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Grandma got a scam call from a reindeer

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Grandma got a scam call from a reindeer

When it comes to unwanted calls, there are a few universal truths. First, you can’t trust caller ID. Second, nobody likes a robocall. And third, it’s all about call blocking. If you watch The Mandalorian, here’s where you say, “This is the Way.” (If you don’t watch it, this just means: call blocking…it’s good.)

On the 7th day of Consumer Protection, watch this video to find out how to block scam calls — from scammy reindeer and others — on your mobile phone.

How to Stop Calls on My Mobile Phone

And visit to learn to block calls on home phones, whether they’re landlines or VoIP. Even better, share the call-blocking news with grandma and anybody else who might have complained to you about those annoying calls they’re getting. And tell them happy holidays from the FTC.

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The only problem you run into is when they are spoofing random 'local' numbers for caller ID purposes. The random number may belong to someone who has an actual reason to contact you. But now they are blocked and have no idea why.

This is the danger of blocking calls. I blocked a robocall that turned out to be using my doctor's number, and I missed some important calls. Now, I just hang up as soon as I know the call is telemarketing.

Blocking does not help. They just keep calling using numbers that are not in service. I know, because I have called them back to check. I block at least 8 calls every day. It does not help. They come in on my cell, and NOBODY except family has my number!

I set up a call-reject message on my cell phone that I send to numbers I don't know - This phone accepts text messages only.
They stop calling.

I have blocked hundred of calls on my cell phone. They seem to be able to generate new ones instantly.

So true, they continually generate more. Some of my calls are probably from political or charitable organizations, but if a message is not left (or if one saying my social security is being suspended is left) I block the number and delete the call.

I have more blocked numbers than numbers in my contact list. Robo and junk calls are rendering phone service almost useless.

I still get tons of scam calls and texts even though I have a call-blocking app from my cell phone carrier and have reported calls to the FTC. More needs to be done by phone companies and/or the FTC to stop this and stop pushing the problem down to the people being impacted who have no real power over it.

I keep getting text messages that finds have been transferred to an account with my name and there's a link in the text message. Regardless ilof blocking phone numbers the text messages continue to come through. I haven't opened the text nor the link, I'm sure it's a scam attempt. It's so annoying.

I always receive calls from Dr /Dentist/businesses and other necessary calls, from numbers other than the company office number. Because of that, I can never, ever block a number without answering it to be sure. I can block the number when I know it is a scammer.

Sent your phone to ring only for people in your contacts

Does this agency realize how many random numbers can be generated from 10 digits?

I just send all unknown calls to VM - if they do not leave a VM it was not important

i get scam phone calls from,Europe,India as well as the U.S.
most every week, one from Australia- was your loan is over due and in collections,pay past due now to avoid us from sending the police to you home to arrest you. i thought it odd being i have never been to Australia.

With today's technology, why can't the phone companies automatically block calls that don't originate from the caller-id number presented?

I don’t automatically block calls. Even though my known callers are in my contacts, one of them may call from another line, same office. Even the so-called source doesn’t necessarily give a clue. I wait to see if a message is left. Sometimes that doesn’t help either.

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