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Amazon Flex didn’t deliver as promised, and now must pay

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Were you an Amazon Flex driver from late 2016 to August 2019?

If so, you may be able to get the tips you earned that Amazon previously withheld. Several months ago, we told you the FTC filed a case against Amazon for keeping $61.7 million in tips drivers made while delivering for the Amazon Flex program. 

Today, the FTC announced a final settlement order in which Amazon will pay the full amount – $61.7 million – back to drivers. In addition, Amazon agreed to change its business practices and will be fined up to $43,792 per incident if it violates the order in the future.

So, if you were a Flex driver, how can you get your money?  Well, you don’t have to do anything. The FTC’s Office of Claims and Refunds will distribute the money based on information in Amazon’s records. The FTC expects to send payments to affected drivers within six months. If you were an Amazon Flex driver, you can sign up to get email updates about the status of the refund process in the case.

If you’re considering becoming a gig worker, here are some things to consider.

  • Do your research. Search for information about the company online, like how it pays its workers and any other conditions of the job.
  • Compare earnings. Will you be paid hourly? By gig? Will you get every dollar a customer tips you? And will the company reduce your pay based on the tips you receive? Once you’re on the job, ask the company for a breakdown of your earnings so you can be sure you’re getting what they promised.
  • Report your concerns. If a company doesn’t deliver on its promises, report it to the FTC at
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Finally !! And I do really appreciate you guys going after them, It was quite a shock to see our earning literally cut in half and then not being able to resolve anything with them

But I question the wisdom of letting Amazon "Use information from their records" They have already cheated us and lied to us about this whole affair, now we are supposed to trust them to return all of the tips??

I 100% agree with sonic, is there going to be a breakdown of what days we didn't get a tip? Further more how do WE know what you have is accurate? Say we did have a block where we got tips that exceeded the 18 pwr hour that Amazon promised us, but didn't get the 18 we were promised from Amazon, do we get that money as well? Also why aren't we getting interest as a result of them taking our money? How fair is that exactly that were are only getting the money we were supposed to be paid at, at that time? Why is there no additional fines for withholding our wages for so long?

Its good to see that the drivers will receive their tips earned. Corporation are far to greedy!!!

Congratulations to the FTC for doing a great job in getting restitution for the many member of the public who have fallen victims to greedy individuals and organizations through devious offers and outright theft.

I love this country…… a nation of laws and no one is above the law. Thanks

So they agree to pay back what they STOLE but receive ZERO punishment for doing this in the first place?

Read the press release for more information about the Final Administrative Consent Order. Amazon agreed to change its business practices and will be fined up to $43,792 per incident if it violates the Order in the future

So they’ll only get punished if they do it again? This is why corporations pull this stuff - because they know if they’re caught they’ll be no real consequences.

When will we be seeing a payment and WHO will be distributating the funds? Amazon or the FTC? Are we trusting Amazon to do the right thing? Rotflol. What is the average amount a full time Flex driver can expect in reimbursement?

Will this money affect our income earned for this year's taxes? I'm concerned about owing taxes on this money that is being returned.

I find It odd that Amazon flex won’t let me update my address to the current one. It’s easy to believe that half of all drivers involved in this payout have moved since then. If you’re going to reply. Please don’t tell me to contact Amazon flex support via email.

Exactly. Hopefully they'll direct deposit mine, because although I've moved I still have the same bank account.

I was just now able to update my information via the Amazon Flex app. At first I didn’t think I could, but I was able change my address. Thanks for reminding me to do that! LoL!

Fantastic news. Like others have mentioned, it seems crazy that Amazon doesn't have to pay any interest on the lost wages, but getting the money back is certainly better than nothing.

Thank you for following through. Still do not understand why Amazon doesn't have to pay back through January 2016 for stolen tips. Thank you FTC. Greatly appreciated.

This is lunch money for Amazon and sad. Not cool and should be way more than they stole. Funny how they kept count of what they stole.

This is our great country. When something happened illegal they found out and the justice is being served. Every Amazon drivers deserved this money. Thanks FTC

How do you know if you qualified or not ? Was there actions I was supposed to take on my end?

We knew when it started happening. Our tips were suddenly at least half what they were previously. They denied, denied, denied. Everyone said there was no way they were keeping our tips. It started in February, and people were saying 'oh, it was just because ppl were tipping better for Xmas.' I'm so glad they were finally investigated. I worked over 6 months, having my tips used to pay my wage. Hopefully someone makes sure we get ALL the tips we are actually owed, instead of us getting some negligible token amount. They were literally taking hundreds in tips from me every week!

Finally! Back in 2017 I had a 22 package delivery and it was the only one. The secretary at the business said enjoy your 20$ tip. Well...never got it. I went back to het and told her she should demand that money back! She handed me the invoice and said she didn't have time. After 6 or 7 emails and Amazon threatening me with the loss of working for them..i quit sending the emails. But on each email I sent they replied every time with this matter is closed...

Amazon flex most of the time doesn’t pay enough to cover the IRS deduction per mile. Example today I picked at a Amazon distribution center 3.5 hour route paid 18 per hour. Total miles from pickup to last delivery 138 miles. IRS deduct per mile is 0.56 cents per mile equals $ 77.28. Amazon pay was $63 so I lost $14.28 delivering for Amazon today do in reality I gave Amazon

When is the 6 months up? Funny how they terminated my contract when this came about in March now i cant even confirm they have my correct bank information. In those years i went from easily making 1k a week working it part time to barely making 500 or less. I have absolutely no idea how much they owe but i know it was atleast a couple Ks

I really hope tips are being monitored by the FTC in some way... since now there is no full trust... :(

I just started delivering for Amazon flex and it's definitely not an easy job... We deserve the tips :/ ... Also helps make the job worth it. When you take in account gas, personal car use, energy from our body, taxes, etc. ; the payout should be worth it.

Thank you FTC. I was one of the first 100 driver to start working with them when they first started out. As time went by I noticed that tips was being taken away. But like the rest of the comment how are they going to know how much to reimburse us back? This was months/ years of our checks being short and they would not show us the tips on the app. When we all first started out the money was great but, as time went by we all noticed what they were doing. As a single parent this was how I was able to maintain by providing for my kid for part time work. I really do appreciate the opportunity that they gave us all but, it was wrong.

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