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IRS sending $500 to people mistakenly denied money for dependent children

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If you used the IRS’s non-filers tool before May 17 and claimed at least one qualifying child, the IRS mistakenly failed to send you $500 per qualifying child.

To correct this, the IRS is sending money to those people who were affected. (If you used the non-filers tool after May 17 and claimed at least one qualifying child, your stimulus payment did include $500 per qualifying child.)

You don’t need to do anything to get your money. The IRS began making direct deposits on August 5, 2020 and mailing checks and debit cards on August 7, 2020. You can check the status of your payment at

The IRS won’t contact you about your payment. If someone does, it could be scam. Get the FTC’s latest information about Coronavirus scams at

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The IRS still hasn't sent me the initial $1,200 Stimulus.. This is so far beyond reason I don't get it. It's been coming for six months. A few weeks ago on the news they stated the final stimulus payments were going out that weekend. The "get my pymt" still says they'll let me know when they have a date. Can you just make the transaction please?

Never got the chance can I get 1200$ frist or 2th1200$

unI need help on finding out who has bn using my name and claiming me as a dependent since 2013 I couldn't get my stimulus payment how I found out I called IRS they transferred me to tresury dfpt that's how I found out I need help on clearing my name I recie e SSI&SSD SINCE AUG 2010 CANT SEE THAT WELL I NEED DOMEONE TO HELP I AM HAVING HARDSHIP AND NEED HELP

You could call the Identity Theft Resource Center. It is a non-profit organization that helps victims of identity theft. The toll-free phone number is 1-888-400-5530. Or, you can call the FTC to report identity theft.  Call the FTC Identity Theft help at 1-877-438-4338.

I didn't use the non-filer tool, but I still didn't receive the additional amount for my two children. Any info about that?

The IRS has questions & answers about stimulus payments on this page. There is information for people who didn't get their payment.

Do I have a stimulus check coming for my 14 year old daughter I have been on SSI for 6 years now and I was wondering how to get them if I am eligible for them

I am custodial parent of my ten year old daughter. I am suspicious that her relief money has been stolen by noncustodial parent. What can I do to find out?

Hi. My adult son who is a dependent, does not work, and disabled did not receive the $500 payment. I worked and received mine without having to file a non-filers claim. I received the money with info for receiving an income tax refund. Can I still get the $500 for my son? I am his caregiver and payee.

The IRS has questions & answers about stimulus payments on this page. Question #1 and #2 explain who is and is not eligible for a stimulus payment.

Is this for real ? I have a 12 year old & 14 year led I didn’t receive the money for. What do I need to do?

The IRS has questions & answers about payments on this page.

Question #30 tells what to do if you think the amount of your payment was wrong.

How can the irs take my granddaughters dependent money to pay back my arrears in child support, I am her legal guardian she does not owe back support, but they took the defendant money and put it towards my back arrears that’s not fair.

I received my stimulus check, but I have guardianship of my 11yr grandson and I went on the nonfilers site before May and I still haven't received the $500 for him.

Do I have a check coming for my granddaughter I filled 2019 taxs and she was a dependent and I have her in my custody still

What about the people who has never gotten their stimulus check that was mailed 05/22/2020? When are we going to get a check?

The IRS has questions & answers about stimulus payments on this page. 

There is information for people who didn't get their payment.

I not only haven't received my 500 for my child I haven't received any of my stimulus check

The IRS has questions & answers about stimulus payments on this page. There is information for people who didn't get their payment.

what about those of us that never received any stimulus money? how do we get the first round of payments.

I was filed as a dependent cause I live with my mom and pay her rent but I have 2 kids I provide for and I didn't receive any payments at all except unemployment and now that stopped I need help im about to lose my car cause I can't pay my title loan

Just came home to another message that is so very annoying. Friday, 8/14 at 3:02 p.m. Name- Rocconi Pedrott, # 925-743-4225, stating I will be charged $499.00 for “ computer services “ and that amount will be debited from my account.

I think someone is trying to scam you. Please do not respond to them.

My husband and I are disabled. He is a disabled veteran and receives SSI. I have a pending disability claim. We used the non-filers tool for the first stimulus payment. The problem is I owe child support and our couples stimulus payment was intercepted (due to my child support from a previous marriage.). My husband owes nothing. In this instance he is the "injured spouse", however, because we don't usually file taxes (we don't make enough), the IRS Injured Spouse form does not fit our circumstances. We've tried contacting the IRS without success. We've spoken to Child Support Enforcement and they were not able to help. How does he get his portion if the stimulus returned to him in this instance? The payment was processed April 22nd, 2020. We've been trying to get assistance with this since then with no guidance yet. What can we do?

I didn't use the non-filers tool but I still get my 500 for my dependent. What should I do?

Hello irs said they are depositing my stimulus check on August 19 why haven't I received my money yet

Did u receive yours yet?

I didn’t receive the $500 for my child that is adopted but I received $1200 into her savings that my name is on.

Try calling, online. No help

I didn't get the first stimulus payment yet. I also didn't get tax return. I submitted on March 5. The only system shows we received your application and us under review. How long should I wait?

I didn't recieve $1200 because they said I checked box as dependent and I didn't and I have 2 qualifying dependent n haven't received $500 for either child what do I do

I claimed my daughter who is starting her senior year this year on my taxes because she's 17 and still my dependant and i got nothing for her.

I filed my taxes on 07/15/20 and received a paper check on 08/07/20 but was missing my qualifying dependent check. I called the site and they said dependent checks were being mailed out on 08/14/20 but as of 08/28/20 I have not received it, it only took 3 days for the initial check to arrive. What should I do?

I did not get my money either and it was supposed to be deposited the 19th of Aug.

Hello I am so thrilled that I will be getting the catch up check FINALLY but will instill get the 500.00 dependent? I used the non filer tool three days ago to file.

Me and my husband received the 2400 for the married couple, but the IRS failed to give us anything for our 8 children at home which we also file on our taxes. I need help to get this situation fixed.

I have filed both 2018 and 2019 claimed my son on both I’m a single mom and no one else could have possibly claimed him , and never received the money for dependent. Have called and sent letters and still nothing this is a damn joke....

I finally got my 1200 in Sept but I still haven't gotten my 500.00 and its Oct 13.

It says go to non filers to enter info for missing payment for my dependent, I entered my information and I received an email denying me saying submission cannot be a duplicate. So how do I get the payment for my dependent

Dependent relief check (500.00)
My question is. I have 2 yr old, I am the non dependent in which I claimed my daighter in taxes last year. So I am the one recieving or shpuld be getting the depend relief check? Can some one please confirm what I think is. Thanks

I don’t know what to do my aunt had custody of my kids but I have custody back she got the last check and going to get this one and she refuses to give me any of the money I’m having a hard time taking care of my kids as is anyone know what I can do help me please

I have custody of my child but live with his grandma's I pay rent to her though and she claimed my child but now I'm needn to have him back on my taxes so I can get his monthly $ how can I do this(

My son and his wife filed there taxes and then had to do an amended showed they was accepted but never came so he contacted the IRS then they said it was taken longer due to the virus pandemic he called again then they said his $ amount didn't add up he needed to redo it all over again , they have 2 children and not only have they not gotten there tax refund but they never got there stemulis check neither .
so what do they need to do he is confused because he does his taxes online through turbo tax so i do not see where the mess up was its a simple return .

At the time of the 1st stimulus check, my mother filed for my payment to be paid to her. I am not a dependent any longer and no longer living in her home. I did not make enough money in 2019 or 2020 to file taxes. How can I make sure the new stimulus check comes to me or is deposited in my own bank account?

The women that lives with me is on ssi only gets $781 a mouth no one can live on that I pay every thing so I claimed her I care for her she didn't get the check I didn't get anything more this is wrong now sueing for ergrent but our adlts on ssi she should have got that money

The IRS double paid in the last stimulus checks for my granddaughter. I have custody of her and got my check, but the IRS also sent a check to the biological mother. She filed a 2018 tax return- didn't file for 2019. I filed my 2019 tax return. The biological mother should not have gotten a stimulus check for my granddaughter.

Same thing happened to us. We have had custody/gaurdianship since our granddaughter was 3 weeks old. Have you found a solution to this problem? Mother refuses to give us our grandaughters social.

My parents claim both my dependent children on their taxes last year because they lived with them for 6 months. So they received the 1st stimulus for my children. Now tho, my children have been back living with me since december 2019. Is there any way I can receive the 2nd stimulas payment for them instead of my parents? Since they haven't lived there with them for a year?

I am having the same exact problem. My kids have been back with me for over a year and my Mom's husband will not give me the money for my kids. They are no longer being fostered by my parents. Also, I am worried that they will try to claim them again on their 2020 tax return.. Please help

Did you ever find anything out? I'm in the same predicament. My existing parents had custody until the beginning of 2019 of my two kids. They have been my dependents n dents since. The grandparents live in VA and they received stimulus money for the. For all 3 stimulus checks. I didn't receive a dime. I never had to file until this tax year and I'm unsure of how to even file and if I can claim them for 2019 and 2020. I used nonfilers to claim them but I believe they claimed them on their taxes last year and may intend on doing so again. I have missed out on 3 payments that total to be 5400. I am currently collecting unemployment benefits at 157 a week. I need some help here some guidance and some relief. Please help me.

I have had my daughter since October 1,2019 and have not received a stimulus for my child ! I understand they based it on 2019 returns but the pandemic is 2020 and I have had my child all of 2020... How do I get relief?


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