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Baby, I stole outside

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Baby, I stole outside

You’ve finished your online shopping, your gifts have shipped and you’re waiting for them to arrive – but some Grinch decides to ruin your holiday. On this 9th day of Consumer Protection, we’re talking about how to stop porch pirates in their tracks.

Every year millions of people have packages stolen right from their doorsteps.  So what’s the best way to stop them?

  • Require a signature.  When your shopping cart is full and it’s time to choose your shipping details, take a moment to check “signature required.” A contact-free way to sign may be available through major package delivery services. You can request delivery confirmations, too.

  • Give specific delivery instructions. Many shippers will let you specify where to leave packages — maybe in your back yard, or even redirecting them to a trusted neighbor’s address, if you won’t be home.

  • Install motion activated lights.  Outdoor lights with a motion sensor might make your home a lot less attractive to would-be thieves, making them much more visible than they’d likely want to be.

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It would be most helpful if all couriers offered a more dependable delivery window.

Porch pirates work in broad daylight No signatures wanted anymore because of covid I gave specific directions several times and they were not followed.....

I love yalls site for keeping us informed but i live in the deep country surrounded by trees and get tons of stuff on porch, with two dogs protecting it.

Or have your packages delivered to a secure locker!

We have a sign on the front door, "Please leave all deliveries on back porch". The delivery people are in such a hurry, many times they didn't see the sign. Packages were left on the front porch, easy to steal, or sit in the rain. After several phone calls to Amazon, every delivery is now left on the back porch, .... which is under a roof.

Also post a sign there's motion activated cameras.

When giving driver instructions, put down to knock or ring the doorbell.

I would add that as soon as you receive an email/text that your purchase has shipped, you should click on the track package link and ask that you be either emailed or texted when the package is delivered. I do this all the time and it works great.

I do this also so I know within a certain period of time when to expect it and when my stuff is actually dropped off so it rarely stays outside long. Had things stolen a few times in a previous neighborhood where a locking mailbox was only solution & one I still recommend. They have larger sizes for deliveries now too :)

Also make sure your house number appears both at the street (curb or mailbox for example) and on the house entry area (like near the front door). Many "lost" packages are delivered to wrong houses or even the wrong street with the same house number (this has happened to me). Our driveways and garages are on the back side with a drive (like a paved alley) from the side streets, so there is no driveway or garage entry access from the front.

There are lobby pirates, too! My condo complex was having some missing pkg issues, until the frugal board members finally voted to install cameras in all of the buildings' lobbies. Seems to have worked. Prior to the cameras there were fairly numerous complaints about missing pkgs. I came up short on one delivery, but Amazon replaced it at no add'l cost. Shopping w/reliable retailers is reassuring. Thx for your important efforts.

It would be nice if they would ring the door bell.

My dogs go bananas when this happens but it probably alerts would-be thrives also! We've been considering one of those doorbell or window porch cameras after seeing how well one of these small systems worked for a family member.

Delivery service control is most difficult today. I've found packages lying on the driveway, where the driver must have just tossed it. Some drivers are conscientious, but to most, it is 'just a job.' Using common sense of not leaving packages so blatantly in view would be a good training session for delivery people.

good information thank you

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