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Donating in difficult times

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These days, there are just so many reasons why people want to do to something to help, to make a difference, to take action. In addition to volunteering or putting their feet to the pavement, lots of people are putting their hands in their wallets to try to make an impact. Once again, though, scammers will be there. As ever, they follow the headlines and pop up wherever there’s money to be made. So, before you make a donation to support any cause, here are a few things to think about and do:

  • Do some research. There are many good organizations to support. Search online for recommendations — and, when you’ve found one that’s well thought of, check it out. Type the group or fund’s name into a search engine, plus the word “scam, “review,” or “complaint.”
  • Consider how you pay. Real charities won’t ask you to pay by cash, money transfer, gift card, or Bitcoin. That’s how scammers ask you to pay. So if someone tells you to donate that way, think about donating elsewhere.
  • Research crowdfunding, too. Many funds that give real help spring up right after a tragedy. But scammers put up crowdfunding pages, too, and it can be hard to tell the difference. You want your money to go to help, so do some online checking to find the real, official funds that support the people or causes you want to support.
  • If someone rushes you, slow down. Scammers want to get your money as soon as they can. They might start calling, pressuring you to give – or even saying you made a pledge. And, since you can’t trust caller ID, you won’t know who’s really calling. So go back to the first bullet: do some research and then give. Just not in response to pressure.

Learn more about other ways to check out charities, and how to give safely, at

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well,I'm 79 and life an SS only but lately I get over 40 wonderful letters and on TV 50 wonderful " please give is only .75 $ a day or ,35 $ a day. but I can only contributory one. If I wold win in the Lottery I have 25 favored and I would give 99%.

I love it! Good for you, Ms. Muggi. I am also 79 and everyone must think I am a multi-millionaire. I have researched carefully, and still there are request after request from the same source.

And I don't give organizations my email or mobile phone number. And I don't answer my land phone unless I recognize the phone number. I have an answering and if they want to talk to me they can leave a short message. They never do!

Good job my Dear just remember you are not a bank and if someone can't get money from a bank then why should you lose your money are you smarter than a bank now days people are scamming folks who are elderly and the bad part about that is you can not recoup your losses once scammed and do not contribute no money to no one that you can't see in person and don't go by yourself take an extra set of eyes with you. They think folks on SSI already have a nest egg above SSI and that isn't always true at your age look at life like everyone is trying to scam you and you already know your friends so anyone new BEWARE.

Someone has hacked my account and applied for a credit card which they got and that credit card shows on my list of credit cards I did not apply for any credit cards for many years. You must watch all of your accounts very closely

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