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University of Phoenix students get payments

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The FTC is sending a total of almost $50 million to nearly 147,500 students of the University of Phoenix. The money comes from the University’s 2019 settlement with the FTC, when the FTC charged the school with using deceptive ads to attract students. According to the FTC, the ads gave the false impression that the University worked with companies like AT&T, Yahoo!, and Microsoft to create job opportunities for students and to shape its programs for the jobs. (Just to be clear: the FTC says they didn’t.)

These payments are going to students who did not already get their debt cancelled by the University of Phoenix as part of the settlement. These students also meet these requirements:

  • They first enrolled in an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree program at the University of Phoenix between October 15, 2012 and December 31, 2016;

  • They paid more than $5,000 to the University (using cash, student loans, military benefits, or a combination);

  • They did not object when the University of Phoenix sent them a notice asking if it could give their information to the FTC. Graduation cap. FTC sends refunds to University of Phoenix students. Dollar bill. $50 million in refunds. Profile of person 147,000+ students. Are you eligible?

The average payment is $337. Most students will get a check in the mail. It’ll come from the FTC’s refund administrator, Rust Consulting. The checks will expire after 90 days, on June 22, 2021. But about 700 students will get payment through PayPal. The FTC will send an email to people who will get PayPal payments before PayPal sends the payment. Those payments will be available for 30 days, until April 22, 2021. Learn more about University of Phoenix payments and the FTC refund program.

If you think you might be getting a payment, know this: the FTC will never ask you to pay or give sensitive information before it sends you a payment. Not your Social Security, bank account, or credit card number. If someone says they’re from the FTC, but they ask for money, that’s a scam. If you spot a scam, fraud or bad business practice, please tell the FTC at



Post updated on March 29, 2021.

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good job FTC I wish i was one of those students but good for those who were..

It is a shame that people in my situation, who signed up with UofP in early 2000's are left hanging with over $30K debt due to their deceptive practices! I will be 62 y.o. and this is not right! Please extend this offer to people in my situation. I cannot afford this and NEVER received any job as they promised. If not, the least they can do is erase this fraudulent debt. For all of these years, I have been living paycheck to paycheck believing one day that diploma would pay off. it NEVER did. Please help.

Same here, enrolled and graduated before this but also got nothing.

Agreed, same situation! Never received any of the benefits they promised!

I agree, they have been scamming students for years. I am 65 years old and never got a job with my degree. I am over $165,000 in debt . How do we supposed to survive this catastrophe? Not fair at all.

Seashell, I am also a former UOP student and will not qualify for any debt cancellation. Upon reading the article these students are only getting $337.00, that equals about one month toward a student loan payment, so you are not missing out on much. This school pilfered each and every student and left them burdened with debt.

Wll said, very little for us, not enough from them.

I am in the same boat and applied for loan forgiveness and have heard NOTHING!! never received that big job offer from AT&T or Microsoft unfortunately!

We too were part of the for profit UOP system. They impacted both my husband and I for a total of 100K. Unfortunately we were both candidates of forgiveness but had already refinanced our home to pay the bill. This was at the expense of our retirement. The Department of Education has written off those that have carried such debt for years. We should be included alone with the recent victims.

Awesome, when are you going after DeVry University, an even bigger rip off

This December, 2016 press release explains the FTC's $100 million settlement with DeVry University. 

Can you please provide the phone to call? I would like to verify if my name is on the list.

The UOP was making those claims as far back as 2009. They did not start that in 2012, they just became more prolific in the claims and advertisement.

I started in 2009 and remember those claims as well. However, it looks like the payouts are minuscule and not worth the effort.

I was verbally given that promise prior to signing up to attend in 2008. I attended from 2008 to 2012, so will my debt be forgiven even just for that covered period? How do I find out?

I agree. This has been going on longer than what is getting claimed.

I was a student from 08 to 10 and I'm now forced into retirement. I remember them saying they would help me find a job after I graduated. I was at the top of my class.....what happened!!!! I'm now disabled and can't pay back all these loans that I got nothing for. They need to help all of us. I never would have gone to school had I known it was worthless promises. 51 and now y'all wanna take my social security smh.

If you want to lower your monthly payments on federal loans you can get free information from the United States Department of Education about income-driven repayment plans. If you think you were defrauded or deceived, you can apply for loan forgiveness through the Borrower Defense to Repayment procedures.

I went from 2008 to 2010 too. They promised to help me find a job. When I graduated they told me to go volunteer at a company. I can't volunteer I have bills to pay.

You are absolutely right about that!

I attended in 2005-2010: they used the manipulation in the beginning for a masters degree. They even promised a job teaching there to help pay the loans back that I never got. I applied for jobs there for 3 consecutive years. $94,000 later. I guarantee if I was not a single parent looking for a job and had not been mislead, I would have not continued my education there period. This was happening a lot earlier than 2010 and later. I ended up losing my house and stop at the same job as when I attended school. They where not partnered with various companies like AT&T as I also applied there several times. The credits would not transfer to another university as they said because I was trying to transfer and take business law and accounting at a different school later in the program. Everything was deceiving and ruined my life. I would recommend staying away from the school unless you already have a position at the company you want to stay with who requires a simple piece of paper where your experience means more. If you’re serious about needing a career and looking for the assistance in job placement, internships or transferring; make a better executive decision. University of Phoenix could be costly and effect your entire livelihood.

Silly me went to UoP and they made all these promises that I could get a job at this place that place. That they were a renowned college and I would never get turned down for a job. All I ever did was get laughed out the door after mentioning where I got my degree. TBH don't blame them I felt like most my education was defining words and I could have done the same thing if not better using google. Hind site I should have gone to community college. This will not benefit me because I think I left college to early, but I am glad they are paying for some of the people they hurt. They got me when I was vulnerable and unemployed.

I am one of the ones affected by the lies and all, they never helped me to get in my career field. Now I am stuck with 60k worth of student loans that have affected my life in so many ways.

Average payment will be 337$. That’s nothing compared to the thirty, forty, fifty thousand dollar programs! Unacceptable. Cancel all the student loan debt.

100 % agreed !

I agree

I 100% agree too


What about current students still at UoP do we get a check too if we attend during 2012 for a degree?

Yeah, very unfortunate. I finished in December 2012, but did not get any benefit from attending UofP, either. It seems like they could go back further, but, congrats to the FTC and the students who qualified.

This says the average settlement is $337... I am $64,000 in debt. Hardly worth the fight.

Is there any way to know for sure whether we are getting this check? Are they removing student loan debt from this settlement?

I don't understand why my name is not on the list. I attended UOPX from 2012-2013 (master program). I called the refund line and my name is not on the list. I am paying back thousands of dollars in federal loans. Can someone help me understand why my name was omitted?

Yep, I received an "official" response and apparently I signed up in 2012 approximately "1 month" before the date the settlement starts. I'll be receiving absolutely nothing. Yet the advertisement and recruiters mentioned "after graduation employment placement with Google" during my "tour". So looks like were getting scammed twice.

Same with me.. it's ridiculous. The 3rd-party contractor referred me to UOP hotline for the issue and I called, and then UOP referred me back to the contractor. No one gave me a straight answer.

The FTC is sending payments to people who meet the criteria listed in this blog. To know if you're eligible, think about when you attended school and if you meet the criteria. The FTC also lists the criteria and information about refunds at

I meet the criteria. No one had reach out to me.

Has anyone yet to receive funds?

I got mine today $528.00

My check just showed up in my USPS Mail alert so it’ll be in my box today

My husband got his today $700

I did actually receive a check today for $539 and change. Frankly I wasn't even expecting it. I remember vaguely reading of the situation but had forgotten all about it.

I received my check today

no still waiting

Yes, I received a check from the FTC V. UOP on 03/24/2021 in the amount of $158.75 That is it. I'm actually scared to cash it . I would much rather they keep the $158.75 settlement check and drop my almost $40,000 in student loans. I applied to Borrower defense in 2017 and it is still "pending" if it wasn't for the interest I'll probably have the loan paid off before I hear anything. the 158 check doesn't even cover 1/2 of one months loan payment...

Yes $932

I got a check. And was promptly asked to leave Walmart trying to cash it.

I can't seem to find anywhere to cash it! Where did you go?

You can cash it at your bank



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