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Fake emails about fake money from a fake COVID-19 fund

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Because of COVID-19, unemployment rates are high and many people’s cash flows are low. Scammers view these as ripe conditions to strike. They’ll stop at nothing — not even a pandemic — to trick you into sharing your personal or financial information. That includes pretending to be a government official from the Federal Trade Commission to gain your trust. 

We just heard about an email going around from someone claiming to be from the FTC. This scam email says you’ll get money from a COVID-19 “Global Empowerment Fund.” All you need to do, it says, is respond with your bank account information and they’ll transfer the funds. But that’s a scam. There’s no money and there’s no fund. And it’s not from the FTC. If you get a message like this, don’t respond. Instead, report it to the real FTC at

The FTC will never contact you by phone, email, text message, or social media to ask for your financial information. (Or your Social Security number.) Anyone who does is a scammer, phishing for your information.

If you’re getting an economic stimulus payment, that money will come from the Internal Revenue Service.

If you think you gave your financial information to a scammer, go to for steps you can take to protect yourself.

To keep up with the latest scams, sign up for the FTC's consumer alerts

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Thank you, Shameka Walker.
This helps a lot. I will share this information with my family, friends, and relatives. You are right, lots of scammers are working hard to steal money from the public most especially to people that most vulnerable and impacted with the on-going COVID-19 dilemma.

thank you for all your info, i sure hope no one falls for this!! keep up the great work, thank you again and stay safe and healthy all!!

Whoever runs this blog is doing God's work. This sick a great resource to not only find out what's going on, but to point people to. Thanks for this public service.

Some of the basics that people should go by are:

DON'T give personal information to anyone unless you initiated the contact and I don't mean by clicking on a link in an email, responding to a text or even a phone call. I mean if you look up the # and call your bank, etc.

NEVER use email or texts to provide any personal info, most legit businesses will not do business that way, it is not secure, if they do and you do really know the source tell them you do not feel comfortable providing that info thru that method.

KNOW who you are communicating with, if you are not sure, don't provide any info no matter if they threaten you, no legitimate institute will tell you are in trouble or be arrested thru email, text or phone.

Be safe out there!

Thank you for your update FTC, I will let all my friends know.. Great information on these scammers in what they are doing next... All the best and stay safe from Kaza27...

Thank u so much . I enjoy reading all the emails. I hope this old lady is learning from u . Thanks again

Love the info you share, I share it everytime I receive it. It maybe be annoying to some but I like to keep it fresh in people's minds.

Thank you for this information. I did receive one of these emails but didn't even open it! Thank you again for all your good work.

Thanks for enlightening us. Each one of us must share this in order to help someone else. I was scammed by someone and his cronies pretending to be with the investigating department of the OFAC. I thi k they are back at it.

Today I just got called by a scammer and I told him I knew he was trying to scam me. No government agency calls you to tell you that you have money waiting for you in a Federal bank account!

what do it mean when you receive a email from the covid-19 long department that's a multiple application been processed in your name but when you only apply for one application and it was not for the long but just for the grant

PayPal put a "Limitations" on my account seconds after my 3rd Unemployment Payment was deposited, almost$ 1500.00 I can't touch my money at all and I am being evicted now, lost my truck to report, my storage unit was lost with everything owned in it and I am about to loose my leg due to not being able to get off of it or get to Dr. After being shot a few days before my payment was sent by TWC. To Paypal. What can be done to free my money or make them return it to TWC So that it can be resent to me

I was sent a link regarding funds relief from the federal government due to the covid19 epidemic and decided to paste it online to fetch for information about it and here I am. Many thanks to the brains behind this platform. Here's the link received fundz4covid19.

I received a text from DIRECT RELIEF INTERNATIONAL claiming to be a covid palliative relief fund saying I would get 750.00 a week if I just sent them my information which included my as number!
I believe this is a scam !!!!

So this is a scam as well? My friend got that same exact one and i tried to tell him it was a scam

I received a text message saying this just today and I need money so desperately right now I almost jumped right on it good thing I had the fore thought to Google it first

Received this text. I know it’s fake, just wanted to share.

FRM:COVID-19 Information
MSG:You have $1750 unclaimed covid-19 support payment 2021:

#1 (410) 200-718

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