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Did an ID thief steal your stimulus payment? Report it to us.

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Do you think your economic impact payment has landed in the hands of an identity thief? You can report it to the FTC and the IRS at the same time. Here’s what to do.

Visit, the government’s one-stop resource for people to report identity theft and get a personal recovery plan. Click “Get started.” The next page asks, “Which statement best describes our situation?” Click the line that says, “Someone filed a Federal tax return – or claimed an economic stimulus payment – using my information.” You’re on your way.

Logo: Coronavirus Scams: Tips from the will ask you some questions so that it can complete an IRS Identity Theft Affidavit (IRS Form 14039) for you, and submit it electronically to the IRS. You can include a personal statement too, to tell the IRS details about how your identity was misused to claim your economic impact payment. You also can download a copy of your completed Affidavit for your files. And, also will give you a recovery plan with steps you can take to help protect yourself from further identity theft.

Use to report suspected identity theft only. If you have other concerns about your economic impact payment, visit the IRS’s Economic Impact Payment Information Center and Get My Payment Frequently Asked Questions pages for detailed, and frequently-updated, answers to questions. You also can find information here about payments that the IRS may have deposited to an account you don’t recognize.

Whether you’re waiting for your payment, or even if it’s already arrived, keep alert for scammers trying to steal your personal information, your money, or both. Remember, the IRS will not call, text you, email you, or contact you on social media asking for personal or bank account information – even related to the stimulus payments. Also, watch out for emails and texts with attachments or links claiming to have special information about the payments. They’re fake, and they may be phishing for your personal information or might download malware to your computer, tablet, or phone.


I'm on SSI and my stimulus money went to a bank account that i don't even have so I didn't get my stimulus money I have a direct express card that it should of went on I want to know if I'm going to get my stimulus money at all

I was told that someone tried to use my grandchildren on their Tax return. And thats why I didn't Get their stimulus payment. How can I find out if this is true and what can I do to correct this ?

My stimulus check was to be mailed May 1st. I never received it. I did receive the follow up letter saying that I should have received the check, but it never came. Do I need to assume that it was stolen. All IRS phone numbers regarding stimulus checks are automated. I need answers!

I keep seeing this message and don't know what it mean" we don not have enough information"

Never Received my stimulus check this is all I keep saying on my status for the last two months no updates that ever occurred.

Payment Status

You are eligible for the payment. Once we have your payment date, we will update this page.

We will deposit your payment to the bank account below.

Bank Account Number: ************4968

Updates to your payment are made no more than once a day. We will mail you a letter with additional information on this payment.

If you need additional help, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Get my Payment tool said that I suppose to get my payment with a direct deposit on May 6th and today is May 31st and I haven't received anything. I received a letter a few days ago from the IRS saying that they deposited the money in my account but nothing.

Me and my husband either... did not yet received the stimulus

Our plight is the same as many here! Daughter's check says mailed on 4/24. Tomorrow is June 1. No check. No recourse? What if there was theft? I can't believe how there don't seem to be any solutions for us.

Is there anything that can be done for those of us who just got divorced at the beginning of this year, but we're forced to file taxes with our ex spouse jointly for last year's taxes, and it went to her account and she's not giving you any of it? I've looked online, but there is no way I can see to set up an alternate direct deposit for just me.

My payment stimulo check is send mail to me may 15 I'm the mail Never received

Same way here

I received a Informed Delivery email from USPS my mothers stimulus check was being delivered 5/15 and it did not show up. Local Post office is aware as well as mail carrier. NOTHING yet. Today we received the letter saying that check was mailed 2 wks ago. I really think it was stolen. What are my next steps???

Call Bureau of Fiscal Service at 855-868-0151. Choose menu option 1 and then 1 again (you still need to listen to all the options though--takes awhile--just keep pushing 1). You'll get a real person who can check if someone cashed your check. If not, then it might still come (no one cashed mine, but I'm in same position where letter received 2 weeks ago but still no check).

There isnt one word anywhere in cyberworld that touches on the subject of someone stealing the check from your mailbox. Instead, it all brings you here to identity theft. Knowing someone stole the check and was able to deposit that check onto their prepaid debit card isnt identity theft. Its mail theft. How can we get help with this. No answers anywhere anywhere. Ridiculous

Well the bbn only thing about that is,you cant cash a check on your prepaid card if the check does not match account name you cant cash anyones check even if both of you signed it.

My boyfriend check was mailed to him on may the first told his old address he has been checking every day but no check p put in a change of address with post office will his check come to his new address it's been a month no check yet

My 88 year old mother hasn’t received her stimulus check. Website said it was mailed the 15th of May. June 1st and still no check. Is there anything that can be done? She’s on a limited income and could use the 1200.00 . Sucks to think someone may have it stolen from her mailbox.

The irs check my payment says my stimulus was deposited in my account direct deposit and the last 4 numbers of the account shown is correct but I’ve never received it I called my bank they said nothing was deposited in my account and that everything is fine with my account and no deposit was shown

My stimulus check was deposited in a bank account that wasn't mine. The person that has the bank account took my stimulus. What do I do?

The IRS explains what to do about lost, stolen, destroyed or not-received checks at in Answer #53.

I have received 2 letters stating i got my check . The IRS says it was mailed my check May 1 and i check the Usps they emailed me i was going to get my check May 8 .How to report it? IRS don’t let us get through!

I haven't received my check yet. It said it was mailed on the 15th of may. I been looking but nothing has come as of yet. Can someone give some updated info on how to contact them about this issue please... Thanks

My stimulus payment was scheduled for 4/30/20 and cash app says there is no record of any payment even with all the proof I've provided them with.there isn't anyone to call cash app nor the Irs.I don't know what to do.romors of cash app being hacked has me worried.

same here!! The check is sent on May 1 based on the IRS website, but we did not get anything up to today. I used the USPS tracking app but it can only track mails up to May 4. I can not check any time before that. And someone might stole it before May 5. Really struggling out here without the important money.

My name is Mary Carter I need to see if someone stole my check I have not got it yet please give me a call at 228

The website says my check/debit card was mailed May 15th. I received the letter from the Whitehouse today (June 1st) but I never received my check/debit card. The phone number on the letter gives no opportunity to report this. What do I do now?

My Dad is on SS, and he received his letter saying that his check was mailed on April 17th, on May 8th . He eventually received his check on May 14th. I honestly don’t think there is any rhyme or reason to this process. My sister received her letter saying she had already received her stimulus check on April 24th. She actually received her check on May 9th. I’m hoping the process is just convoluted, and haphazard. It says my payment was mailed May 15th, I got my letter on May 29th, and haven’t seen anything in my Informed Delivery account. I think the whole system just isn’t synced up right now.

Has anyone figured out anything about these missing checks? The portal said mine was scheduled to be mailed out May1st but I never received it but I did receive the letter saying I should have gotten it. I’m confused and angry at this point because no one at the IRS wants to help! Why would I want the letter when I never got the check! No stimulus relief here!

The website my check was mailed out on may 15 but I still have not received it what do I do

get my payment said mailed out April 24th received a letter May 11th says that I'm going to received and its June 2nd called 3 different phone numbers multiple times and nothing. Been on every website I can find for information and nothing, Help!!

My stimulus check is missing and would like to know if someone cashed it or just plain taken?

My check was already mailed to my old address but I live in a different state. What can I do to receive my check?

IRS site says my check mailed May 8 today is June 2. Post Office says cant track it. NO WAY to contact IRS live agent to report it lost/stolen. IRS website has no option to inform either can anyone advise what or how to find out anything?

Our stimulus check also said it was mailed on 4-24. We expected a delay as we changed our address with usps. But it is now 6-2 and our family of 6 has yet to receive payment or the IRS letter. Every time I call the stimulus check help line I cant get a real person yet. . What's the best time to call?

ive 6 weeks without receive my stimulus check

Im in a desperate situation financialy with utilities n rent and NO STIMULAS PAYMENT! I tried to go update my banking information on the website they kicked kept kicking me out by the time I was able to get in it said that my check would be mailed out on March twentyfourth it still says that and I have not received anything I have Contacted my postmaster several times I was assured that my check would be forward to my new address I still have any received a letter!! The stimulus website gives nothing it's useless and I can update my address with the IRS because I says I cannot access an online account I finally got a job a but I am trying to catch up with everything and I don't know what to do it would be nice if we could have a number or something to contact so we could get some type of information on this!! Being a single mom Is not easy at a time like this for anybody I have no clue what to do

My stimulus was mailed to my friend house where i use to live...jus found out that friend got my stimulus check signed it and deposit on her netpay can i go report her and and depositing my check with put my consent..

Mustang police check was mailed out April 24th today's date is June 3rd and I have yet to receive it

I checked the Get my payment web portal and it said that my check was mailed out on May 1St, and now it's June 1St and I still haven't received my Stimulus check. I received the letter that's supposed to come after you receive your Stimulus check but no check yet. Does anyone have any information on how I would be able to find out where my check is? Thank's.

I have not received my stimulus and it says it was scheduled to be delivered on April 24th. I have not received nor the letter, nor the check.

Same been waiting since April 24th too

I am on SSA and had direct express. Since end of week last April until now I still have not received EIP. I tracked get my payment many time I had done enter correctly information showing doesn’t match to our record. I filled non filer update same thing it has come back not correctly. I tried call IRS live person still no luck. I’m anxious hoping no one stole my information. What should I do? I was about to give up but not let anything happening that’s not fair I didn’t received I don’t file 2018-2019 taxes because I am on social security benefit. Hope will help me what I’m gonna do

I personally lost the check. I cannot find where to go to replace it.

On the get my payment tool it says that my economic impact payment is scheduled to be mail out on the 1st of May nd I still haven't received the check but then I received the letter saying that I Will be getting a payment, but it hasn't ever came in at all?

My stimulus check was mailed to my address, however, it was stolen from my mailbox. What should I do?

The website says it was scheduled to be mailed May 1st. It's June 3rd and I still haven't received the check OR the follow-up letter. (My 2018 tax address is correct.) What do I do?

Stimulus check I never got how do I report it stolen?

My issue is not with identity theft, but I’ve tried calling so many times about this. I did receive my check, with my husband and my name on it, I made the mistake of depositing the check through ATM in my account (not the joint one) so the payment got reversed and my bank keeps telling me to wait. I’ve been waiting since April , 28. They told me to request the check to be sent from IRS. Has anyone been able to speak to a human?

I filed my taxes Feb. 10 to be direct deposit. On March 16 I spoke with a agent she said I was under a 60day review that it would be up by the end of April. On March 9 I put my info into the stimulus payment, Get My Payment portal and its been saying I am eligible for a payment but it don't have a payment date. It also says that it will be deposited to my bank account, that it will let me know when a date is available. I spoke with another live agent on May 17, he then told me that my funds should be processed by June 2. Well still no tax refund or stimulus payment. When should I receive my funds?

Listening to Leo's comment, I did call the 800-919-9835 line and did get a personal response! (if you get an automated response, try calling back during normal business hours, and be prepared to wait sometimes)

They nicely switched me over to an IRS representative who after getting the details about my missing May 1 scheduled check (that was verified by Informed Delivery to arrive on May 8) assured me there is indeed recourse! They can search for you and offer compensation if need be.
When I called, it was only four weeks out from May 1. They need at least five weeks before they do a search for you, which allows time for lost mail or whatever to be resolved.

I hope this helps others. There is recourse. All the IRS reps were super nice and courteous btw. Call that number, but be sure to allow five weeks (from check issuance date) before anything can be done.


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