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More money from the government?

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Congress has just passed another bill to help the people whose finances are taking a beating from the pandemic. Once again, some of us will be getting money by check or direct deposit. The timing and details are still TBA, but here’s what we know:

  1. The government won’t ask you to pay anything up front to get this money. Anyone who does is a scammer.
  2. The government won’t call, text, email, or contact you on social media to ask for your Social Security, bank account, or credit card number. Anyone who does is a scammer.
  3. There’s no such thing as getting your money early, or faster. Anyone who says they can hook you up now (or soon) is both lying and a scammer.

We know from the early days of the CARES Act that scammers will be using numbers 1, 2, and 3, above, as part of their playbook. So, if you spot someone who says any of these things, you (a) know they’re a scammer; (b) can warn someone you know about the scam, because (chances are) they’ll get that call, text, or email, too; and (c) can tell the FTC so we can work to stop scammers and warn people about them:

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You just have continue to remind folks of what to be aware of.
It is frightening for folks when they have to be afraid to answer their phone when they need to talk with other people.
So please continue with the educational messages, people need to feel empowered to be able to have a life even when at point in time that life is very different than it could have been 1 year a go or will be a year from now.

Thank you for this information. As a matter of fact all of your alerts. I have been scammed in the early days but thanks to you and your diligence in keeping the public informed. I did report the scam the second time it was tried on me. Since then I block anything that comes to me via text, calls without identification as well as any and all emails . I tell my friends and family about your alerts and to sign up to your web site. Thank you again.

Without the FTC Consumer Scams, more innocent would be scammed for loads of money! So very true. I do not answer calls or texts from anyone or any phone number on my smart mobile phones Main Contact List ever & advise all to do so! Anyone I talk to I give the same advice to! And hope they take that advice seriously as I have for years. As no idiot airhead theif will ever get a penny from me & should find a REAL JOB!!!

Pitiful stimulus package

I agree, but every bit helps.

How do I send a picture of my ID to the direct express Email

Try to sign up for my stimulus check

I am trying to get my stimulus check

I appreciate the advice that FTC gives us. I'm a senior and always love advice from a reliable source such ass FTC.

Thank you!

Thank you for the inf

I count on you guys to keep me on my toes about all the scams and rip offs...Thanks for doing a great job!!

Question: Who qualify s for this? Is it just businesses, or individuals, and do they have to be unemployed or can they be working part time? This issue has never been delineated. .

Thank you for that information and I appreciate it.

Thanks for reminding! We’ve been seeing a lot of folks fall for this and it certainly helps to have this page to show them.

I just had one email me.. they ask for only 47.00 to show we are serious about changing our lives.. broke means broke. I don’t have it... so it’s a scam.. had to listen to 1/2hour pitch...

Why don't they arrest these people..

Unfortunately many of these scams originate overseas which makes it virtually improbable that we will be able to track them down and prosecute them. Additionally, scammers are able to conceal their actual IP address so even if they are in our own backyard, we won’t even know it!

thx i still get your e-mails even if i live in Wyoming. great inf. but one thing yall need to do is get cheaper than dirt out of Texas. they up there prices to screw everyone. sad co should move to calif lol. thank you.


I have the same problem. I applied 3 months ago with EDD and havent recieved anything. They are constantly asking for more info. I desperately need the money.

I filed 2018 and got the stimulus for my one claimed dependent from 2018, I didn’t file in 2019 and in 2020 both dependents live with me. my son was claimed for 6 months for 2019 so the claimant (family) got 6months on taxes and the second stimulus for my son, my daughter was claimed by family (again) for 2019 so I’m presuming they’ll be getting her dependant money for the second stimulus package. I wish the tool to add dependents was still up to right before the package was approved so those of us who had our dependents we are having to file for in 2021 for 2020 taxes were getting the stimulus to help us out because that’s what it’s for right? The people who actually take care of our kids through this pandamic in 2020. My children aren’t being taken care of either of the people who claimed our kids in 2019 tax season. It’s not fair when there’s those of us who have family that don’t do the right thing and use that money for the kids claimed, or give it to the actual providers (in this case I’m the mother with both kids) . The cut off date for the irs tool to add a dependent was months ago. What happens when kids move, or the main parent has switched due to jobs changing, what’s best for you child, or court orders.
Now I have to figure out how to claim them but what If someone already received stimulus for them due to the them going by 2019 taxes??

i got mine stimulus 2.0 new years night

My stimulus payment shows deposited to a bank account I have never seen before!!! It is not my account!! How do I resolve this?

SSI took my COVID-19 money. AND Counted my unemployment against me. I called them in May. They said "No! We don't count unemployment."

I Got My First Stimulus Check On My Direct Express Card I Got A Text Saying I got the second stimulus check on Jan.4,2020 to a bank I don't know so they said if I don't recognize that bank account then it went through Socail Security and they told me contact Direct Express Card so I did and they said no it didn't go through them either I've been getting my Disability through Direct Express Card and I file the tax form but I never used a bank cuz I don't have one and the first came to my card so where did the second one go please somecotact me

Didn’t receive my card than when you call they very ride

My economic payment went on an old direct express card that is no longer used my ssi disibility check comes on a netspend card

This Billy Bryant can you please send me my payments

I need help with Direct Express Card Master Card and stimulus check for Direct Deposit in the bank and helping myself

A few days ago both my wife and I received our $600.00 ea. as a direct deposit in our bank account. But, only I received the first stimulus payment of $1200.00. My wife still hasn't received the first $1200. The IRS web site still says they're working on it. Is there any other way to find out what's going on!

I need help

Were my stimulus check

I haven't got any stimulus nor my kids must have been forgot about

I been waiting on unemployment for 8 mouth now I'm now I'm disqualified for being eligible

direct express told me that $ 600.00 was add to my account on jan. 4 my stimuless check. but I cannot draw the money out want is going on? Rev. RorbertLounsbury please advise

I received a debit card. Is this my stimulus?

I need to know if my stimulus money was placed on my Direct Express card? I did get a deposit for about $358.00 in Jamuary is that the stimulus payment? The IRS site said it was applied to acct ending in 0744. Jon Nevett

I never received my dependent credit of $600

i have not get new yet
i have try to call

Driven to receive some money in about time this happens is good thing I like this too tired to comment

I have not received any stimulus payments from the government at all and I need someone help right now, thank you so much!

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