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Protecting your small business, one video at a time

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Small businesses like yours are important. They create jobs, support a competitive marketplace, and lift up local communities. As a small business owner, you’ve worked hard to start your business and make it into something you can be proud of. That’s why it’s important to know how to protect your employees and customers from a range of cyber and financial threats.

In our Protecting Small Businesses playlist, you’ll find some key steps you can take to keep your small business safe from fraud. Each video gives clear, concise information that you can act on to protect your data and hard-earned money.

Data Breach Response Video

From defending against ransomware to securing your network devices, this playlist from the FTC gives tips on how to avoid common scams and cyber-attacks that could target your small business. There’s also helpful guidance on what to do if you think your business has experienced a data breach.

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I am able to read much much faster for myself than to have someone else read to me. I expect this applies to most people over the age of 7. Would you please publish a written list of your advice that I can read for myself, instead of taking all the time to watch videos, where actors read advice to me?

God to know about protective measure for small businesses. What about protecting a consumer who has no way but use local small businesses, and results overwhelmingly negative, and be afraid of even reporting for retaliation. Please advise at local and state levels if possible. Thank you.

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