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What do COVID-19 scams look like in your state?

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We’ve been telling you about the scams related to COVID-19. But now we can tell you even more about the scams happening in your neck of the woods. Just today, the FTC released state-specific data on COVID-19-related issues, which you can check out with just a few clicks of your mouse. With user-friendly features, the FTC’s data dashboard lets you click on your state to see what people near you have been reporting. And see how people across the country are being affected, too.

Since January 1, people across the U.S. have made 91,808 COVID-19-related reports to the FTC. Most of these reports involve online shopping, with travel and vacations coming in second. The online shopping reports are mostly about people ordering products that never arrive, while most of the travel and vacation reports relate to refunds and cancellations. So far, people have reported losing $59.27 million on these and other COVID-related fraud reports.

So how have COVID-19-related consumer issues affected your state? Find out for yourself. Then tell your family, friends, and community what to look out for, and how to protect themselves. Also, be sure to visit for alerts, infographics, videos, and more information about COVID-19 scams.

We’re excited to share our data with you — but it’s only as good as what we hear from you. If we don’t know about the issue, we can’t work to stop it. If you’ve experienced or heard about scams of any kind, please tell us at

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I tried to check my state, but it wouldn't work. It gave a green map of the US and a lot of blank space. Clicked on the Select state drop down, but nothing showed up. Might be a compatibility issue with my android.

The recaptcha images are terrible to use. Too small or too blurry.)


How do you report more scams?

If you’ve experienced or heard about scams of any kind, please tell us at

Great information.

I recently got the nearly $2k check from Kelton research for being a Secret shopper at Walmart or CVS pharmacy. I recognized it as a scam because I have had another such proposition.

If you’ve experienced or heard about scams of any kind, please tell us at

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the database.

u were lucky unlike my grandpa

Is it illegal to deposit money into someones account even though they have not given access for the purpose of sending it to someone using cashapp or another money sharing service

If someone wants to deposit money into your account, and asks you to send it on to someone else, they might be using you to help a crime.

They might send stolen money. If you use a cash app or other money transfer service to help a scammer transfer stolen money, even if you didn’t know it was stolen, you could get into legal trouble.

If a scammer deposits a bad check into your account, it might clear. But later, when the bank finds out the check is no good, you will have to repay all the money to the bank.

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