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The IRS won’t call about your stimulus money

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Most people have already gotten their economic stimulus payments, but the Internal Revenue Service is still sending them out. If you haven’t gotten yours yet or have questions about it, the IRS has a number you can call to get answers to common questions.

But the IRS won’t be calling you.

Scammers pretending to be from the government can rig up caller ID to look like a call is coming from the government. But the truth is: Government agencies usually will not call or email you — especially about something related to money. They almost always contact you by US mail.

If you have questions about Economic Impact Payments, the IRS urges people to visit their website,, to get answers to frequently asked questions. But you also can call the IRS at 800-919-9835.

Look, scammers like to pretend to be from the government to get your money or information. They’ll say they’re from Medicaid or Medicare, offering help getting medicine or equipment, or asking to “verify” your information. They pretend to be from the Social Security Administration, saying there’s been fraud or another problem with your Social Security number and — again — needing to “verify” your number. And scammers love to say they’re from the IRS demanding payment or they’ll arrest you. 

But remember: if you get a call or email from the IRS or any government agency asking you for personal information or money, that’s a scam. Hang up the phone or delete the email.

To check the status of your coronavirus payment, visit Learn about scams related to COVID-19 at And, if anyone tries to trick you into giving up your information or if you’ve already experienced a scam  report it to the FTC.

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It’s impossible to reach anyone at the numbers given. I’ve stayed on the line for hours and then I’m cut off. I got a letter saying that my check would follow. That was May 15th. But no check.

I received notice on May 15 on stimulus would be coming and it has not. I had been calling with same outcome wait and then disconnected after listening for some time each time and disconnected. Yesterday , I again went on line but this time the notice said for faster receipt of money to leave info for direct deposit but I could have gone other route but choose not to. I merely want to put on checking on line this time the note of it having gone out had changed so I went about changing and following their new directions. Try again on line to see if that has occurred in your case.

This information is much needed with today’s identity theft fraud rings . They’re more suffocated using radio networks signals radio frequency sensors and radio waves as listening devices. To access your personal information. It’s a coast 2 coast identity theft fraud ring run by a network of thieves. Thank you , I get calls often claiming to be IRS, FBI and other government agencies.

I called again yesterday. After being on hold for 30 minutes I was told certain people had a hold put on there's and we will get it late summer. NO EXPLANATION as to why that is though. RIDICULOUS!

if you have tried calling the irs it's very hard to get through because there is no one there to take the phone calls because you want to ask them questions about your economic stimulus payments and id you try calling the social security admin they say please don't call us about your economics stimulus payments.the IRS needs to update their computer system and quit sending dead people the stimulus payments

I think the checks are going according to the lowest income people first and higher incomes will receive their checks through July.

I'm low income; on SSDI. I've called an gotten an actual live person at the IRS and all she could tell me is that my info is in the system so I will be getting a check. Didn't say when or how I would receive the funds. The people answering the phones for the new "stimulus payment hotline" can only answer general questions but will put you through to a live person. Be advised you will be on hold for a long time!! From what I have seen in print and heard on the news they are running way behind what their original schedule for payments suggested. What amazes me is that all these dead people have gotten a check but a lot of hardworking and retired people haven't. Just plain crazy. Smh!!

Well here it is December and still no stimulus check or explanation of why not, I've gone to the Get my Payment site so many times I've lost count. And I've put my address in every way it can be put in, getting the same result every time(Our information doesn't match your information). Then I get a notice from the IRS letting me know they received my return and that the $400 I owed was due by such and such date, so then I go back to the Get my payment site and put in the exact information they sent me and still got the same message Our information doesn't match your information. I don't know what else to do.

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I was told that if we gotten check for 1,200, 600,&1,400 there is not a fourth check for 2,000 was coming because I gotten my three

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