last couple of years. So government does not have my account numbers. Will they mail my check? We do qualify according to the calculator.

I'm Social Security disabled and I get a 1099 form and direct deposit, I haven't gotten my money yet

It is May 10th and I never got a deposit either. I am on disability and I live alone. I get direct deposit. I don't have a payee either.

Will something change to allow disabled veterans to receive stimulus checks the same way that recent changes have been made to accommodate other citizens?

I live on SSDI. Why have I not rec’d a stimulus check?

I am or was in a hard place before all this hit, I was unable to file taxes this year and receive food assistance. I'm prolly not qualified to receive this stipend correct?

My mom passed away in Feb 2020 and I filed her last tax return for her.
She received a stimulus payment. What do I do with it?

when I check on Covid 19 check it says cannot determine your eligibility
I have filled my tax for 2018 and 2019?

im a barber and had a stroke last year, but I did file taxes. do I GET THE stimulus check.

I'm trying to find out if my taxes was done on a Jackson hewitt serve card, will my stemulus be loaded on there as well. I cant get no info on irs portal are any Jackson hewitt office

If your disabled and your child claimed u on the 2019 taxes but not 2018 and only 6 months out of a year and didnt get money back for claiming you but because it was done we wont be getting a stimulus payment and that's just plain out wrong..yes I will be at the voter's box and I know who I will not help put in office its just wrong to tell me I was getting the payment and I didn't have to do anything to get it ..But now we will not be getting the money and me and my husband do live alone now and we are not understanding why they didn't just come out and if your on a tax return and your older and disabled in 2019 and claimed as a dependent you will not get the payment.its just wrong to have us thinking we were getting

I got hurt on the job back at the end of 2018 went through 2019 with workers comp only to be told that I have permanent damage developed pancreatitis, had finally got my ssi dr appointment which I had waited on since last year to have it canceled because of the Coronavirus I have a low immune system do to the injury from my PANCREAS and lost most of the usage of my left hand have not been able to go back to work now waiting been waiting for my ssi disability so now I check to see if I get a Coronavirus check for it to tell me not sure if I qualify why is that I've done everything to get the appointment to see your DR to clear me for my disability now with my immune system I am at high risk for the virus BUT YET I DON'T QUALIFY IVE ALWAYS PAID MY TAXES AND HAVE WORK UP TO I GOT HURT ON THE JOB JUST TO HAVE TO FIGHT FOR WHAT IVE been PAID had to fight workers comp and won. HOW ABOUT THIS JUST GIVE ME MY MONEY THAT I PAID IN TO SOCIAL SECURITY AND IF I SPEND ALL MY MONEY THEN ITS ON ME BECAUSE IT SEEM YOU DO ALL THE RIGHT THINGS BUT GET NO HELP THAT I PAID FOR THE MONEY THAT WAS TOOKING OUT OF MY PAYCHECK EACH WEEK FOR JUST IF I GET HURT OR RETIRE IT WOULD BE THERE NOW MY RETIRE AGE IS GOING TO PUT ME IN MY 70 BEFORE I CAN GET IT SO WITH THE DAMAGE DONE TO MY PANCREAS I WILL NOT LIVE THAT LONG SO JUST GIVE ME MY MONEY SCENES I DONT QUALIFY FOR THE CORONAVIRUS CHECK AND THAT IVE WAITED ALMOST 6 MONTHS FOR THE DRS APPOINTMENT TO SEE IF MY INJURIES ARE REAL WHICH I HAVE ALL MEDICAL RECORDS TO PROVE AND THAT SSI HAVE HAD FOR A YEAR TO SEE IF THE DRS LIED ABOUT MY INJURIES NOW WITH BEING TOLD THEY HAVE NO IDEA OF WHEN SSI DRS WE BEE SEEING ANYONE SO IM IN LIMBO AND GOING TO BE HOMELESS WHEN THEY CAN STAT TO KICK PEOPLE OUT AGIN BUT LIKE I SAID IVE PAID IN ALL MY LIFE OF WORK TO BE TOLD THAT I DONT COUNT, IF I DONT COUNT THEN I WANT MY MONEY THATS MINE no more no less dont count

Will I receive a federal stimulus check if I had completed and fulfilled my offer and compromise last year? My tax refund was already intercepted and I'm wondering why I'm getting eligibility determination on the get my payment page. I would hope I would get a federal stimulus check because I am paid in full with OIC. Or would they intercept that too?

I filed my taxes but I didn't receive anything. every day I am cheeking my account but still, there is nothing from the government I mean no money.

I'm Concern will I get a check .
and if I do get this check will it be placed in my checking account.

i believe that it was not entirely fair for many of us who were claimed on our kids tax return an being on ssi not to get stimulus check . an also owing the state half of what we got back an not with a yearly income of not even 27,000 . just pretty sad only because we do need the financial as many don’t know the hardships of others .i wish they would have looked into that an knowing many did not even get anything back an somehow owed on a 27,000 or under a year an still had to pay back ..not fair for me as a single parent on ssi at all an many out there ..

i'm highly upset i didn't receive the coronavirus relief pay , i have 4 kids and i was born here with ssn and i met to qualify for it but it says i don't online

So my wallet was stolen and I reported it and I paid extra to get the card with then three business days and that was on 4-7 and it has been 10 days later and still no card
What can I do because I have called the number everyday and I got a recording and then nobody calls me back I don't know what to do for now

If I received SSi check for my kids do I get a stumilus check

Do I qualify to get stimulus payment if I owe money to SSDI?

If I am underage and resive a social security check every month do I still qualify for the government relief stimulas check they have for the Cornviruse


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