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Fraud affects every community

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Scams can target specific communities, but they affect people in every community.

No matter what community you live in, or feel a part of, you can help protect yourself and your whole community against frauds and scams by using the FTC’s free resources. Whether you’re searching for information to help servicememembers, needing to find tips in other languages, or looking to pass along advice to active older adults, the FTC can help.

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Every Community FTC

Have you spotted a scam targeting your community? Share your story with friends and family and then tell the FTC at

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Today Friday @ 10:26AM l received a call from a party stating they're with
Caller I'D Show: WINNETKA, CA
TELE: 1-818-710-6081
Their message presentation, they find
you had placed an order and the balance due to us is $343.00...
I followed up by calling the telephone number, found there's no such number listed.
I called head quarters, conveyed the SCAM FRAUD.
Consumers be very careful...

I always appreciate these messages from the FTC. Fraud is such an unkind thing taking advantage of people.

Have received two phone calls today, one @ 5:49 am PAY and the second @ 9:56am.
Both calls were from local numbers. Both call were automated stating "Your order for (whatever) in the amount of $1,068.00 is ready" if this is correct push 2 or if it's not your order push 1" .
I am 63 years old. Not sure if it's a senior scam or all ages. Be warned...

I received a phone call. Saying they would be taking $399.00 out one of my accounts with in 24 hours for my "internet service contract" or press #1 to discuss my options! I just hung the phone up. I am with NORTON . So I knew this was a SCAM. But I wrote it all down. I thought I report this. Time 3:03 pm Wed ec/09/2020 Qzick. com 1-916-414-89 Thank You & God Bless HAPPY HOLIDAYS I thought I would report this.

Receive 7 robo calls pertaining to iCloud account from Apple Support. All different numbers.

A few days ago I got 32 different calls, one after another, on my cellphone with the ID saying "Kingston Jamaica, Barbados" and various other addresses from that area - didn't answer any. I then proceeded to block each number as it came up and they stopped after about an hour. Yesterday the SAME numbers and ID's came up on my husband's cellphone so I immediately blocked each as they came in. Have no idea who or why someone was calling our cellphones one call after another and 32 different numbers in Jamaica and the other places in the South Atlantic islands.

My husband and I both received text messages claiming to be UPS notifying us of a package. We were supposed to click on a link for details. Fortunately, I had just read about this scam here on this site. Thank you for all you do to protect consumers. It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world!

Just today I've received at least 20 calls saying that there is a charge on my Amazon account for $700.00. When I finally answered one of the calls, hoping to make it stop, the strongly accidented person said I needed to change my account number and that they would help me do that if I gave them access to my computer...yeah right! What an obvious scam. When I contacted Amazon, they said the NEVER call customers.

I was scammed 2 years ago to the tune of $500. My bank verified a
Deposit of a l$ 900.00. Next the issuer wanted half back. He insisted on using Google Play cards. That should have been the tip off but I was frazzled from his harassment re getting the money back to him I simply got stupid! Paid the money back. Two days later the bank notified me they were bad checks. They were insistent on repayment that day of the $500. I had to pay it all back but it took several months. When finished I left that bank.
Felt like I was scammed

My husband received a call saying he had too many bank accounts in other states. They asked for this account he didn't not give it. He has 1 account only.
They said that would be there to arrest him in 30 mins

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