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Fake calls from Apple and Amazon support: What you need to know

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Scammers are calling people and using the names of two companies everyone knows, Apple and Amazon, to rip people off. Here’s what you need to know about these calls.

In one version of the scam, you get a call and a recorded message that says it’s Amazon. The message says there’s something wrong with your account. It could be a suspicious purchase, a lost package, or an order they can’t fulfill.

In another twist on the scam, you get a recorded message that says there’s been suspicious activity in your Apple iCloud account. In fact, they say your account may have been breached.

In both scenarios, the scammers say you can conveniently press 1 to speak with someone (how nice of them!). Or they give you a phone number to call. Don’t do either. It’s a scam. They’re trying to steal your personal information, like your account password or your credit card number.

If you get an unexpected call or message about a problem with any of your accounts, hang up.

  • Do not press 1 to speak with customer support
  • Do not call a phone number they gave you
  • Do not give out your personal information

If you think there may actually be a problem with one of your accounts, contact the company using a phone number or website you know is real.

Read our article to learn how to block unwanted calls on a mobile phone or on your home phone. And if you do get a call you think is a scam, report it at

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I don't get the phone calls from them I get the emails about my iphone and apple account And about my Amazon account

i have gotten 5 calls this morning, ur lucky, yesterday it was close to 10. every time i block the number they call from a different one

They called me 49 times within 4 hours one day last summer. Now it was 8 times last night and 3 this morning. I feel your pain.

Yikes! I thought I had it bad getting one a day.

three different phone numbers called today
all left a message that they were AMAZON
two said I owe money
I haven't bought anything from AMAZON in at least two years.

I too get scam calls from AMAZON daily, sometimes 3 or 4 times & I block that number then they call me again in a DIFFERENT NUMBER, it's annoying & frustrating!!

I always report the emails as phishing.

I get these calls all the time. I do not respond. Blocking them does no good, but I do it anyway.

I have been doing the same. They switch from Apple to Amazon as the source of the "problem."

If they are blowing up yor cellphone, it’s good to get an app that blocks these types of calls:

Please tell me more about this app. My phone is for work so I pretty much have to answer in case its legit so these calls are driving me crazy

Did they rip you off
I talked to someone twice so I be worried

Just started getting these calls today, recordings claiming to be Amazon and to press 1. Gotten 20 from different numbers in the last few hours.

I use Google Voice, so I am marking them all as spam, which blocks them. The hope is eventually not only will all the numbers be blocked on my phone but added to Google's spam database to benefit the proactive engine, and thus help others as well.

I also get calls from "Microsoft." Isn't there any way to stop this? Rarely a day goes by that I don't get one of these calls.

I received a call about my “account” (no other info provided) and that because February is debt forgiveness month I needed to press 1 for further directions to cancel all my debt. Yep... a scam.

Yes, this happened to me. My caller id said amazon . they said there was a outstanding charge on my Amazon credit card and they wanted me to log onto a web site. Thankfully I hung up. I have subsequent received 2 more calls. I reported this to Amazon.

Yup. I've heard both of those types of calls come through my phone. I'm glad that I ignored them.

Got 2 of these in three days about Amazon order charges of $745 and $259. I simply checked my Amazon Orders. Don't select either #1 or #2. It is a SCAM with unknown, but likely not good, results.

What happens if you do press 1? I did and then realized that it was NOT amazon, so I hung up.

The same happened to me today I clicked on 1 also? No reply so hung up. Does anyone know what happens if you press 1? I didn't talk to anyone or give any details?

I pressed one and someone wanted me to go to a website ( said they would give me a code and I would be able to see the fraudulent charges. He couldn't give me my name or number.

Mine was I paid for Amazon Prime and if I wanted to cancel. I asked them to give me a name or number but they couldn't. I asked to be off their list and the guy got mad at me talking about maam you've been charged for the membership. then he hung up on me. Called again like 2 hrs later different person.

I got 2 calls in a row today. on the 2nd call I pressed one and acted like I was actually going to the website they told me to go to. I wrote down the website and repeated it to her. Then I told her I know this is a scam and I don't have an Amazon account but I just wanted the web address they were using so I can report it. then I blocked their number

I did click 1, and talked with a "service representative"--she tried to get me to install a 'remote desktop' app on my computer!!! so I hung up. (app was "anydesk")

This happened to me, fortunately I closed the call before completing

I pushed 1 and downloaded the anydesk app. Then the guy with broken English wanted the code from my app I just downloaded. I asked him if this was amazon and he said he was with security. I asked him why he wanted the code number? He started getting testy and said ...Just give me the code number! That's when I hung up and uninstalled the app. I was stupid. Don't be stupid.

Same thing happened to me and I hung up after the AnyDesk questions, claiming my IP address was hacked. Deleted that app and reported them to Amazon, my CC and my bank.

Same thing happened to me and I hung up after the AnyDesk questions, claiming my IP address was hacked. Deleted that app and reported them to Amazon, my CC and my bank.

I fell for this - called a number for Amazon that I found online - was having trouble with Prime on new tv - they used Any Desk to remotely get into my computer - I finally caught on , hopefully nothing stolen but a huge hassle to change bank account etc - Be Careful !

- now I have to change everything - huge hassle -

I got 8 today in 3 hours

Yep, so far 9 calls in 3 hours.

Got a similar call OVER TEN TIMES in the past two days with a specific amount saying my Amazon account (which I don't have) was used to purchase a Mac and AirPods. I never pressed one. I called the number on the caller ID several times just to see and it is a number that is not in service.

Well they were good. Real good. I did download the Mydesk app because my computer was dead! I did become suspicious after they told me they were Michael Cava and told me to google his name!!! I called and changed a bunch of passwords but it was way too believing on my part!

This also JUST happened to me? What happens if you press 1?!

Yes, when I pressed 1, they hung up, now my bank account has huge charges from Amazon that wasn’t me. Under my account with Amazon it didn’t show anything so they dug and seen someone in another state open an account and used my card to order that amount . By pressing 1 is how they hack your phone

pressing 1 doesn't let them hack your phone.
when you connect to a person, that's when they try to convince you to download the software.

I presses 1 and it put me on hold with music then someone came online, few seconds later they hung up. Anyone know what happens?

I just received and an "unknown caller" telling me that there were charges for $864.00 and to press 1 if I w.anted to stop the charge from being processed m I just hung up

Happened to me today. Thankfully it was on a VM.

They called my landline which is not connected to any accounts. I pressed one. A person answered and asked how they can help. I said I don’t know, you called me. He proceeded to tell me he was from the fraud dept at Amazon and needed me to open a browser and type in “@ support (dot) me” so he can give me a code to enter. I imagine that’s when they would steal my info. I gave him a piece of my mind and he hung up.

Thank you all for this information I got a call from Amazon two time to my email saying they charge my account for a iphone for 761.61check my account and it's not true but I can say be safe out here it's to much going on.

I received notice of this via email from the FTC because I've previously filed a complaint and opted in to receive newsletters. I follow FTC on social media but don't often see the posts because of the nature of posts/threads. Email seems best to receive the message, and then for users/consumers to broadcast it to others via social media 'share' links. If we blanket social media with these fraud alerts, we can drastically reduce the spread and fallout.

I received 5 of these calls on Thanksgiving Day. Once they were only about 10 min. apart. The caller identified herself as Olivia in the recording. I hung up on the first three and let the last two go to voicemail.

You don’t say why you should not press 1 .

I pressed 1. No one picked up, but it makes it sound like something else happen when you press 1 other than them trying to tell you some lies. This should explain if something else occurs when you press one.

Have you received any further info on this? This just happened to me and I pressed one as the connection wasn’t that clear.

I just got the call too and pressed 1 someone answered but the call dropped right away. I'm panicking right now. Worried they got my info.

My mom just got the same call today. She pressed 1 and the call dropped. I'm guessing the scammers are sending out hundreds of calls and there was no one to connect to when she pressed 1. No information was given so it's a safe assumption to believe her accounts will be ok. I will keep an eye on them of course.

I spoke to a guy just to see what they said. He asked me if I was in Mexico I said no. Then he said someone in Mexico Was trying to get into my ICloud account. The he asked if I was near my phone or computer. I wasn't. Then I hung up. Do I have a problem?

Thanks God you were not next to your computer because the caller would have asked you to turn on your computer so he can run it for you on the other end to make sure your computer was safe. By doing so, he would be the one compromising your computer and attacking it with virus. Then he would ask you to pay him using your credit card of course, some money to get your computer fixed. If you decide to do all that being said to you, then you’ll end up loosing your computer and loosing your money hence exposing your credit card information to hackers.


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