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Robocall reports still down, FTC still fighting

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A couple months ago, we told you the good news that people had been reporting getting fewer robocalls, and we told you about how some of the FTC’s work might have played a part in that. We have more good news — the number of reported robocalls for April and May were even lower. Maybe you’ve noticed.

The FTC’s latest Do Not Call Registry data shows robocall complaints were down 68% in April 2020 compared to April 2019 and down 60% in May 2020 compared to May 2019. The numbers continued a downward year-over-year trend that started in May 2019. Here are two other interesting points:

  • April’s and May’s number of reported robocalls are the lowest we’ve seen in years — lower than every month since August 2011 (excluding months when was down due to government shutdowns).

  • Robocalls weren’t replaced with live calls — the number of illegal calls from live callers is down, too.

This comes after the FTC and FCC sent more warning letters in April and in May to companies providing VoIP services that apparently routed or transmitted illegal Coronavirus scam robocalls.

These are just the latest actions the FTC has taken to stop illegal robocalls, and there will be more. But it’s good to know the actions we take make a difference. The FTC will continue its work with its state and federal law enforcement partners, as well as industry, to reduce unwanted calls. We know the calls have not stopped. But we will continue to do all we can to protect you from abusive and fraudulent calls.

Want to know more about what people are reporting to the FTC? Go to

If you get a robocall, hang up and report it to the FTC at Then go to to learn more about what else you can do to stop them.

infographic explaining that many of the robocalls you are getting are from scammers, and to get fewer robocalls you should hang up and use call blocking.


Fewer robo calls reported? Just wondering, did anyone ever consider that could mean that people like myself still receive as many as always (I currently receive about 10-11 a day) and maybe all that means is folks like myself have just stopped reporting them because we have given up on the benefits of reporting them resulting in less calls?

This is too funny. I just finished writing how the calls I receive have gone up 2 fold. Then I start reading the comments. Saw yours and I’m in the same situation as you my friend. I tried keeping track of numbers, caller I.D.’s, etc... to report them Nothing. Absolutely nothing in return from them. It’s insane!

Your are right. I got 13 yesterday and 20 on Monday. A lot of calls show local number because they spoof caller ID.

No more robo seems to be working well through our landline provider. We hear the phone ring once, then the call disappears.

Nomo robo only working for about half the calls. Rest are getting through.

My Robocalls are the same, sometimes increasing. This may work for some, but I am not getting any less calls and my emails are daily adding 10 to 20 unwanted adds per day. Are these reported unwanted calls and emails being worked on, or is this a continuous ritual we are reporting. Each time you report them, you begin a new cycle, another 30 days until you can report them again with no improvement.

I don't know where these figures come from, however, the unwanted calls still are coming. They did not slow down on my phone. I would like a free app where I could get the names and phone numbers of the people calling me. I still get calls at 1 and 2 am.

Go to to learn how to stop unwanted calls on your cell phone and landline.

You don't seem to be slowing the number of unwanted robo calls on my phone. Nor the illegal text advertising that appear to be an attempt to steal my info. I get offers for sex Or looking for sex every month and that has never been addressed That I can tell. I get some of these from an email Origination and using my phone number the very vulgar content is sent as a up to 35 numbers group text. Nothing has stopped this. Blocking numbers does no hood. They use a different number or email next time. I gave up wasting my time over and over every day reporting this time consuming effort. I've asked for advice to no replies.

I agree, the unwanted call are still coming in and the callers somehow seem to be using local exchanges more. Of course, now we don't answer any calls that we don't recognize, but that could backfire if an emergency call from an out of town family member came in.. As for me, I'd like to see a law making it mandatory for all calls to show registered listed names and phone numbers of the caller.. even for cell phones or I phones. Additionally, all out of country callers should be blocked if 10 complaints are filed violating the no call list. IMO

My phone has been ringing off the hook with robocalls since June started. So the scammers are back to work.

Me too--this week has been crazy with calls--several every day, whereas I used to get a couple a week. Guess I'd better start reporting them again. Scammers have obviously come up with something new.

Already 12 robo calls this am. Am on no call list. I called 3 back, 2 not working, 1 apple something.

I'm getting more calls. I'm guessing that the callers assume all the landline numbers dumped when people move to cell phones, and calls come in from seemingly one town for weeks and then move to another town. In addition, there is apparently now an ability to duplicate several times so that a phone limited to four rings will now ring 8, 12, or 16 times. Who can control that?

Probably the coronavirus had an impact on the number of robot calls, because the number is again much higher, and many new nationwide numbers are being used.

Great work! Thanks for all you do - and for these emails.

Since Ohio has started lifting the sanctions due to the covid19, my number of calls has increased again, almost to previous level. The calls started again two weeks ago, or about June 1, 2020.

Fewer robocalls lately has been My experience also. I have reported calls to FTC many times. Keep up the good work and thank you!

I continue to get 1-2 calls per evening. Some telephone numbers disappear in that they are not noted under my “recent” section of received calls. Other phone calls are listed as ‘potential spam‘ by my service provider. These calls do not leave messages and when I send the call to my voicemail box they terminate the call. They remain quite prevalent despite being on the don’t call list.

I still get robocalls, the message is Chinese language. The number is 718-902-7630 new york. These numbers never stopped, kept calling. Can't you trace this numbers. Thanks you.

They have indeed, and I thank you for all your efforts on our behalf!!!!

Keep up the good work you are doing. I appreciate not getting those robocalls. I’m getting less interruptions with someone trying to sell me something.

One of the reasons I don't report very many robo type calls these days is they are more likely to be hang up calls where no one answers or calls where not one answers right away or only answers when I say something like hello . Another reason is I don't have caller ID on my home phone ( just on my cell ) . I still get what I think are robo calls but I don't report them because I'm not sure who it was and in some cases what number they were calling from. thanks

Thank you. I am on the donotcall list and have noticed less robo calls and spam calls. Good work!

Thank you for all you do to help so many of us. Thank you very much. I am getting fewer robo calls but still getting quite a few live calls on my land line and cell phone.


Your site, is very cumbersome, Wish I can put in more info than allowed. My robo calls have increased again.
It difficult to record each and every one individually, wish a site where I can report all of them at one time.

Very useful information. I get very few robocalls lately. Maybe I should'nt say that too soon!

I am no where near receiving less robocalls...I would say I am getting twice as many as a yr ago...and as far as donotcall .gov goes
I found that it was completely useless so I (probably as others did) ,
simply stopped reporting the calls.

I am so fed up with spam callers! I get at least 10 calls a day, despite the fact that I dial *57 as instructed, but these calls don't t stop!!! What else can I do to get rid of them??? I am an 80 year old disabled senior citizen and they are driving me crazy!!! Every time I get a call I try the number and they say "the number you called is not in service!!!". HOW DO I MAKE IT STOP? ?? Please help...thank you!

Go to to learn how to stop unwanted calls on your cell phone and landline. There are short videos, articles and links to other resources. 

Yes, I agree with report that Robocall are fewer in June2020.

Very noticeable drop in my robocalls ! Thanks !!

Far fewer calls with a human on the other end. Still get occasional hang-up calls. Don't have Caller ID so will never know the number. Thankful for the reduction in calls, whatever the cause!

Yes, I've noticed robocalls down significantly compared to about 6 months ago, but recently there seems to be an uptick in the number of robocalls; but still about 75% less than at the peak, months ago.

I am still getting robocalls and spam texts. I changed my phone number and that seemed to help for awhile but it is starting back up again

Couple of things I've noticed for myself. These are actions I have taken to lessen the possibility of my number not being as 'private'.
- My number has been on the list since it first came about. Once there, it stays there. I check every few years to make sure but I always find it is there.
- I avoid giving my phone number to retail shops. For example, at a store's checkout, if asked for my phone number, I ask them what for or simply decline. Most times, they'll tell you its to check if you have a rewards card or it is so I can receive texts with offers/coupons. I just simply decline and say, no thanks. Same goes for my email address. I don't give it out.
- I don't do alot of online shopping. Every time you fill out a form for an online purchase, a phone number is required. If you can shop local, do it. It helps your local economy and local employment wages. Otherwise, be very selective with the merchant when shopping online.
- I've reported the ssn scam robocall and the credit card scam robocall as well as others. I believe it helps to report them.
- I NEVER answer a call that I do not recognize or that is not in my contact list. If its legit, caller can leave a voicemail.
- I proactively secure my personal information as much as I can. It has been months that I no longer receive scam/robocalls. I am sure that I can thank the work the FTC is doing coupled with my conscious diligence.

Thanks for this good news! But it's good to remember that the past few months were when there was a strict lockdown, and now it's lifting. Like some of the commenters, we noticed fewer calls in April-May, but recently have gotten a few. These interim reports are helpful to encourage me to continue to report.

I've been getting so many robocalls. And the callers are all yelling, many in foreign language(s)! I use Google Voice so I just mark as Spam, I sure don't have time to type in the information to a website! That feels like letting the scammers win at wasting my time... Some may be from charities from what I pick up but I am not sure why such calls are not illegal! They are a real nuisance . And there in no information on how to make the calls stop!

Go to to find out how to block unwanted calls on your cell phone and landline.

I haven't gotten any ringing through in a month or so. I can go into my robocall app and see that they are still at it, it's just it doesn't ring my phone anymore.

Robo calls for me stopped in April but have now resumed. I don't bother reporting. I don't answer my cell phone unless it's from a contact number but I do not have caller ID with my landline. If the phone companies cannot stop the robo calls, make them give free caller ID so we can answer our landline phones.

Still getting calls. Still fake caller ID.

Definitely a reduction! I have noticed both my land and cell lines have much very calls. I still get the Chinese language lady though. Thank you so much!

My Robo calls are down to zero. That’s because I canceled my landline and now only use a mobile phone. It’s a shame it has come to this.

I've noticed that I myself getting fewer and fewer unsolicited and unwanted phone calls of any kind. Thanks to the FTC is doing a good job of cracking down on it. In addition, I am currently subscribed to Spectrum phone and internet services. They have a "do not disturb" and blocking phone number features.

They are UP! I am registered with DO NOT CALL, but I get about 6 a day, spoofing local numbers. Out of curiosity I have called those numbers, and they are ALL NOT WORKING NUMBERS! I block those numbers, so they come in on different ones.

Thank you for your excellent work. Although I do still get some calls, they are MUCH less on both cell and landline than before. So you are definitely helping us stop robocalls! Thanks very much!

I still get them, but however, not as many. I still get the vehicle warranty and electric bill rebate scams on my landline and cellphone. At my business, I get MANY of them. They make up sometimes more than half of the calls there. The most popular ones are the vehicle warranty and the Google Business Listing scams. I really wish you would bust these as they NEVER stop. You can't block them either. They just call right back from a different number! I've got some that sounds to be Chinese people calling my cell phone at all hours of the night. It shows up as a California call. Now they have started to call again, after several months of relief, and are now leaving messages that I don't understand. I know you are doing the best that you can to rid us of these nuisance calls and I really appreciate it. However, yesterday is not soon enough!

I have noticed a major decrease is scam robocalls calling my phone. I have also noticed a decrease in Scam text messages coming through to my phone as well. thank you so much FTC and FCC for working so hard to get all these bad calls and texts under control. because it was driving me crazy getting all these calls and texts.

Robocalls had been down until last week. I am now receiving multiple robocalls a day. The covid-19 must have shut them down until now.


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