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Getting stimulus payments to homeless communities

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People who are homeless or transient may not know they qualify for the $1,200 Economic Impact Payments (EIP) — also called “stimulus checks" — that went out last Spring. They might also get an additional $500 for each qualifying child — and they don’t need an income to claim the payment. That’s why the FTC is working with the IRS to get the word out about how people can still collect their money — and we need your help.

If you know anyone who doesn’t have a permanent address (or someone who just isn’t aware that they might qualify for a payment), here’s what they need to know:

  • The deadline to enter a claim for payment is October 15, 2020. To sign up, people need:

o Their name plus a mailing address and an email address. (People can ask a friend, family member, or shelter to use their address.)

o Date of birth and valid Social Security number (SSN)

o Bank account information, if any

o Identity Protection PIN, if they've gotten one from the IRS

o License or state ID, if any

o Name, SSN, and relationship for each qualifying child

  • People who don’t normally file income taxes may still be eligible for a payment. Those with an income below $12,200 ($24,400 for married couples) can get instructions on how to use the IRS’s non-filers tool, then file a claim at
  • People who get veterans or railroad retirement, Social Security Income (SSI) or Social Security benefits still qualify for this payment.

It’s important to know that only the IRS sends out these payments, but they won’t call, text, or email people about their payments. And they won’t charge a fee. So: anybody who calls, texts, or emails offering to expedite an Economic Impact Payment is a scammer. People should never give anyone money to get a payment: anybody who tells you to pay is a scammer.

Visit for more information on economic stimulus payments. The site includes a toolkit for partners to get these messages out to your network. Also visit for information on avoiding Coronavirus payment and product scam and how to report them to the FTC.

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What about us individuals that qualify, but never received a stimulus check? Calling the IRS hasn’t helped.

very good question wish I knew answer???

How do I proceed?

I've been trying to contact the IRS about this payment (which I also have not received) for months. I have been unable to obtain any information from anybody.


Will local state authorities be authorized to intercept these federal funds in cases of overdue late fees, penalties and/or fines outstanding?

The IRS has questions and answers about the Economic Impact Payments (EIP). The IRS says the only reduction of EIP is for past-due child support.

Your EIP will not be reduced by any other federal or state debts that might normally reduce your tax refunds. 

What if a child was born just a couple of months ago? Does the new child qualify?

The IRS has questions and answers about Economic Impact Payments. The IRS says that a child born, adopted or placed into foster care in 2020 doesn't qualify for a payment.

When you file taxes for 2020, you can claim a credit for a child born in 2020.

Has the FTC reached out to the Department of Public Instruction, now that schools are open, and asked to communicate with student families that are receiving free/reduced lunches? And/or they should know of or could find out if any of their students are receiving services based on their homelessness and you may be able to reach out that way.
Another way might be to communicate with homeless shelters and/or local Departments of Children and Families who may also be serving these families.

Thank you for those ideas. Could you send more information about that to  

How can a homeless person without a computer or email address file for an EIP?

another very good question

I don't have income I've tried become with no work due to corona and they took money from child support didn't know I owed and takeing from me for what 2006 I haven't had a job and tried getting one and took my stimulus check from what income idk how to deal with it

Thanks for putting this out there. I work in a shelter for the homeless as well as for low income citizens who are homebound. No other entity except for this site has made an announcement of any kind that the homeless or low-income may also be qualified to receive stimulus assistance. Some of them have stated that they didn't think they had the right to inquire, feeling separate from society due to their housing or financial station. The poor are often the first to experience crisis or catastrophe as they often must make do with what little they have from the start. Thanks for bringing this matter up so that we may share with others.

We have been experiencing horrible circumstances that happened to coincide with the emergence of this created covid crisis, which then devastated all avenues we had to fix our troubles! Yet, we as the poorest, who ended up homeless, have been judged as non deserving for our faultless crisis, while this money maker covid crisis has profited many around the world! Yes, this site/source is the only I found, out of hundreds of informational searches, that even mentions persons poorer than those with incomes such as social security, which is the lowest existing level this country acknowledges. Oh, if only I had some form of income such as that! Jobs for me are not protected, they're gone! I still don't see enough information here on how/where to remedy this stimulous oversight. We have tried much. What is needed is human contact, so that the variables of real existence can be addressed. Not sad stories, just real details that automation can't navigate!!!

I work for a nonprofit soup kitchen. I have applied for several patrons using the nonfilers tool but they have not received any payment or correspondence for IRS. Is there anything else that I can do for collection?

It's asking for my tax information. But when I enter the information for 2019 taxes I got a message saying they may not have been added to the system yet. Then it asks for the 2019 taxes but I didn't file that year. So am I unable to apply then?

Visit this webpage to see the Reminder notice being sent by the IRS to residents that have not yet sent in their information... you can refer to it for information regarding how to file & the help line as well as who is eligible to receive the Stimulus.
Also if you do not have a permanent residence, you can go to your local Post Office & request their "General Delivery" address to use as your mailing address. They will hold your mail & you can pick up your IRS mailings from their post office.

Is there ANY way to receive an eip if yours was intercepted because of part due child support? I'm homeless and am struggling to find a place to live. I just want to know if there is anything at all we can do?

I agree, What about the people who file taxes and are on Social Security who did not get the Stimulus. My family of 3, all who work and file taxes and did not get a dime! IRS is so messed up they can't help. They haven't recorded receiving the tax forms since July. What do they do?

I am a homeless man I been out of work for 13years. Why can't I get any help.

I been homeless since I was 14 and worked on a farm for many years and got paid daily by cash do I still qualify for a stimulus check

If you had a child in 2018 n did not claim. On taxes can u get the money for the child now?

How to receive stimulus in 2021 if not required to file 2020 taxes because unemployed (unemployed years 2018-Present) and did not use IRS non-fliers Tool?

My son is homeless but received the first stimulus check of $1200 and now he needs to know how to get the $600 stimulus, he can use my address now, what do we need to do.

My brother is homeless he never received any stimulus checks he needs to know how he can get his stimulus checks he can use my address , what do we need to do.

My brother is homeless how can l help him get his stimulus? He's never received anything.

I have not received my second stimulus check but I am on SSI and I was wondering how I can get my second stimulus check

Why is this still posted if the deadline has expired ?

I havnt been able to get a hold of anyone to h e LP me get a check been homeless 31326 y can't they put it on our EBT card cuz don't have a bank. Account please help. 7

I need help I'm getting this money that I totally deserve any information I don't know contact me at this location

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