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Scammers impersonate the FTC, too

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Scammers never seem to run out of new ways to try to take your money or steal your identity, especially in times of crisis like the one we’re living through now.


One of the latest schemes involves an email that claims—falsely—that it came from me. It might say you’re entitled to some money from a phony “Global Empowerment Fund” and tell you to give your bank account number or credit card information.


These emails are not from me or anyone else at the FTC. They are a scam. The FTC will never send you an email asking you to share your bank account information. Or your Social Security number. Or your credit card number.


In fact, anyone who asks you to wire money or pay by gift card or with cryptocurrency is a scammer.


If you’ve encountered this scam or any other, report it to the FTC at so we can warn others. If you’ve given your personal information to someone you don’t know, you may be at risk for identity theft. Visit to learn what to do if a scammer has your personal information.


Juliana, I thank you for all you do in helping us to learn to try and avoid scammers and those who are worthless thieves that their only way in life is to steal from others. In this day of tension and more, it's good to know we have you to help guide us.

Thanks for ur help

New dish network scam ,this guy new his business almost got me until he asked for more money and credit card number .

I've been getting calls about a refund that is due me because a computer company or service is no longer in business. It asks me to press a number to be connected get my refund. I didn't answer, but have received this call a number of times.

It’s most likely a refund scam. In order to get your “refund”, you often have to give them remote access to your computer and log into your bank account. They’ll create the false impression that they refunded you too much by either shifting $ between your accounts or editing the html. Then they demand you pay back the extra with gift cards, and they can hold your computer ransom. Some will also threaten to empty your bank accounts if you don’t pay up.

Finally they are giving me a rest. These people are very persistent in trying to get info from you!!!! They are so annoying and will call for a long time even when you don't answer !!

I really can not believe these scammers preying on other people as if we all have not gone through suffering and uncertainty in this pandemic. I wish they would a life. And all of us alone.

Always very helpful and informative. Thank you.

It happened to me with a similar scam that I reported to FTC.

Thanks for the continuous updates. It is so appreciated.

Thank you for this warning. The scamming calls have gotten much more frequent lately on my landline phone. I never answer that phone any more. I only listen to the voice messages afterward. I haven't gotten any scam calls supposedly from the FTC. But yesterday I got 5 scam calls about supposed problems with my social security number. And yesterday I got an odd-looking email, which I immediately deleted. Be careful, everyone!

They pretend to be any Government official and have very authentic looking identification cards. Ignore text message.
They use official email address.

Today I received 4 calls from: 1-702-827-2103 starting T 8:00am until 10:30am. They did leave a message saying it was urgent that I call back right away. I called back and the man on the other end said I won 9.2 million dollars. I told him he was crazy and hung up.

i have filled a report with the ftc a month ago, but these scammers have been calling for over a year a bout student loans i do not have. recently they said the were FTC badge 3541. get me to call back by rules to st. loans have changed. DO NOT CALL BACK

I appreciate you putting this message in my inbox for me to read in
my Email. I'm always ready when their is an Email message that I'm
not sure of, or a telephone message call that I didn't make. To just
hang up, the phone. And not talk to that person anymore. Again, I
THANK YOU! for this. Michael

Thanks for the information. It is very helpful, especially during this current crisis.

We keep getting calls that the car warranty is going to expire. We don't have a car.

I have lost track of the number of calls but "Kristen" from National Disability has left yet another message for me to call an 844 area code number to discuss receiving disability benefits that I inquired about. Needless to say, I did not call the number especially since caller id showed the call was from a local area.
It does sadden me that there are people who will fall victim to this type of call.

I got a msg on msngr. From julie dumas talking about gov. grants was assured it was not a scam but started asking for my fb password and then started askin bout my bank acct number i red flagged it asap

Truly, I appreciate ALL Your help! May God bless!

I m, Getting text messages from this number 701 369 0459 Its not Canadian,

The new scam is this: The text says your package from FedEx could not be delivered. It will have a code for you so use to reschedule your delivery. I received 4 alerts , with 4 different telephone numbers and 4 different codes. Please don't respond. Thank you

Alex morgan says i have money due from e trade stock i bought. I am to buy 600 dollars insurance to have the check delivery it is state law and refundable in a week

His phone is 917 908 8635 alex morgan i have money coming from e trade from investments of old stocks i am to pay 600 dollars for refundable insurance by state law to get check delivered

I am getting calls saying that my social security has a problem and they want me to call them. Their # is 516 780-5881. Please tell others to be aware.

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