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Credit reports are now free, every week

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Financial Impact of the Coronavirus

If you’re feeling anxious about your financial health during these uncertain times, you’re not alone. That’s why the three national credit reporting agencies are giving people weekly access to monitor their credit report — for free.

This is some helpful news, because staying on top of your credit report is one important tool to help manage your financial data. Your credit report has information about your credit history and payment history — information that lenders, creditors, and other businesses use when giving you loans or credit. 

Now it’s easier than ever to check your credit more often. That’s because everyone is eligible to get free weekly credit reports from the three national credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. To get your free reports, go to The credit reporting agencies are making these reports free for the next year.

If you’re one of the many Americans struggling to pay your bills right now because of the Coronavirus crisis, here’s what you can do:

  • Contact the companies you owe money to. Ask if they can postpone your payment, put you on a payment plan, or give you a temporary forbearance.
  • Check your credit report regularly to make sure it’s correct — especially any new payment arrangements or temporary forbearance. The recently passed CARES Act generally requires your creditors to report these accounts as current.
  • Fix any errors or mistakes that you spot on your credit report. Notify the credit reporting agencies directly. You can find out more by reading Disputing Errors on Credit Reports.

Find more advice and tips on handling the financial impact of the Coronavirus, and subscribe to the FTC’s Consumer Alerts.


Im one of the lucky ppl who got hacked so I put a hold or freeze on my credit Can I still get a report free? You should mention they dont include your credit score on those reports, that cost money.

You don't have to lift your credit freeze to check your credit report. You can get a free report. This article has more questions and answers about credit freezes.

I read here and in other sources that everyone can receive a free CR weekly from each of the three major CRA’s. I went to the website and submitted the form for free weekly reports. Just receive a letter from TransUnion that since I have already received my free annual report I am ineligible for for a free weekly report and must pay $11.50. It appears that TransUnion may have reconsidered their position on free weekly reports for everyone.

You are still entitled to free weekly credit reports from three credit reporting agencies. Make sure you click on the button that refers to COVID-19 and free weekly online reports when you go to 

You could call or email TransUnion and ask to have that fee waived, because they made a mistake by charging you for the report.

Except they are not doing it. It's hit and miss from week to week. Sometimes they do it. Sometimes they don't. I follow up and call if they deny it, and sometimes I get a paper copy, sometimes I don't.

I am still waiting for the report

I requested my credit report by phone from Equifax on April 17 and still haven't received it. I wasn't about to mail all the personal identity information they asked for if I wanted to request the credit report by mail. It's somewhat comforting to hear that other people are also having so many problems.

My first credit report

You can NOT get a free report from TransUnion. Their website clearly states “ You MAY be eligible for a reduced or free credit report” and pushes you to another unknown website. The TransUnion site clearly indicates purchase is required (below is a direct copy from TransUnion’s website):
Convenient Online Services
TransUnion Credit Report
Purchase your TransUnion Credit Report Online

To get your free reports, go to

To get your free reports, go to

I went through the ACR/Annual Credit Report portal the FTC advises yet the FTC seems unaware that all three reporting agencies make it difficult, if not impossible, to access online report information without pushing membership that charges a fee. Forget trying to find out your score. The number at ACR/Experian website, 855-414-6047, is invalid because it kept disconnecting after a female automated voice asks for your SSN. So, now I fear my SSN is compromised. However, Equifax is the worst via ACR portal because only one question of many fit my identity and the site would not allow online entry but claimed it would mail report in 15 days. Not true! I’ve since contacted Equifax at number given by FTC, 800-685-1111, and a person with an accent from a far away country said no request for a mailed report was on record. I have trusted this person to mail the credit report, place a freeze as well as a fraud alert and to block/opt-out of promotional files they sell to data brokers. Please will some government agency get on this extremely unsafe, frustratingly corrupt way by which we all suffer in order to see, dispute, make changes to our credit reports. Also, why has credit reporting company information become outsourced to phone operators in foreign countries? It makes no sense.

Will the report I pull today reflect updates/changes in a month? Example: I look at my credit report today for free. In 30 days, I go to a lender for a bank loan. When I log back on will that report show any changes that occurred since I pulled the report 30 days ago or the report will be 30 days old?

Transunion will not allow me to see my score with a credit card number. Equifax says online viewing of my score is not available. And Experian said "site not available" when I tried to use the link provided here"". It was easy to get my report directly from Experian, but I am still unable to get anything directly from Equifax or Transunion.


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