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Scam emails demand Bitcoin, threaten blackmail

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The FTC uses the information it gets from people who report scams to keep close watch on trends, so we can alert you to changes. Here’s one: reports of Bitcoin blackmail scams have taken a big jump in the last few weeks. The emails say they hacked into your computer and recorded you visiting adult websites. They threaten to distribute the video to your friends and family within hours, unless you pay into their Bitcoin account. Stop. Don’t pay anything. Delete the message. It’s a scam.

Based on the timing of this spike, you may get one of these messages because your email was exposed in a recent data breach. The scammers may say they have access to your computer or webcam, or installed clever software to defeat you. That’s all talk. But they may really know one of your old – or recent – passwords, and they include it in the message to prove it. When you see that, you know it’s time to update your password on that account, and consider updating other passwords, too.

If you, or someone you know, get a message like this, please report it to the FTC at

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Can we get an update on this?
Has any real information/videos been sent to contact list?
This is very alarming stuff and updates are needed

Received the scam-extortion communication from a: "Madelina <uccnmg @ >" on May 19th. Can forward the e-mail to the FTC if it's wanted.

1HemcRxg9GjasY*GaduieWusjgH2W1q4R6a. This is where they wanted me to send the money

I did not get an email today, but instead I got a text message. Same routine (video, quoted my 10+-year old street address, threatened me to pay up via a BTC url, and as proof, gave me one of my really old passwords that I don't even use anymore). It is quite scary! They should be caught and have to pay dearly.

So glad someone posted they received it in a text message, I also received the threat as a photo of a text yesterday with a QR code to send the Bitcoin. Feel better after reading all the comments, they did not include any passwords or email addresses just the threat. After reading other messages I just changed my LinkdIn password.

I got a text too, just yesterday. Maybe they are switching from emails to text...Hope Karma catches up to them!

I received some sort of letter year ago. There was something about internet history and porn. Was scary, but of course I did nothing and nothing happened. And I got email like You in April, nothing happened. Trust me, if they had something on You, they would show it in mail. Sounds realistic only because almost all watch porn, but its not a crime. Sorry about my English.

Very scary stuff and I’m glad I found this website. I have visited some of these sites which put even more stress on the situation but being that everyone is receiving the same generic message gives me some relief.
I also checked out Bitcoin Scams and there is a huge article on this . Supposedly these emails have been sent to MILLIONS of people worldwide. It is labeled Sextortion.
Unfortunately some people were scared enough to make payments and they have profited $500,000 on this.
My question is why is bitcoin not shut down ? Without a way for these creeps to receive funds this whole thing would go away.

Got one of those the other day as well requesting Bitcoin payment because of an old password that they obtained.
email from: dmbkpn@v

I just received such a message a text message demanding .3 bitcoin to 1E8QYfpo9AmGxVHy6TqHT6gp8WTAvL4bd5 The funny thing is their proof was a password I've never used.

I got a text message too asking for the same amount

I got this as a text message from one phone number yesterday asking for .3 bitcoin and another text message from a different number today asking for 300 bitcoin. Same threats that these e-mails are listing too. Yesterday the deadline given was 21 hours. Today the deadline given was 24 hours. The threat didn't even list my name ... it listed my father's. I just deleted them.


I guess there's no way to trace who's at the end of bitcoin wallet eh ?

Or an email domain?


I received something almost exactly like this, but via text not email. Has anyone gotten text?

I received a text message today that matches this almost exactly. Concerning that they had not only my name and old password, but was able to match it to a phone number.

Did anyone get one of these via text? I got one in my email and deleted it then a text message a few days later.

I received 3 of these emails in my spam folder. I already submitted to Should I submit here too?

I got a text message, too. Same routine porn threat with my name and password; asking for 0.3 bitcoin to 19NYf7AvNKsQ1119KBEPzMsZMuqjHVVdES. A week ago, I noticed that someone was trying to login to my Yahoo account. Glad I am using a password manager and two-factor authentication!

Mine was actually sent as a text message to one of our phone lines.. has anyone receives texts or all just spam emails..

This is a scam that’s been happening since 2008 to numerous people around the world they threaten my friend a couple months ago stating that they had video of him on his WebCams and maybe he should cover his camera next time thing is He doesn’t have any cameras in the house this is a big scam the email is auto generated. Don’t send any money to these people. This is one email that it is coming from POSTMASTER@
When you try to copy the email it is replaced with numbers for the spaces so that you can’t read the message when it is sent out how this is done is when they type the message the white out the numbers for the spaces so that when you try to copy it and paste it on a new form the numbers appear. I too also was hit with Scam unfortunately for them I am the wrong person to do this to.

This is the text I received on Thursday, May 22.
guilt for the rest of your life. I know a lot of things concerning you. Your current facebook contact list, mobile phone contacts as well as all the onli
u a one time, no negotiable offer. Purchase $ 3000 in BTC and send them to this address 14pTS1D2dvGuzaoe5Z9XhrKKTZfZWd9TUu (copy-paste-it) (If you do not
understand how, look online how to acquire BTC. Do not waste my precious time). After you send this 'donation' (why don't we call it that?), I will vani
ng by triggering your camera. I own the whole recording. In the case you think I 'm playing around, simply reply proof and I will be forwarding the parti

Got the EXACT same txt on May 25th! Showed it to local police. One of them said they received one. Said to ignore it and block number.

I got the exact same text. I showed it to the police and they agreed its a scam. I changed some passwords and put a block on my phone. It is very unsettling. I wish they could catch and punish these creeps.

Got it through text. So did the website have a phone number Because texting seems more personal

This just happened to my younger sister. I took a picture of it on my phone and reported it as spam on hers which subsequently deleted it. Do I have to retype the message to report it or can I submit the photos?

I received a text message earlier today threatening me to send $1000 worth of BTC in the next 24 hours or else they would release a so called sexual video they apparently had of me along with my search history for the past 132 days. They said they had my FB contacts & phone contacts as well that they would send it to. It was very scary how the message was written, it didn’t read like the normal spam messages I get.

here's a scammers wallet beware18W3xQ4ZC18ZmwqvAVNYyh99F89ErharoK

I recently received one of the blackmail messages via text message. Does this mean that my device or one of my accounts is hacked? I am not sure what steps to take to prevent this from becoming a problem.

I received the same email but sadly I didn’t see it until today lol
They would made me a famous porn star lol

May 24th. 2020 I received a very graphic phone text message stating that they had very compromising video of me while watching porn movie. They said they had down load malware on my computer and took the video of me. Funny part is my computer doesn't have a camera installed or hooked up. They stated I had 24 hours to send 1100 dollars to 1MFHsDFBzAa2hZv7qj5yvXQGmdpW9e and they stated they would make my life a living hell if I didn't pay and it was non negotiable. Text message came from phone number 929-298-7803.

I got one of these today as a cell text message. Demanded $1000 of bitcoin or it would release video from my phone camera to 7 random members of my contact list. The text message was an image with the text of the messsge a QR code to use to send the payment.

I got a threat like this just today. Saying the exact same things mentioned in other messages here. But it wasn’t an email. It was a text message. Are they using cell numbers as well as email addresses?

Has anyone received a text? I was emailed a week ago or so, and today I just received a text with a similar threat. They just sent a photo of the email threat rather than texting it out . 402 251 2910 was the number

I just received one this morning saying they’ll be releasing a video of me doing things if I don’t send them $500 via bitcoin. It said I had 24 hours to do so and it reminds me of an episode on black mirror.

So I got one of these messages this morning and I was kind of sca6this was real but then I read the rest and realized it's a scam. They someone how got access to my phone number and I never really put it anywhere. I almost never go on any porn sites but somehow they got the information. They said they got access to my Facebook contacts could that mean they got into my Facebook account.

I received one of these threats on May 13 and immediately deleted it.

I received a similar message via text message. I reported it to the FTC, FBI and local Crime Solvers website.

Got one yesterday but it was a text not an email. The same as what I have been reading here. The number the text came from is 402-267-9388. Anyone else get a text???

Yes. Txt with the same wording, including the "proof" to 5 of my friends. Filed with FTC and went to local police. One of them said they got the same txt! And to block and ignore it. Mine came from a 361 area code.

Same but the number was 402-267-9215. Reported it here and the FBI.

I don’t use a computer or email anymore, just a smartphone with cameras covered. I don’t visit porn sites. I received a pretty frightening threat by text. Same offer of proof to five contacts. Lifetime of guilt if I don’t pay a “contribution”. Have not responded. Will change pw to my phone. I know there are hack programs available which allow people to see and video victims and so I keep lenses covered and don’t even take phone with me. I suppose they can steal personal photos and texts but I live a quiet life so where is the scandal value. Of course the threats to my contacts are annoying but the reason I’m so careful is that a few of my contacts are themselves very tech savvy and dangerous. If this idiot annoys them he will not be a problem for anyone much longer.

I received a text message with a similar threat saying they have access to all my digital photos and videos and will send to my contacts, including Facebook, which I do not have an account, if I don’t send $1000 to bitcoin. I blocked and deleted. Has anyone else received a text and not an email?

I keep getting emails from bitcoin I delete them report to scam but you can gaurantee every other week I get another I have never delt with them at all wish they would disappear of my email!!!!

Has anyone received this through text? I just received one this morning and am freaking out. Of course the whole script was followed... I have video of you visiting sites, will send to all your contact list unless you pay within 24 hours. They didn’t say anything specific to me though so....

i just got one just like this

Yes. I received via text on May 24, 2020. Same tone of message as emails but words were slightly different. 24 hours to pay btc, compromising video, will make life a living nightmare if payment not received.

Received a text, not an email. Said that they owned a video of me and had it via spyware and had hacked FB, contact list and would send it to all contacts. Threatening to extort, demanded my attention and 1000 BTC at a listed address/acct or would send video to all contacts. Promised to " leave me alone and never bother me again if I paid."

Yeah, that's about word for word the one I got. I deleted it.

Received a similar threat via text a few days ago that video was recorded through spyware. The words and phrases were different than those on the emails. Is this the new twist in this scam as these criminals are constantly altering their tactics?

I got one as a text message - take it it’s the same scam


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