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Free winter weather emergency tips from the FTC

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Winter this year is turning out to have its own set of weather-related emergencies — and right now, all in the midst of a pandemic. Lots of us are really ready for the winter of 2021 to be over. But while we’re waiting, why not prepare (or see if you might already be prepared) for a weather-related emergency?

The FTC’s site, Dealing with Weather Emergencies, has free practical tips to help you prepare for, deal with, and recover from a weather emergency like our friends across the South are seeing. It’s mobile-friendly, so you’ll have ready access to information when and where you need it.

The page has four sections:

Active in your community? There’s a customizable one-page handout, Picking Up the Pieces after a Disaster, with key tips drawn from the FTC’s site. You can add local consumer protection and emergency service contacts and post downloadable copies for public access throughout your community.

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Your share button for Facebook doesn't work. Says it's in development mode. I'm a Realtor & I repost the scams , etc for my older clients and the student loan info to the younger ones

We're working to get that back in service. Thank you for sharing the tips - please try again soon.

There is a cheap little device you can put on your basement floor. If the basement starts to flood the alarm goes off. think sensor part is about 1/4 inch off the floor. Think I got it from a plumbing store.
separately. you can get a home generator that uses your home heating oil. No fuel storage problem.

Thanks for the tips. These should be taught to all cchikdren also.

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