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Fake calls from Apple and Amazon support: What you need to know

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Scammers are calling people and using the names of two companies everyone knows, Apple and Amazon, to rip people off. Here’s what you need to know about these calls.

In one version of the scam, you get a call and a recorded message that says it’s Amazon. The message says there’s something wrong with your account. It could be a suspicious purchase, a lost package, or an order they can’t fulfill.

In another twist on the scam, you get a recorded message that says there’s been suspicious activity in your Apple iCloud account. In fact, they say your account may have been breached.

In both scenarios, the scammers say you can conveniently press 1 to speak with someone (how nice of them!). Or they give you a phone number to call. Don’t do either. It’s a scam. They’re trying to steal your personal information, like your account password or your credit card number.

If you get an unexpected call or message about a problem with any of your accounts, hang up.

  • Do not press 1 to speak with customer support
  • Do not call a phone number they gave you
  • Do not give out your personal information

If you think there may actually be a problem with one of your accounts, contact the company using a phone number or website you know is real.

Read our article to learn how to block unwanted calls on a mobile phone or on your home phone. And if you do get a call you think is a scam, report it at

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I just got the Amazon call yesterday. It sounds SO real! I hung up as soon as they wanted me to log into a website that I believe would have taken over my computer. Be careful! They make it sound urgent and like a tremendous deal to get you to stop thinking and just do it. Scary.

Had three calls today saying they wanted £79.99 for amazon prime two recorded messages and one from a very nasty person

Phone numbers 07878293944


Getting a bit to much they should be prosecuted

Received ANOTHER call this morning from "Amazon" stating the $375.00 gift card purchased via my Amazon account will be applied to my credit card". I DO NOT HAVE AN AMAZON ACCOUNT! Information: Call came in with caller ID "MMC". Phone number 347-933-2879. WHEN ARE THESE ATTEMPTS AT ID THEFT GOING TO STOP AND WHO IS MONITORING THIS COMMENT BOARD? I have posted responses to every single alert I have received as my husband and I are under siege from scammers, phishers, and ID thieves all across the board with every single "alert" you send! My comments which I believe are helpful to the community should be posted! Thank you.

got the call from Amazon.... bogus...319- 362-8650


I just received a call with "no caller ID" from these scammers. While talking to them I googled "amazon security call regarding iphone purchase" and it quickly became apparent that this was a known scam. I told the men (two men with Indian accents) that I am reading about this scam on the internet. They hung up. Thank you for getting the word out!

Rec'd recorded message, supposedly from Amazon re a I-phone 11, cost $1349, asking for callback. I did not call back after reading these messages re this 'scam'. I never answer any calls from any numbers that I personally do not know. Number they gave was 403 541 01419. Yes, number has extra digit, hmmmm.

I received a call claiming to be from Amazon fraud department about a charge to my account from a device in Ohio—not where I live. I asked for his supervisor’s number. I later called the number and it was the person I had just spoken too. Only thing I can add to other comments is that I was told that the possibly fraudulent purchase wouldn’t show up in my account history because the “fraud” included erasing the charge from the history. Very clever!

In July, 2020, I lost a good bit of money to an Amazon scammer who called himself "Kevin." First, when I filled out the bogus refund report, I presumably typed in an extra digit. Poor little "Kevin" wailed that he could lose his job over this, so I agreed to send him the money via gift cards (not realizing at the time that this was a scam). This wasn't enough. Next, I had to wire several thousand dollars to the "Amazon headquarters" in Thailand. Fortunately, I finally woke up and , realizing this was a scam, refused to give him any more. I was so ashamed of my trust and my actions, but as the police officer to whom I made my report said, "You aren't the first [victim of this scam] and you won't be the last." Please don't be ashamed if you made a similar mistake; it will make you more wary in the future. Let's put these scammers where they belong: in the slammer!

Got a call from 502-309-7406 that used text to speech recording that said to be from Amazon about a suspicious purchase on my account, charged to my credit card on file. They claimed an iPhone XI was charged and gave a specific price. Asked to press 1 (did not say why) or press 2 to report.

What if you weren’t aware of this scam and did hit 1 or begin a call with someone and then the call drops? What cosnequences does this have?

I just received a call from “Amazon” that I will be charge $340 and if i would like to speak to representative press 1 if not they will charge my account and it will not be refunded. I just hung up

I just received a call - said from Amazon to verify my purchase of an Apple I-phone on my account. I just hung up.

Yes I got a call about placing a £399 order to amazon but the interesting thing is that I had only just switched my number to plusnet. I am on the tps list so nobody should be able to find my number so it leaves me wondering why it happened as soon as I changed company.

Got a call and a voice mail from 1-866-216-1072 Amazon today saying an order had been placed for iphone 10 for 399.00 to my account. Press 1 to cancel order if I didn't make the purchase. I did not press the number or return the call, but instead checked my Amazon account and all was fine. Must be a scammer who is able to make it look like it is Amazon calling.

Unfortunately, I lost $500 today because I was told I needed "personal verification" from Amazon because another person was claiming to be me and they needed to prove who was the real holder of the credit card. I hope this helps somebody else to not call for this scam. It looked very official, but I should have followed my gut that something wasn't right. After calling Amazon, I learned that there policy is never to make a phone call to someone if they suspect fraud, they will email you.

Recieved the Amazon call today said i had suspicious charges on amazon account , asked to press 1 or call a number, i hung up and googled fake amazon call and this site came up and tipped me off its a scammer, to not waste time on it. thanks!.

Received the call from Amazon I'm assuming scam. They had spoofed the actual Amazon Support number, an automated voice had warned me that suspicious activity had occurred in the purchase of an iPhone on my account. I was asked to stay on the line or press 1, I had pressed 1 but the call was disconnected.

9 calls and VM in the past 30 minutes from an apple scam claiming my icloud account has been breached. All calls spoof a number local to my area code and exchange. The VM gives. 315-232-8257 as the toll free callback number. Shut these people down please.

I have reported these calls several times, blocked all and told the caller I was reporting them-this is harassment and take me off the list. Minutes later, I get more calls. SOEMTHING HAS TO BE DONE.

I just received one of these calls. I made the mistake of pressing the #. I typically check Google when answering any unsolicited calls. Generally AT&T informs me of a potential scam call. It was odd to me that the gal was telling me about international breach on my account that is not identifiable on Amazon or my bank account. I asked her what country had access to my info (Russia) while at the same time she herself was notably from another country. I asked her to identify where she was calling from and she said, "Seattle" yet of course the prefix was local. I hung up.

It would sure be helpful if the FCC would list scam phone numbers, by category, (like Medicare Fraud) so Americans can check to see if the phone number that calls us had been reported to the FCC. Seriously, how hard would that be??!?!?!?! Have a FCC employee create a spreadsheet with the numbers and the name being used by the thief. If a spreadsheet is created you can have it sort in the phone numbers in numerical order so it would be easy to find fake phone number. The spreadsheet would also make it easy for the FCC know how often these calls are made trying to steal Americans personal information. Take the 3 - 5 minutes for an FCC employee to create a spreadsheet, it might prevent a retired American, even in your family, from giving out information that could wipe out their savings!

don't respond to emails that say you made an Amazon purchase when you didnt. Call amazon from THEIR website not from the email.

Got a call this am, I did press 2, but when the guy gave me a code, and told me to enter this into my laptop, the penny dropped,
Amazon confirmed that there had been no activity on my account, and I had not ordered an expensive I phone.

My Mom has received 15 calls tonight. We've turned off her phone. They just don't stop. We will try to block them

Recieved a call today -01467852156 claiming to be amazon and press one as the order for £399 needed verification

I got three calls in a row from different phone numbers saying they are Amazon and my prime membership is going to be charged $39 something. I hung up all three times.

Heads up to the latest potential phone scam. I recieved a call from a +17046751248 North Caroli a Claiming to be Amazon. Robo call stating a purchase was just made from my Amazon accout for $999. It then asks to confirm with 1 or deny with 2. After selecting #2 it says someone will come on to talk to you. The line transfers and the gets disconected. Not sure what that was. Watchout for it. If anyobe knows anything more about this or has had something similar happen please comment.

I received an automated saying they detected a suspicious activity on my account and ask me to press 1 to talk to the rep. But I just ignored the call.

What if I pressed 1?

530-762-7359 Amazon robo call stating my Amazon prime will be renewed and my account charged $199.99 unless I push 1 to speak to a representative, I don't have prime so just hung up,

Just got a call from "Amazon" saying that a suspicious charge came in in the amount of $745.00 from Dayton OH. They wanted me to push a button. Of course, I didn't. I did check my Amazon page and there is nothing there. The number was 530-382-4419 and caller id said "Aubn Main CA. Blocked the number but doubt if this will stop them.

You can’t effectively block these because they just change the incoming phone number constantly.

We got a call tonite, it was the recorded message that there was a suspicious purchase of a phone, they asked to either press one or hold on the line. We pressed one, but then immediately hung up. Hoping that’ll be the end of it.

After relentless calls, I made the mistake of hitting "1" to tell them to stop -- in not so nice of a way. Today, alone, I received 15 calls between 9:30 a.m. and 4:02. Some calls just a minute apart. I'm at work and this is causing quiet a distraction during the day. I have blocked each number and they still keep coming. Is there any way to get this to stop?

Received phone calls from both Apple and Amazon., one after the other, The Amazon number is: 1-800-637-8983 and the Apple number is 1-850-907-6952.

I’m receiving text messages looking for data access approval and emails stating my cc has expired. This needs to stop

Received a recorded call/robocall about “today’s purchase on” in the amount of $149.99. (I made no purchase.) It said that if I made the purchase, I should do nothing, and the item would be shipped. If I didn’t make the purchase I was told to call 701-543-5824. This call/voicemail was received on 01/28/2021 at 12:48pm CST.

Just got a recorded phone call from Amazon stating that my account has suspicious activity and not to log onto it on my mobile app but to press 1 to talk to a representative. What a SCAM! Local cell phone number is displayed on my phone. I'm old but not stupid. Amazon would never contact me this away. Beware older adults, don't trust anyone on the phone.

I knew it was a scam call right away because it was a local number and when I called it back it was someone's house they had spoofed their number. So the next time they called me back I hit one and they told me I had fraud on my account someone had tried to charge $729 in Dayton Ohio. They said they would cancel the order for me but I needed to set up a block to block the individuals who had tried to do this. They wanted me to go to the Google Play Store and set up an app. And if you read the comments it said don't do this this gives them full access of your phone. And they can steal your information from your phone. Which is always a great comment to see first thing. So I pretended to have a problem and hung up

Call received (automated message) from 07858633553 saying query re Amazon order as over £1000. This is the second time this scam call has been received. I hung up both times. Recommend anybody who receives such a call to do the same. It is a SCAM.

So, I find my husband on the phone with “Amazon” “TD” bank. I was so confused as to whom he was on the phone with.
“Amazon” was taking him through the steps and needed some passcode that went to his email.

“someone tried to buy a phone for $700 on Amazon” and they were alerting him of the fraud.

I ask, “who are you talking to?”
Ummmm, what’s with the bank name they’re asking? Ummm I don’t know.

Then he puts her on speaker, could barely speak English with an Indian accent and she goes, for your records my name is Christine but was pronouncing it as Kristen Wilson. We look at each other.

I can hear a bunch of ppl like a call center speaking another language.

I said (out loud) Amazon never calls you for that, they’ll just not accept the order and they’re speaking another language dude. Sounds like a scam to me.
She hangs up!

Right after he calls the bank n right after that he receives a text that someone was trying to take money from his Zelle acct.
I said, how?
He goes I don’t know
The steps she was taking you through, what website did u end up?
Ooo on Zelle...smh

He’s not a gullible person, which is why I’m surprised, but I saved him from giving our money to these ppl.

I got a call from "Amazon" about suspicious activity and the guy asked for my zip code. I stupidly provided it, thinking that wasn't too personal. He immediately hung up, so that must've been all he needed. What can they do with just my zip code? I already cancelled and ordered a new credit card. What else should I do/be aware of?

Received a call from "Amazon" from my area code(ND) and my cell phone prefix(209) stating my card had been used in Texas for $800+ and if I thought it was in error to please press one. My card has been locked since September due to numerous scam attempts. I had Amazon for 20 years and no trouble. 2019 stopped using it on account of all the hacking attempts

OK so just out of curiosity, what happens if you press one to say do not charge my account. What kind of information can they get from me , because I forever reason pressed one!

Called stating Amazon account has suspicious activity. They requested a call back to a San Francisco number 415-854-9568. I checked my Amazon account, no such activity on the account. SCAM. Originating Tel No 620-910-9333

The business received a call today from 834-902-3863 claiming they had a suspicious purchase of an iPhone. We don't purchase our phones from amazon. Requested I press 1/2 for customer service or to okay purchase. these people are relentless

Haha, just got this call. Said an unauthorized purchase from Ohio was made on my amazon account for an iPhone. It automatically connected me to an indian sounding man who was in the process of showing me how to ??? I dunno, get my refund? I quick did a search of this scam on my laptop while talking to him and said "I'm sorry sir, but from what I'm reading this is scam. I'm going to hang up now."

Just got the automated message scam from mobile number ! It's telling me a suspicious order for £1046 has been made on my account and to press 1 to cancel or 2 to speak to someone - didn't do either - nothing on my account obvious scam don't connect and block the numbers

I get these calls on my landline constantly. They have been at it for 2 days now and call 7 times per hour. Can't block the numbers because every call is a different number and they are local numbers... ie, using the local hospital numbers to show up on caller ID; using the local pharmacy...etc. It's harassment and really needs stopped.

I get these calls all the time. Blocking the numbers doesn't work. There has to be a way to stop all the unwanted calls and scams.


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