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The FTC Chairman is not writing to you

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If you saw an email from FTC Chairman Joseph Simons, it wasn’t. From him, that is. Scammers pretending to be him are emailing, though. They’re trying to trick you into turning over personal information, like your birth date and home address, which could help them scam you. So: if you get an email from the Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission about getting money because of an inheritance or relief funds related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic — or anything else — do not respond. Do not give out your personal information. But do hit “delete.”

Scammers like to make themselves look official by pretending to be from the government. They use official-sounding language and images that impersonate federal agencies like the FTC to trick or scare people into responding.

Rest assured, these emails are not from Chairman Simons or anyone else at the FTC. They’re a scam. The FTC will never send you an email asking you for information like your bank account, credit card, or Social Security number. We don’t ask for your date of birth, or cell phone number. And we’ll never, ever call, text, email, or send a letter asking you to pay anything.

People at FTC, including Chairman Simons, are working hard to combat scams like these. We’re using every tool we have. And you can help. We know that people who’ve heard about a scam are less likely to respond to it. So help us spread the word: tell people about this scam. And if you spot it, please tell us at Your reports help us find and stop scammers just like these. Reporting and talking about this and other scams helps protect people in your community. So thank you for helping to spread the word.

This email is NOT from the FTC


If they're targeting you like this, you must be doing a good job building trust!

Thanks for all the valuable information, you saved me and other people a lot of money and aggravation

I agree that you all do a great job in informing us about all these people that do this kind of stuff, i hope they get caught and are arrested for this!! Thank you ,keep safe and stay healthy!!

Hello and Thank you for the comment. I feel exactly the same way. Thanks for all the valuable information.

This is useful information. Thank you for publishing.

Thanks for this information and all the other important issues you pass along. Such a valuable newsletter, thank you.

The same goes for any suspect entity or individual across the board. Well-known marketplaces can also indulge in these types of scams. One doesn't need to be a defined thief to steal from others. These should go unanswered and reported to consumer protection agencies.

Thank you for continually "watching our backs!" There is no way to tell how much time, effort and painful hassle your warning save those of us who are paying attention!

Thanks for sharing this information, great job!

Hit "spam" not "delete" so that your email provider can catch the deception for you in the future.

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