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Military Consumer Month 2021

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July is Military Consumer Month! This annual initiative highlights the FTC’s collaboration with the Department of Defense’s Office of Financial Readiness, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Office of Servicemember Affairs, and our many other partners in federal and state agencies, consumer advocacy groups, and industry associations. Servicemembers and military families risk their lives and livelihoods to defend our country, yet far too many are targeted with sophisticated frauds and predatory practices.

This year, we’ll focus on frauds proliferating online. Many families rely on social media to stay connected, but scammers weaponize these platforms to target servicemembers and their families. Working with our partners, we shine a light on how these scams can spread, and how families can stay safe online.

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Sites like facebook, twitter, and instagram need to be held more accountable. You can report known fraud pages and all you get in reply is that the fraud page does not go against standards. Other sites just don't investigate at all.

I think I am being Scammed! I am already on the Do Not Call list and have been for yea

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