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Keep calm and avoid Coronavirus scams

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One thing we know about scammers is that they follow the headlines. So it’s not surprising that we’ve seen so many Coronavirus-related scams recently. From scammers selling fake COVID-19 cures and treatments to people posing as government officials offering Coronavirus stimulus checks — nothing seems to be off-limits. 

How can you avoid these scams? Check out these videos for tips on spotting the scams and keeping your money and personal information safe.

Avoid Coronavirus Scams Video

And don’t forget to check out to stay updated on the latest news about Coronavirus-related scams.

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I was contacted on Messenger without Facebook by an old friend.. I was delighted to hear from her as I have just got in contact with another mutual old friend (legit).
The first few messages back and forth were very innocent but then she asked me about the Covid19 payment and I thought she meant the $750 stimulus payment but she said she got $85000 and it was a Facebook random payment and when she signed the paperwork she happened to see my name on the list as well. It’s very obvious now that it’s a scam as she sent me an email address to contact

I received an email from Crescent Tax Filing. They claimed they were following up on my request to be contacted. The email requested my previous W-2 info so they could help me receive my Covid -19 stimulus check and receive $2000 worth of tax services for free.
Crescent Tax Filing has no valid US address. They started calling me as well. I reported the email to the IRS for their phishing scam alert.

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