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Getting unordered seeds and stuff in the mail?

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Those mysterious seeds from China have been in the headlines, but we’re also hearing about other stuff that people are getting that looks connected to the seed mystery. There could be a few things going on, so let’s start unraveling the Great Unwanted Goods Mystery of 2020.

First, DON’T PLANT MYSTERY SEEDS. And don’t throw them away. Instead, follow the USDA’s advice on what to do.

Did you order something and get seeds or other junk instead? If that’s you, dispute the charges for the thing you didn’t get. We hear that some sellers might be sending stuff so they can show payment companies the tracking numbers to prove they delivered something to you. So: tell the payment service you used (PayPal, for example), and your credit or debit card company right away that you got seeds, never got anything, or got something other than what you ordered. If the seller tries to use a tracking number to prove it delivered, point out anything to show that it’s not credible — maybe a weight listed that’s different from the package you got, or a different delivery address.

You might have read about the “brushing” scam. In this one, somebody sends you stuff, unordered, because it lets them give themselves a great review in your name. Annoying, but whatever, right? Nope. More than annoying. It could mean that the scammers have created an account in your name, or taken over your account, on online retail sites. Or even created new accounts (maybe lots of them) in other names tied to your address. Letting them post lots of seemingly-real reviews. So keep an eye on your online shopping accounts. If you spot activity that isn’t yours, report it to the site right away, and think about changing your password for that site.

Finally, if you got seeds or anything else in that mail that you didn’t order, you don’t have to pay for it. You also never have to return unordered merchandise.

Is it jinxing us to ask how much weirder 2020 can get? Let’s be careful out there. And if you spot a scam, tell the FTC:


Many online US sites as well as street shops sell seeds originating from China with numerous seed packets on display at discount stores. The more exotic seeds are often sold by foreign merchants and are regarded as invasive according to the US plant index. Gardening enthusiasts should always ask questions of the merchant and do some research.

This one was interesting . Thanks

I got seeds and not sure where to take them to get them checked. Been months ago and I did order them but got others too that I didn't order. Now what?

Follow the USDA’s advice on what to do.

It was years ago I received a shower cap instead of an actual item I ordered on ebay. Ebay took care of it it, but it shows you how long they've been doing this.

I received a packet of very pretty handkerchiefs which I thought came from a Chinese friend. A Chinese friend still here at Purdue looked at the "envelope" and couldn't tell whom it was from although my friend in China said she was sending me something. (She knew I used handkerchiefs.) I put them in the washer and dryer and have been using them. Should I be worried?

Good to know thanks for the warning

I received mask filters and beanie hats. Strange stuff !

I have been getting weird stuff I didn't order for almost a year. A drone (sic) Q-tips, cookie cutters, party lights etc. I was always wondering why and where did it come from. There is never any information on or in the packages, once or twice there was a business card. What can I do about this?

I received a package with a jumper for a baby. I did not order the item. It came from China and had my name and address information. There was no return address, or point of origin. Should I be concerned someone has my personal information (identity theft?)

Thanks for all the updates , always read your texts. They are really useful.

I received a pkg of blue colored seeds. Pkg address was unreadable I just pitched them into the garbage

My sister didn't order anything; but received a small packet of seeds marked Seedwe Meyer Dwarf LEMON. The back of the airmail pkg was stamped "if undelivered please send: 1P2 ONLINE; 16 Mikkelsen Ave. Tregear; NSW, 2770, Australia.

I have not received seeds, however have received new rolls of 35 mm film I did not order. Anyone else receiving such items?

I got one yesterday.

I got a roll of film today.

I got one too.

I received "wire connectors" from China. Definitely didn't order them. Reported to Amazon and changed my password. Amazon didn't see anything suspicious on my history or reviews.

Received 3 Gold Coins from china, instead of the Aprons I ordered. Probably fake i know.

I recently ordered an item that I have not received; that item should have been delivered on 08/12/2020. Yesterday I received two items that I have not ordered. This article was very helpful and now I know what to do.

As of 8.20.20 - We have now received our second bag of beans. The weird thing is the second bag has listed on them the name of some beans I ordered through Amazon. But the shipping envelope still shows (1 necklace) so I will not be planting these.

Received a 35mm roll of film. Came from CNE, 3822 Rockfield Blvd, Lake Forest, CA 92638. Didn't order anything. Anyone else?

received junk necklace from the same address

I got the same thing from the same name and address.

I received a package from China today. Not ordered, not wanted. It is a scarf. After a quick online research I called my local police station to share. The recommended I contact the FTC. I can't figure out where to report the issue on your website.

I received a pair of fake RayBan glasses I did not order. Package also had my phone number on the outside of the package.

My boyfriend has received multiple packages containing random items. A cat bed, a scale, a dremel, a pair of shorts... All coming from CA and none ordered.

Has it been confirmed that the seeds from China were indeed part of a brushing scam? It seems to me that the huge volume of unsolicited packages sent globally would backfire; people would stop trusting online reviews when making purchasing decisions.

My husband just recieved a package containing a clear rubber marble. The package was mailed from California. The box has Chinese writing on it. It also has a thank you for ordering note with it. With some spelling errors. Lol

Yesterday I got 3 green vials of some liquid from China. I order a lot of stuff that comes from there, but I have no clue as to what these vials could contain. The charge was for $15. I have no idea what to do with them. I don’t want to put them in the trash not knowing what they contain.

Today I received a cheap thermometer in the mail. It came from California and the package has tracking information on it. The thermometer box has Chinese writing on it. I know I did not order it. I thought it was weird though. It gave me a bad feeling to have it in my home so I placed it in my outside garbage can. The next time I receive something like this I am going to take it back to the post office.

My boyfriend is receiving gifts from himamaex 8TTITEY. He received candy twice. The package is from Amazon and doesn’t have a specific sender nor for who the package is for. It’s just to himamaex 8TTITEY, with his address then upon opening the package, there’s a gift slip that says it’s from himamaex 8TTITEY.

I recieved a longsleeve t shirt I did not order and its not my size but it has no return address but chinese writing

Have received a humidifier, backpack, small artificial christmas tree, masks, no info enclosed, amazon does not care , reviews are now appearing with my name attached. All these packages are sent to our previous address but USPS still forwards them long after forwarding has expired.

Today I received a package with a pair of brand new ray band sunglasses in it
It’s from someone in China???
It’s creepy they have my name and home address

I just recieved small pieces of different colored chalk individually packaged

I just received a little packet of black plastic pellets. Address says Cambodia. I'm glad this doesn't appear to be a bio-weapon or something. I was pretty worried.

I received a single photoresistor, with a fake sender address of a logistics company in Los Angeles, but they didn't actually send it. (11/09/20)

I received a small bottle of liquid with a label all in Chinese that was mailed December 3 and received December 28, 2020 that I never order with a California return address from Online seller.

I received a ring cheap with holes in it as if they could put something in the holes?? Very weird..stamped from Pakistan with Chinese writing????

I received a white button down shirt in the mail from China on 2/20/21. It looks like my size, too, but with no clothing tag on the back of the collar. My correct name, address and phone number are on the address label.

I just received a box from China, delivered via DHL, containing 19 bikinis (all Size M) that I never ordered. I verified it had my home address. No sign they came from Amazon or what company sent them. I have no idea what to do with them.

Got free sunglasses today, what the heck?

I received a bracelet from UAE today. Unordered.

I received a jade bracelet in the mail today I did not order. Had a return address from China. Is this some kind of scam?

My wife also received a jade bracelet in the mail yesterday. What steps should be taken, if any?

I received a "jade" bangle bracelet via USPS today. Tag on the bracelet says "United States Retail Price $590.19". No invoice. No label. No info. Shipping address is from China.

We received an unwanted package from a fake address in Virginia
It was damaged but contained DVD’s .
Inside was packed with plastic bags and another mailing address.
I took pictures of mit all. It supposedly came through eBay with whom we do not deal, nor do we have a PayPal account.
What do I do with it? The item was damaged.

I have received around 10 useless items from UAE, a pen, a cheap piece of jewelry, screen protector, purse holder for car. No activity on my ebay account or PayPal. Traced one item to a new ebay account that uses my first four letters from my first name and four letters from my last name

How did you find the accounts linked to you?


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