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Non-filers: Expect a letter about your stimulus check

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If you don’t usually file a tax return, or didn’t file a return for 2018 or 2019, you might not know you could qualify for an economic impact payment. You might be one of the nine million people getting a letter from the IRS letting you know how to register on their website to claim your payment. The new deadline for filing is November 21, 2020.


If you get this letter from the IRS, it’s legit. Go only to the IRS’s real website at, or call them directly at 800-919-9835 to register to claim your payment. You only have until November 21. But if someone claiming to be from the IRS calls, emails, or texts about helping you get your stimulus payment, that person is running a government imposter scam on you. Hang up, and don’t respond to or click on any links in texts or emails.


Why? Because the IRS will not text, email, or call you about your economic impact payment. And they’ll never ask you to pay a fee to get your money.


Visit the IRS’s website to find out more about stimulus payments. And be sure to tell the FTC if someone pretending to be from the government contacts you.


Note: This blog, originally posted on September 23, 2020, has been updated with the IRS’s extended filing deadline of November 21, 2020.


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If you got one already this year, is this a second payment we have to file for?

The letters are going to people who did not get any economic impact payment this year. If you got one economic impact payment, you should not get a letter. 

I never received my first stimulus check or any letter.where is my stimulus check?

I did not get the first one

I did not get a letter or a check yet

I didn't get my first one

I own a salon and haven't been busy since shut down. I can't pay my power at home. I can't pay for supplies went to collection I went on snap and have medicare. Have health problems and high anxiety been in and out of hospital. I can't pay my internet, phone, credit card. I'm close to having to close my salon . I need help in the worst way. Please can I get my first stimulas and help to pay power and supplies for shop

I never received a stimulus check do i even qualify for stimulus check do I even get a payment

My payment status on get my payment tool for non filers stimulus check says bring mailed on october 19 2020 will they mail it that day or can it be already mailed..

Did you ever get a response? I was wondering the same thing...I have an October 19th mail out date as well

Mines said 10/23 did you get yours

Hi bud did u get ur payment yet I was asking because MINES says that date as well

Did you ever recive your check ?

Did anyone get their my gf had a mail date oct 9th and nothing they told her wait 30 days after letter smh it way past 30 days.

I haven’t received my first one what do I do to get mine

I never received the first check...and wheni call that one answers...

No , this isn't for a second stimulus , this is for people that don't normally file , that haven't received their stimulus

I received the first Stimulus check. If their is a second stimulus check do I need to respond and fill out information to receive the second stimulus before October 15th?

The letters are going to people who did not get any economic impact payment this year. If you got one economic impact payment, you should not get a letter. 

I did not receive a stimulus check and have not been able to contact anyone about this and the site does not give me any information

I haven't even received my first stimulus check or nothing no letter from the irs and have called and still can't get no help

I don't get the first one

Wondering what’s going on with my check.

How long does it take to get that letter? I did the non filers online Oct. 8th and received a return accepted email with a submission ID#. Not sure what else to do to check status on payment.

I never received a letter telling me how to claim my first stimulus check. I went on the IRS website and used the non filers tool on my own accord. Then I received my payment like two months later. I then received a letter a month after my payment posted telling me I qualified for the payment and the date I would receive it....which was a month prior to the day I received my letter. I wouldn't wait it really on letter reaching you in time if they are coming from the IRS. Just go to the website and follow the prompts there. My question is will we have to fill out the information on the website again if there is a second package of? Or will that info be saved and used or the second payment?

I received a stimulus check this year do I need to re-file to get the second stimulus check?

The other side to that is adults who are claimed as dependents on soemone's tax filings are not eligible for the stimulus payments, and that is as per IRS.
That also means elderly people who are dependents on their children's claims do not qualify for any stimulus. This seems unfair since there are dependent adults such as the elderly, those in nursing homes et al, have needs which must be addressed also particularly in this lockdown.
Note that IRS gives non-filers a hard way to go regarding stimulus payments. I recently assisted an elderly non-filing low-income neighbor in trying to determine his eligibility on the IRS website and the online experience was less than friendly. Not all things are as they appear or what is claimed to be.

Thank you very much for the heads-up. I had no idea and hope I'm in that number!

Will I get it?I draw Social security

The Social Security Administration website says the IRS already sent payments to most people who get Social Security retirement, survivors and disablity payments.  That's for people who live inside the US and started getting Social Security benefits before January of this year (2020).

The Social Security Administration website has lots of questions and answers about stimulus payments, and different questions and answers about the payment cards it sent to some people. You might have gotten a payment card instead of a deposit. Read about the payment cards on this Social Security Administration page.

Stimulus payments come from the IRS, and you can call their question line at 1-800-919-9835. The Social Security Administration can't answer  questions about your specific situation.

I never received a stimulus and I get survivor's benefits. They sent me a letter in september stating I qualified to apply for one under the non filers tool. I filed it today.

I'll dang sure be glad when I receive that letter then! I've been trying since March!

there was a page at you registered as a non-filer --dunno if it is still up or not. I would sure google stimulus non-filer to see.

I did not get My first stimulus check I'm on social security

I don't file taxes because I'm on ss I filed on the non filers site back in March because I have custody of my 12yr old grandson I still haven't received a letter nor have I received the EIP for him.

i dont file taxes either filed in april and still havent gotten anything, it hasnt even changed from still in porccessing. i dont understand.

Did you get your payment yet for non filers? Im just curious.

If you receive your SSN directly to your bank account the IRS should have deposited to your account otherwise mailed it. You shouldn't have to do anything.

I am in the same boat raising my grandchild, and got a check for myself the end of Mat and just received my extra $ 500 for him today . In my account. Maybe double check your filing status again and try to resend it / or / wait a bit longer, They must be playing Catch-up. Just super happy to have it

I put in my non filers information, submitted it, and told me that it make take 24 to 48 hours for a response. I did this during the weekend. Its already Thursday and they still havent said if Im eligible or not. Is this normal? Did I miss something? Or does this mean I didnt qualify? I go back to check my E file status and all I get is that they accepted my application and that they will see if Im eligible. So theres nothing else I can do but wait. How long does it take for them to approve you and to get it direct deposited? Sorry so many questions, it was my first time using their website.

Did you recieve ur check already?

How long does it take to get in the mail once you get accepted

From what my cousin told me he just looked his up, and it says being sent out tommorrow Oct 9th. I believe.

That’s only helpful if you know and share with us when it was he filed. Thanks for trying to help!

Ok when did he file or get accepted ?

Very useful. Thank you for sharing.

If a non filer received the first stimulus check, will they have to file again to get the second check ?

The letters are going to people who did not get any economic impact payment this year. If you got one economic impact payment, you should not get a letter. 

I never received anything as far as any money. Why not I thought everyone was suppose to get money????

The question that is being asked is if we filed for the first one and received the first check do we have to refile for the second check you keep speaking about the letter the question is we filed for the first one receive the check do we have to refile in order to get the second check


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