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What to do if someone steals your identity

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You know that protecting your identity and personal information is important. And you also know that taking steps to avoid identity theft can make a big difference. But if someone steals your identity, here’s the first thing you do: go to

To get you started, watch this video on how helps you report and recover from identity theft.

If your identity is still all yours, you can find some ideas to keep it that way — and to share with others. If you’re wondering what’s going on in your good name, start by getting your free credit report (right now, free every week!) at

And, to keep up to date with what the FTC is doing, sign up to get Consumer Alerts.


It would seem to me that someone using my identity, is the problem of whomever they are doing business with, or even a government agency; not mine. As for credit rating affects, again, it is up to the credit reporting agency to verify identity, and/or the lender, or credit card company...etc.

If someone is using your identity, they can open new accounts with your information and get credit cards, health insurance, or commit crimes in your name.

If that happens, you might start getting calls from debt collectors about unpaid bills. You might not be able to get new health insurance, because records show you have a condition that you really don't have. Law enforcement might stop you, because someone has committed a crime while using your identity.  

please help me. I got a fraudulent notice from state revenue that my identity was hacked.Did all the correct procedures. One of the IRS told me every thing was turned around??, and it was a waiting game. My problem is I have not received my stimiulas check, been waiting since May. What can I do? Why am I being punished when someone stole from me and the gov-erment is holding my check from me? Thanks

Sue have you went on to the websites to see what the status says for your stimulus check? Does it say accepted?

My identity has been stolen online many times. Since it's essential to my record label with computer use. Lately I have been paying for monitoring . I intend to press charges and sue for damages .

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