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Not love, actually

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Valentine’s Day is this weekend, so over the next three days, we’re talking about romance scams. Lots of people have profiles on dating apps to meet someone — maybe even more so in these virtual times. And many people have built successful relationships from an online start. But what if, instead of finding a potential partner, you find a scam? 

Romance scams reached a record $304 million in losses reported to the FTC in 2020. That’s up about 50% from 2019.

So how can you spot a romance scam? Check out this video, and watch this space for more tips and tools in the next couple of days. And share the video, and what you learn. You might not need the info yourself, but you probably know someone who does.

Online Romance Scams Video

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For the most people this is just playing lottery?!... otherwise luck or experience, perhaps using the best of their knolegements?!.

Having lots of info about romance scams, I still fell for one in 2019 and lost all my savings, my IRA retirement money, and have credit card debt amounting to $64K. In addition, I owe $100K in taxes and my medicare deduction went up to $650 a month from $160. My annual income is reduced by 1/3 due to the loss of the RMD from the IRA. I am barely surviving at the moment. Had a job offer last March but couldn't take it because of Covid. I am 78 and widowed. I lost $537K, not counting what I owe. The scammers are professionals. The guy convinced me to believe him instead of my own best judgement.
I reported this to the FBI last April and to the FTC later in the year.

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